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7/9/51 <br />The matter of the proposed bond issue, for psmanent hprovements, PELS discussed, <br />office reporting that attorneys preBer that Council take bids on 1ugt.zst 13, rather <br />than on July 23, and that proposed issue be divided into two issues--one for gew <br />inprovenents and one Tor bdznce of cost on Trunlc Sewer hprovunent Nom S-1. <br />Hautbrne~s motion, Ghat Council advertise for bids on Pernanent kprovaent <br />Bonds to be &ken IIonday, August 13, 1951, Iiotion seconded by Danens and carried, <br />.. Dams* mtion for zdjournment was seconded by Bredescn and carried. <br />adjourned at ll:25 PJI, <br />I-ieeting <br />.. <br />c Village .Clerk <br />EXD. mg& .@r.13, .1951-, AT 7~30 P,L',, J+T .m mnvi vmm HALL . I ' <br />.- - ..I *. . <br />Pursuant, to 118ssessnent No$ice,f1 posted on Wficial Bulletin 'i3oaxds of Village of <br />Edina as of June 30, 1951, the bual Board of Review Heeting covenened at 7:30 <br />P.Z,, Friday, 3uly 13, in the Village Halla <br />The following Council. meiiibsrs tiere present .to act as Board of Rehew: Bredesen, <br />Dmens, and %ric!rsonl fka Roy Naeg, County Supervisor of Assessments, also attendedb, <br />Village Assessor Creighton preseatgd Book of Valuations for the Year 195;1, vhich <br />book co~teins Persod Property Traluat,ions and Valuations for Wew Zeal Estate om; <br />old Zed. Estate hawing baen assessed in1950. <br />Board e;amirred Eook of Vcluations at length. <br />+ <br />There' were no persons present who considered theaselves aggrieved by the assessnents, and none who .t&hed to complain that the property of an6ther is assessed %oo low, . <br />Danenst motion, qqrming &mlr of Valuations for the &r 195r, as -presented by <br />Tillage Assessor, xas seconded by Bredken and carried.' <br />Pzotion by Bredesen foil adjourhent was seconded by Dmens cad carrieda Tlfeeting <br />adjourned at 9~30 P.i.1, <br />_. <br />- <br />t C ZEDWEB OF "HI3 SPECIAX, UEETING OF T€E* + 1 <br />EDl??A VIUGE COUNCIG, HETS.THURSDAY, <br />JULY 19r.1951, AT 7~30 PAL AT TIEL - <br />.- EDIfJA WILLAGE HALL .* .. . .* -- 1. <br />Pnrsuant to due cdl'and notice given, Xeeting cmvened for purpose of discussion <br />og the Village of -St,Louis Parkts request for connection to Sanitary Sewer System <br />at lL&th Street and I-hehaha Creek, running in the Creek. <br />Eembers present vfere Bredesen, Danens and Erickson. <br />Eotion was =de by Danens, seconded by Bredesen and carried, that the Council of <br />Edina propose to St.Louis Park that the sewer be run into Edina, Smith from %he <br />Vicinity of Alabama &venue in St.Lou3.s Park to the Street Railray Right-of-way <br />or XIotor Street and thence Easterly dong said Right-of-traF or street to a <br />connection at Rinnehaha Creek; and further that'in view of the fact that the <br />sewer is not run in and along the Creek with its subsequent inconveniences and <br />objections, and t'nat StLouis Park r.Jill not have to build a lift station9 thus <br />eliminating perpetual care?and,cost of its operation, that the Village of St. <br />Lo- Park share in %he cost of construction or" theeewer as ouklined in the <br />. <br />1( T mount of $25,000.00. i <br />Eotion by Danens for adjoument vas seconded by <br />T t <br />T Village Clerk <br />i