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lTiXWES OF THE BGUIXR'~~G OF THE <br />E;IsINA .*kD&M'33 .. COUNCI&* @L;D, 140NDAYy. .1 <br />33,X?!j&, ..& 7~30 P*&, .THE <br />- -.__ .- EDINA~L.$GE;@I& _. ,_ -. <br />I ..e .. --.-- - ._ A .. <br />'Members anstiering Rollcab were Bredesen, Child, Danens, Haxfbhorne and <br />Messrs. Paul Ilemison and Donald Burris appeared regarding matter &f <br /> for Ere Dennison,. in Rolling Green. WLling Green Association?s <br />letter of-8pril 20, stating Irno furthgr opposition wi:Q be made "b the appli- .. <br />cation of k$r, Dennison for his building was reada Child moved that <br />Council grant permit to Mr. Paul Dennison to build dwelling on of 'Lot 8, - <br />12o3;ling Green, Motion seconded bJr Danens and carried, + - <br />Petit"lon 'for the changing of the name of Wxford livenuelf to "Hollywood Road," <br />dated April 19, was readr Mr, George B. Pwsons, - 5033 oxford. heme, ob jectedx <br />to"nane change: <br />Notion seceded br Hawthorne and carried, <br />&a Ha,rb Davis, representing Xdina American Legion Post No, 47l, requested <br />Council permission for the Posii, in conjunction with-Zdina Lions Club, to <br />sponsor a CarnivaX on the Egna High School Baseball Diamond at Normandale <br />and approxQmtelyW.59th Street on July 17 to 22, inclusive. List ,of pro- <br />pose9 concessions and ridqs was presented, Hawthorne moved that Counci1 <br />grant its approval for American Legion and Edina Liops Club to sponsor <br />carnivaZ at High School.-BasebaU,.Diamond on- July I7 to 22, incl.usive, <br />Notion seconded bJr Child and carried. <br />Mr, John E, Grady Gquired concerning status of petition presented Ifarch 12, <br />for grad% and gravelling of alley between Xaloney Avenue an$ Belaore Lane <br />and between 'EjZadison and Jefferson Avenues. En@neer_Olsson reported that <br />Public Works. Committee hacreviewed this matter and had inspec6ed the grounds; <br />findingthat grading of alley would not alleviate bad drainage;-and that he <br />had been'instructed by Cormittee to make a studyfor proposed Storm Sewer to <br />remedy drainage pmblekq This study kill be completed as soon as possible, &. Eelvin E. Sagar, ~ 5902 Nomandale Boad, asked that Council issue Plumber's <br />License to him. He promised to clean_-up premises-stoye pipe inside..chicken <br />house, and keep plumbing suppUes out of sight;, He was informed by Council <br />that he is in violation of Zoning Ordinance in coiductjng a business-in a <br />residential section. Nr. %gar explained that his dwelling at 5902 Nozmandale <br />is 300 to 400 yards froa nearest neighbor, and that no actual work is being <br />done on these premises. <br />Zricksone I* <br />I <br />Child moved that actfon be postponed %til next meeting, <br />~ <br />- <br />Child moved that Plumber's License be granted, <br />Notion seconded by Iiawthogne and carried* - ... - <br />delegation of fifteen property owners objected to the proposed annexation <br />of their properties in West Hbneapolfs Hei&ts and plendelssohn Additions, to <br />Hopkins. They were infomed- that no petition f;>r sqch annexation has come <br />before the,Edina Council, and that if and when such petition is presented a <br />Public Hear&ng m;ld be held before any action couldbe taken, Delegation <br />yas advised to present counter-petition to Council, <br />fir E&;, Stow requested pennissikn to replat Block 31, Xendelssohn Addition, <br />from-26 lots to eight lots; and to exbend Arthur Street. South from 1fatermar-i <br />Avenue to Interlachen Boulevard, <br />$he Planning Commission for ita reGomendation and that &. Olsson be directed <br />totork with 1%. Stow on this mat&er, Xotion seconded by. Dane- and carried* &. Stow reported that he has received--rnany conplaints from the purchasers <br />of pyoperties on Yvonne Terrace about the horses owned by&. Hart, neighbor, <br />Child moved that matter be referred to Police and Health Dep&ments for their <br />yx&ieration and recomenda~ions. Notion semxded by Daneos and carrieda <br />Mr. Stow reported that soineone is raishg rabbiis on the'hil?. overlooked by <br />Yvorqe Terrace, No action taken, <br />2k. stow presented petition for !'survey and plans to get trunk sewer exbeaded <br />to such a location as is necessam to enable a tie in at Seventieth and <br />Nomnagdale Road" for Duggan Farm. Hawthorne moved that pgtit5on be referred <br />to Village Sngiaeer pending filing of plat for property. Motion seconded by <br />Chi&d and carried. Argument ensued, with Ivlr, Stow maintaining that Council <br />is deliberately W.c&ing this thing around&,it <br />Engineer be dire&edto write a letter to &+ Stow explaining Counc&l*s <br />position, in order that this mtter needrdjti be-reviewed at each meetingr <br />ltotion seconded by Eredesen and carried by unaaimous Rollcall mte, with <br />Bredesen, Child,Danens, Ha2rbhorne and Erickson voting ayel, <br />Child-hoyed %ha+ reqpegt be referred to <br />._ <br />Hawthorne moved that Village