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i <br />*. . ...-- ..* EIembers answering Roll&l. were &edesen, 6hhd; Danens and Ez$kson. Deputy Clerk <br />Alden acted as Clerk. <br />Xembers of the P1-i Commission present were Odell, Raugland, "Ryerse and Lewis; <br />also Planning CgmissiQn.Consultant Nichols and &is ass&stan-h, I-&** Law. <br />-IC <br />.. <br />Heath Officer-CapbeG was present to report the ba? drainage situkion in West <br />3bmeapoli.s Heights. C;hildts motion, that ViUage Engineer Olsso; contact City of <br />Hopkins with request fqr Edina connection to Hopkins Trunk Sewe;, and that he make <br />suiiey,of stom sewer problems, with report by next, regular pee6ing if possible, <br />was seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />Disctission was had wit; menbers of the Planning Commission conce&g 'the clari- fication of their reeomendation that developers dedicate five'percent of their . <br />developaents for park atid playground purposes, 1-5P. Nichols summarized Commission's <br />thoughts on this-namely, tbt dekication of the recommended f5ve percent of smU <br />developments has been found to be more of 8 detriment than a heip to the park <br />progran; that the purpose of the Cannnission's recommendation is to secure reasonably <br />large playgrounds where possible;-that the Council can expect to receive very few <br />useable lands through the dedication program, but that it is better to accept l*siab- <br />marg2naln lands by dedication, with thought to future developnpt, than to have to <br />condemn lands later; that the only way Council can expect to secye good land for <br />park purposes is by purchase or condemnation. Developer Elickelsen suggested tht <br />developers be pay five percent of their purchase pkce of property <br />developed, in order that Villags have funds for the purchase of'such lands as they <br />desire bf park and playground development. h f <br />Pzelininary Plat of the &kelsen=Fronk Sukdivikon, lTalley View Terrace," was <br />presented, having been recammended-for approxpl br Planning Commission. TUs <br />subdivision lies between t1.both Street and V'ey Viey Road, -and between Xoodddle <br />and Concord Avenues. = ChQd moved that Preliminary P$at.+5e approved. libtion <br />Preliminam Flat of t~Bel-Mr# Subdivision (forqerly n&ed "Edina Homes"), lying <br />between TW5Oth and FLbZnd-Straets, and between Bepd and king 'Avenues, -was <br />recommended for appro,val by Commission, the lot-. having been changed to coafom <br />with Conn;zission*s nedy recommended lot sizes; and the, dr9age problem having <br />been settled byathe developer' s dectsion to leave undeveloped the Soitt'htrestern <br />portion of his property, Child moved for approval of Prelh&nEuy Plat. ffotion <br />seconded by Bredesenad carried. + <br />Final Flat of flvir&a Avenue Addition,t1 lying betken IL60th and TT.62nd Streets <br />and between Concord and Parnell Avenues, -.was approved by. r.rotion CWd, seconded <br />by Bredesen and carried,,after Commission h+d signified its approval. <br />. <br />seconded by Bredesen and carried. + .- <br />* <br />a <br />1 <br />I-&. Carl*1-1; Hasen requested sibtures on his plat of 1fParhod Xnolls 2nd Addition." <br />He re-affirnedshis agrement of August 13, to &e dminage easement, and to-install - <br />12" drain tile from trparkrl to ttlakelf. As plat had been approved August 13, subject <br />to-this agrement, &or siaed plat. . ,.- <br />Police Report for &nth of July, 19!5l, was reviewed and ordered placed on file by <br />tbtion Bredesen, Seconded br Child and carried. <br />CoqlAnents to PoGce and Firs Departments, by Northern States Power Company and <br />Iabeapolis Powce Department, were revievred and ordered_posted. in respective . <br />departments.- <br />League of 1.Emssota I.Tunicipali.ties* notification of increase in yearly dues from <br />$164,00 40 $204.00 was read and ordered placed in budget mmoranda. <br />from extra rmrk in.connecting to sewer. <br />the sewer contractor's error, which, in turn, resulted fram lack of village in- <br />spection on the job... Child moved that decision on matter be postponed Until <br />Heeting of August 27, and that, in the meantime, Village Engineer be directed to <br />I <br />\ <br />97 <br />by BE. Sandber !58l& Oaklawn <br />Village Engineer Olsson reported claim for damages/in am0-t of !k 4.00, _resulting <br />He stated that this claim resulted from <br />- approach contractor for payment. Notion seconded-by Bredesen and carried. <br />H.P. Olsson reported claim of Lester Schrank,5$29 Brookview &venue, for damages <br />becase of incorrect sewer measurements given by YUage office, Amount @O3.9O, <br />Child moved that claim be referred to contractor, Vestern Underg.wund Construction <br />Company, for payment. lrotion seconded by Danens and carried.