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$44 <br />George EIartzellts request for a. Truck bading Zone on Harket Street just east <br />of his South entrance, was reported by 352.- Olsson. Considerable discussLon had <br />&t no aition tzlcen other tixm request to KP. Olsson to investigate matter &&herr <br />Child's motion, that Public Hearings be set for Uonday, June 11, 19gk on the follow- <br />ing petitions for Blac7&oppjng and/or Oiling, was seconde? by Bredesen and carried: <br />f <br />I <br />\, Brookview Avenue between Vr62nd and W.63rd Streets <br />Chowen Avenue between X,!@th Street and a point 250 feet South thereof. <br />Fairfax Averme between y. 59th 'and W.60th Streets <br />Oaklam Avenue between Tr. Seth and If.59th Streets <br />Beard Avenue between ~~56th and W.5'7th Streets <br />Kellogg Avenue betmen 1:. 60th and t.T.6lst Streets <br />Beard Avenue betmen t.r,!jgth and K60th Skreets <br />Xhdsor Avenue between Normandde Road and Code Avenue <br />T!ent Place between Kent Avenue a.nd.JJindsor Avenue <br />Pork avenue between. V.56th and W. 583h Streets * . <br />Dever Driv-e <br />811 Streets in Zdinbrook Subdiksion '-- <br />Clkldfs nition, for adjournment of Nay ath Neeting to Nonday, Hay 21, 19%, at <br />7:30 'PJL, w4s seconded by Bqdesen and I <br />* *. . -- . -.% <br />&nibers answering Rollcz;il were Bredesen, Phd, lf&ens"w&d &&&son, <br />HawLhome came latbr, as kecorded below* <br />Village Engineer Olsson presented the folloving Prelhinav Plats for approval <br />by C&icilt <br />Clerk . <br />The Bora Plat on France Avenue, South of lT&th Street' <br />$he Sonnenberg Plat,: North of Grop S$reet.= . <br />The Cusak Plat between Xerxes ad Pork Avenues between 72nd and 74th Stse <br />Child moved thai the Bora h-eliminary Plat be accepted, w$bh the suggestion <br />that \he klaming Commission arrange for dedication of playground on up ,o&ble <br />grannd before acceptance of Final Plat. Hotion seconded br Danens and carrieds <br />Child" mved for acceptace of Sonnenberg $relimFnary Plat as presented, f.lotion <br />second,ed by Danens and carried. <br />Childimoved for acceptance of the Cusak Prelimin& Pia$ r.rith suggestion to <br />Planning Gomission thzt Playground areas r&Xl be needed in this Imn;odiate <br />picin$ty, -was seconded by- Danens and carriedr * c <br />Deputy Village Clerk reported that the Village has been billed by the Bemepin <br />County Auditor in an amoupt totalling sane @,800, for specid. assessments for <br />improvements abuttbg properties accpired by th,e Village for Paik and Playground <br />Puiioses; %hese assesmen;ts b.eing the portio9 of assessments due- in 1951, on <br />KUa~e pro2erties in Fairfax and Gouldsmith~s Additions. <br />SpecidL Assessments for the year be paid. Hotion seconded by,Danens and carried, <br />Child moved that <br />. <br />The matter of change in Ehmum Lot Size Requirements, as advocated by the <br />Pl&ning Coadssion, was brought-before the Council, and was referred to tha <br />Q%Enmces and Fegislation Committee by motion Child, Seconded by Danens and <br />carried. <br />Hi, Carl N. Hansen's petition for permit to maintFn Tract Office at 5436 Vood- <br />dale Avenue until Xay 31, 1952, was readr <br />Hotion seconded by Bredesen and carried, <br />3Zr. Ghbert G. Giebink's petition, on behalf of himself, Robert R+ Ciebink, <br />Harris Kneeland, I&, Osborne, and Suburban Developers, Inc., for ekception of <br />that portion of I-Qrror Lakes Addition lying iuithin t&t.area, to be assessed kor . Sanitary Sewer E-1, from the assessment .dist;.rict, vas read. Child mved "c;hzt <br />pet2tion be ,denied. Xo%ion +seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Child moved that pstition be granted. <br />T- I; <br />Petition for ,Curb and Gutter on Halifax Avenue betw4en 53rd ,&d 54th Streets was <br />fils& 3redesen noved accepting. petition and setting Public Hearing for P<Ionday, <br />June 3.1, 192, at 7:30 P&. Kotion seconcled by Child +nd carriedc b