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i 216 <br />.. .. - .. . _*I <br />Efembers present vere Dan=, Child and Erickson. + <br />T.lleetingras called for the purpose oftdiscussing the proposed joint sewer idth * <br />St,Louis Park, to be located onlfotor Streat serve the area outlined as . <br />!Sasitw-Sewer Improvement Noe 36," Page 198 of this Book of Binutes. <br />Village Engineer Olsson reported that bids for construction had been received <br />by St.Louis Park,. The tabulation of bids shm-d that the cost for St.Louis <br />Park, with=sewers connecting to Edina, would be $39000 higher4ihaa if a lift <br />station was constructed, after some'discussTon,.motion was made by Child, <br />seconded by Danens, that the Village of EcIina33hare of the constructiOn <br />4 should be $35,932.505 and that of St.Lo@s Park, $22,000. .There werekthree <br />ayes and no nays, and themotion vms carried. It.was also.agreed that any <br />extra costs rmuld be shared on a proportionate basis. <br />- .. .* *. 1: <br />T <br />The mtter of the Sanitary Sewer being the only purpose of ,the Heeting, <br />motion was made; seconded and carried, to <br />7 <br />t <br />+ <br />1 <br />* Z*m OF THE RIGKGAB KEIEING OF TI.IE <br />EDDiA-Va COCIL, HErJl .IXONDAY,. t <br />AUGUST 27, -195!.,. AT ?:i]O~P&I,, AT THE _. EDINAvDi.&Aa.~ .. * c--- . . _-.. <br />Eeabers answering Rollcall were Child, Danens, Hawthorne and Erickson. Bredesen <br />3Enutes of the Reg- Eieeting of August l3, and the adjourned portion of the <br />August 13th Xeeting, held hgust 20, l9%, were approved as submitted, by <br />motion Child, seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Pursuani to due Published and Posted Notice, Hayor Erickson called Public Hearing on the petition of Hexyl Reid for the Rezoning to CommUnity Store District. of <br />Lots 3,&9,4, 9, 10,ll and 12, Block 4a Tlngdale Bros. Erookqide, ,Council received <br />report thsrt Planning Commission recommedded this rezoning as of Julg 161 No one <br />appeared in favor of the petition. $fro and Nks. Hugh Turnbull, 4.817 I.festbrook <br />Lane, objected on grounds that they wish to keep %he neighborhood residential <br />and do not need further commercial development in thh neLghborhood. &Ire and <br />Xrs. James H01ell,@32TTcstbrook Lane, objected on grounds that their home trill <br />facethe back of proposqd commercial development. Written objection by Rev, <br />Enton was reviewed and ordered filed, Child moved that petition. be referred <br />back to Planning Commission for further qqlanation as to why they recommended <br />this remllting. <br />Affidavit of Publication was read of Notice of Hearing appearing in Suburban Press, <br />ā‚¬Jopkins, August 9 and 16, 1951, for Public Hearing on Proposed Sanitary Sewr. <br />fnprovement in South extension ofJGolf Terrace, State High~.myNo. 100, Kent <br />Avenue, and ITinqsor Avenue. Ek. Thomas.Hodgson spoke for the large delegation <br />favor of the sewer, stating that Windsor cesspools are already backing up, <br />ahd that people 5n the entire district trill need sewage facilities r.rithLn a very <br />short time, 1,k. Olssonfs Estimate of Cost for Trunk Sewer was 8.93 per assessable <br />foot for construction, for a total of $30,786.00, plus $LOO per foot for gonnec- <br />tion to Joint Sewer District No. 1; and for the laterals, $4&3 per assessable foe%+ The ow objections raised were those of ffno immediate' benefittf from trunk <br />sewer; the people onRichond Drive requesting procedure for inclusion for $atera. <br />The people on Yvonne Terrace also requested that they be inclused, but they were <br />%old that a lift stztion will be necessary to serve them; that it is not equitable <br />to assess others for a service for Yvonne Terrace only. <br />following Resolution and mved its adop'bion: <br />arrived shortly th-Feafter. .. <br />i i <br />& t <br />Notion seconded by Hawbhorne and carried, <br />+r * I. <br />Clad offered the <br />IlEsOLuTIOH lwDERING IHPROVE2IEXT .. SANITARY SEYEE 3XikVlBmT NO231 <br />BE: I2 R3SOLVED by the Council, of- the VQlage- of Edina, Xinnesota, that this <br />Counci& heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the proposed <br />improvenent consisting of construction of Sanitary Sewers and Appurtenances as <br />.. <br />CL <br />foflows: <br />1, T.n.South extension of &lf,Terrace from existing Sanitarg'Sevmr in said <br />' 2. <br />extension to Windsor Avenue. In State Highway No. 100, from IZndsor Avenue to -Kent Avenue.