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7/23/2. ,195 llBeginning at the Northwest corner of ,Section 28, Tormship 117, <br />Range 21; th, South along the Mest Be of said Section to TL52iid Street; the <br />East along I?', 52nd Street to Trunk Highway No4 169-212; th, Northeasterly <br />along Trunk Highpray No, 169-212 to its intersection with Brookside Avenue; <br />th, North along Brookside Avenue to its intersection with the South lot line <br />of Lot 43, Auditor's Subdivision No. 176 if extended Vest; th, Easterly along <br />the South Lot Lines of Lot 43, Audiforts Subdivision RoS 176 and.Lot 35, <br />Brookside Terrace, to ILinnehaha Creek; th. in a meandering course along <br />ffinnehaha Creek, to Wt&4th Street; thz Westeply along W.&th Street to the <br />East Lot Line of Lot. 8, Auditorls. Subdivision No. 176; tht Northerly along the <br />East Lot Lines ofiLo'Zs Eight, Six3 Five, Four, Three, %m* &d One, Auditor*sx <br />Subdivision No4 176, to the North Village-LWtsS th. TTester3.y to point of <br />beginning. .t + <br />NOW, T€IEBEZ'Om, BE IT RES^^ by the ViXLage Co&cil of the Village of * <br />[Edina that it is deemed necessary and expedient to make the Sanitary Sewer <br />Xmprovement described above; and that on the 13th day of August, 1951, at 7:3O otclmk PJL, this CounciL will meet at the Village. Hall in* said Village <br />and will at said time and place hear the parkies interested-thereiwin reference <br />to such improvement, and will decide wheit;her or not to undertake such improve- <br />Eotion for adoption of Resolution was seconded by Dams, and on Bdlcall there <br />I - <br />) ment in whole. or+ in part, . <br />z L <br />were four ayes and no nays, as <br />aye; and Erickson, aye;+and the <br />ATTEST t <br />I <br />r Village Clerk x r <br />Bredesen moved "chat Pwor be directed to appoint, citizens comaittee for the <br />purpose of making a study of the Village Hall Triangle" as a civic center, <br />apld to study and mke plans for new Tillage Hall, <br />and carried, E-kyor Erickson appointed Nessrs. Harold Utley, Lee Todd, Robert <br />E. Johnson and Peder IEckelsen, and Ems. Domblaser, Ilodgson and Alden as* <br />Eotion seconded by Hawthorne <br />Committee, Appointments confirned by Council. 7. -4 <br />Bredesen' s motion for ad jourment was seconded by Bawbhomne and carried. Neeting <br />adjourned at 12r20 A,&, July f. <br />/&-. <br />Village Clerk <br />.- - . -.. . -* .. .- Members answering Rollca3l were Bredese&*Child, Danens, Hawthorne and Erickson. <br />.L <br />Uutes of the Reg&ar Meeting of July 23,-19!5L, &e approved as submitted, by <br />motion Bredesen, seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Mayor Erickson announced PtiBLIC REARING ON PETITIQNS FOR AND AGAIBST ANNEXATION <br />Sam &IDITION TO- XOPKINSS.. -Clerk. read .Affid&t -of Publicatian for. Notice of - <br />Heariqg.Tshich appeared in Suburban Press, Hopkins, Jw 19 and 26. Those <br />speaking in favor of anneqtion to Ijopkins. were as follows: 317 Konroe, wants Sanitary Sewer and relief from drainage problems; H.T. Glubke, 404 Madison, gets no cooperation r"r0mEdina Council and wants drainage,probLem <br />corrected; John Grady, &U+ Madison, believes .Hopkins, as city, has better tztx <br />structure; Richard Kartak,322 Xomoe, must have Sanitary Sewer; Robert Newqpist, <br />307 Harrison Avenue, believes annexation to IIopkins is ge~eraUy--a good idea. <br />With. the exception of Hessrss Glubke, Grady and Narquist, all the speakers for <br />.. annexation to Hopkins stated that actual annexation to Hopkitls is immaterial to <br />them, providing Edha can take care 'of their Sanitary Sewer and Drainage problemsr <br />Those speaking against annexation were as folJows: Robert Endberry, 314 Xonroe, <br />believes Edina can solve problem some other wap-bx correction of building codes <br />and by more study by engiheering department; John liindberry,319 Madison Avenue, <br />does not need sewer, has lived in Edina a long time and wishes to remain there; <br />Eugene Dorr, 312 Haiison, does not-want sewer because of cost; I&. and Hrs. Fmnk <br />Slyce, 368 mdison, believe Hopkins is interested only in commercializing pa& <br />of territory; Ray WLbrath, 407 T?ashing%on Ave., stated Hopkins has given no + <br />assurance of providing the 'facilities desired. + Engineer. Olsson was asked about <br />possibility of sewer extension in*Edina ad stated he has-no immediate solution <br />to the problem but sugges%ed that Xdina %ouncXL Imake f od application -to Z-Iopklns for conn&tion to Hopkiris sanit*_se*er, Discussion had by Council. Child moved <br />that Hearing to closed at, this time and that Council take no action on annexation. Motionseconded by Hawthorne and unanimously camled* Audience was informed that ' Council will contact Hopkins regarding sanitary sewer and will await their reply <br />1 <br />1 OF IEST 14I"EAPPoLIs HEIGHjS aDD3TIQN.ANB T@-T4EST I4.l 0F-BW.X. 16, 3ENDET.S- <br />J.A. Patterson, I <br />a-