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958 <br />T-mES OF T€E'REWm BE!X'ING OF Ti33 <br />JursE-25,-1951, .AT 7:30 Po&, &.THE ElDIEJA <br />EDmA VIIfILAm colpcn, w;D.'I.IoNDnp,. <br />c <br />3- VmF-EJJm *. . - <br />C - -- I." .-- <br />I- <br />+- Eaibers an5vmring RoUcaXl were Ekedesen, Danens and Erickson, with Hawthorne <br />arrrving a few moments later. <br />&utes of Regular 3ibetings of Hay 28 and June ll, 1951, were approved as submitted, <br />by Eotion Bredesen, seconded by Danens and.carried. <br />Public Hearing was called on petition of 1-I.A. Davit% for the rezonkg to Community <br />sore District of Lot17, Blockl, Brookside Heights Addition, Planning Commission <br />I:&&&, recommending said rezoning, were rhad after Affidav5t of Publication of <br />Notice of Hearing in Suburban Press as 02 June 14. There were no objections from <br />the floor,. and the Clerk had received no written objections prior to the Re&i6ga <br />Harhhohe offered for adoption the following Ordinance, moving that Council <br />dispense with second reading of sqe and adopt as read: <br />A <br />-..-. - _- - .. _..*.. . ..- .- - . -- - Sec+ 1, Section IV of ce&ain ordkance adopted on Hay 25, 1931, as <br />heretofore amended entitled IrAn ordinance regulating the locat$on, size and use <br />and height of buildings, the,qrrangement of buildings on lots, and the density of <br />population in the Village of Edin5 and for the purpose of promoting the hdth, <br />safety, osdgr, convenience, propriety'& genera welfare in the said Village, and <br />for said purpose to divide the Village into c3istricts," is hereby further amended - by inserting immediately after paragraph (f-2) a new paragraph to be designated <br />as (f-3), which pmagmph Shall read as r"ollo.srs: <br />'1 .. <br />lr(f-3) Lot 17, Block'l, in Brookside-Heights Addition." <br />.. * <br />Secb 2. This ordinance shall take effect and be in'force from and after <br />its passage and publication accgrding to lave <br />Xotion for adoption of the Ordinance was seconded by Bredesen, and on Rollcall <br />there were four ayes and nb-nays, as follows: <br />* <br />I <br />Ekedesen,/aye; Danens, aye; Hawbhorne, <br />Ordinance declared duly <br />c* <br />. &YQZ' <br />- I Public Hearing was next called on the matter of Bruce Const&ction Companyts petition <br />for the. vacstion of a portion of 's.ir48th Street, - kfidavit of Publication of Notice <br />of Hearing, i6 Suburban Press, Hopkins, as of June yC, vas read, <br />objections from-the floor, and %he Clerk had received no mitten objections prior to <br />the Hearing. Havhbme offered the.following Resolution and moved its adoption:' ~ <br />There were no <br />RESOLUTION VACATING STKEET-Tl.4GTH * <br />S-T. 33&"lTNG. EAST FR0f.X WESTBROOK <br />LANE FOR DETAiTCE OF. 135 EZET I-iUXE OR IJES <br />IEiERBAS petition of-a majorit;g.of the owners of, real properby abutting that <br />porttion-of %4&h Street which extends East frolh Ifeskbrook he for a distance of <br />135 feet mor6 or less, has been duly fQed w%th the Village,kuncil, and saLd Council <br />has heard all interested persons, and it appears in the interest of the public that <br />said portion of s&d street be vacated, now therefore <br />of TIi4&h S&ree% r.rhich extends East from Vestbrook Lme for a disQance of 135 feet <br />more or less, as the sane is noy dedicated and laid-out v&thin the corporaQe limits <br />of said Village, be and hereby is vacatedr <br />e <br />BE M' €WOL?JED by the Village Council of the Vpage of Edina that that poz%ion <br />Notion for adoption of Resolution was seconded by Bredese~,Ad on Rollcall there were <br />four qes and no nays, as fo7lorrs: Bredesen, aye;. E$-??, aye; bx&horne, aye; and f <br />/, wp,&>GL---L -L <br />de <br />i,< Hayor