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22% \ <br />XDlUTZS OF THE: REGULAR I-EETING OF THE mm vsmm comcrt,-mm IKIJIDAY, <br />SEPTE3BER 10, 19%, 1~30 PA,, BT .I THE.EDINA VILUGE HALL, -. -. . I_ -- . . _. <br />l%3nbers answering Rollcall were Bredesen, Danens, Hawthorne and Erickson. <br />EZiuutes of SpeciAX Eeeting of Aukst 2&,*X95L-~il Rewar Heeting of AuguS€ 27, 1951, were approved, by motion Hamthorne, seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />Pursuant to "Notice of Keering on Petition So Ehi-iId Four-Ples in Non-Confomaxice <br />with Zoning Ordinance," publ'ished in Suburb& Press September 6, 1951, AffLdavit <br />for Which publication was read-by Cleric, Eyer Erickson cUed Public Hearjng' <br />on the petition of Uan Garrison to build a Four-Plex'on the Sl%L/t$'of Lot 18, <br />Block 1, South Harriet Park Secona Lda%ion (3906-1U 'W.54th Street) i Planning Commission*s-recodatiofi of September 4, approfig site arid recofmiending <br />approval'of project by Councja. subject %oXomEssion*s approval. of plans, was <br />reviewed, There were no obaections from the floor, and the Tillage- Clerk had <br />received no objections prior to the Hearing. Hawthorne niovGd*that permit for <br />construction of Four-€'lex a% 3906-10 tG54th Street be grated, sutiject to <br />conditions recommended by Planning Cormnission. Notion semnded by Danens and <br />carried. <br />Public Hearing wiis cued on proposed Sariitary Sewer Iinprovement in Concord . <br />Avenue between TJ859th and M.60th Streets, Ufidavit of Publication for Notice <br />of Hearing, as it appeared- in Su%ur%an Press; Hopkiszs on &ugust- 16 and 23, was <br />read, +proved as to fo&n ad placed on fire. Ehgineer's EsZimate of Cost was $6,40€k23 against 1,178r51. assessabxe fees, or $5e& per assessable foot. <br />There were no bbjections from the floor, and the CXerk-had received no protests <br />prior to the Hearing, <br />adoption: * <br />SdNITm SEliEB IbE%09EXENT 10.38 <br />BE IT RESOLVELI by the Council .of the Village of- Edirra, I~hesota, that this Council <br />heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the proposed-improve <br />ment consisting of Consthetion of Sanitary Sewer Extension and Appurtenances in <br />Concord Avenue between W.59th and W.6Oth Streets, and at the hearing held at'the <br />time and place specified in said notice We Council has duly considered the View <br />of all persons interested, and beirig fully advised of the pertinent facts does <br />hereby determine to proceed with %ke corktraction of said improvement; khat said <br />improvement is-hereby designa2ed ana shall be referred t0-h all subsequent pro- <br />ceedings as Sanitary Sewer Improvement No, 38 and the area tdbe specially assessed <br />therefor shall include all lots and tracts of land abu€ting and fronting upon the <br />streets in which sdd improvement is to be constructed* ._ <br />Hotion for adoption of Resolution was duly seconded by Danens, and on Rollcall <br />there were foui. ayes and no nays,'as foIXbws: <br />Hawthorne, aye; and Erickson, aye; and the Resolution was dydared duly passed <br />and adopted. <br />- . _. . -. _. - <br />_- - ~ -.- <br />- - -. -. -- .' - <br />' <br />Hawthorne offered the following Resolution and moved its I <br />- t <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING IlPROVX3ERT 4 <br />_- <br />Bredesen, aye; Danens, axe; <br />AT'ifEST: s &T 7q' ,~,JL4L?bfi~ - <br />Q Napr Z7/& Village Clerk <br />Hawthorne introduced the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />'RESOLUTION BPRO9BTG PLANS AND SF'EClFICItTIOMS <br />FOR SANITARY S%EE IE~O~~BNT NO. 38 AND. <br />DIF&CTING AD~TIS~~~ FOR BIDS <br />BE IT RESOLVE1D by the Village Council. of. the Village .of Edina: . - - <br />1, The plW and specifications for Sanitary Sewer Improvement No, 38 hereto- <br />fore prepared by the Village Engineer and now on file in the office ._ of the Village <br />Clerk &re hereby approved. <br />2, The Clerk shall cause to be'published twice in the Suburban Press and the <br />Construction Bulletin the f6llowing notice for bids for the construckion of said <br />improvement : <br />ADVZFKCISEI~ FOR BDS FOR' <br />)r SANSTqY SErMER IMPROVEMNT NO1 38 -. -. <br />'1 * . VmaOFmINA <br />The Edina Village Couiu5.l will .meet at the Village Hall, 'l&Ol IJ. 50th Street, <br />f.linneapoX.s, on Konday, September 2&, 193, -at 230 o'clock P.H., to opb and con- <br />sider sealed>bids for the construction of Sanitary Sewer Improvement No. 38.b <br />said Village, consis€ing of'construction of Sanitary. Latzral. Sewer and Appurtenances <br />in Concord Avenue between If8 59th and 3T. 60th Streets. <br />tl *