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9/10/51 Clerk Hawthorne entered the fleeting at this time, 241 <br />Discussion was had with regard to licensing real estate developers and builders- <br />for-sale, <br />Council can consider an ordinance rep-laking developers and builders, was ,seconded <br />by Danens and 'carried* <br />Nanager Olsson reported requests *for salary increases by Robert Obemeyer, <br />Richard Oberrneyer and Jack Keredith, members of the Engineering Crew, said I <br />requests being to $1.75 per hour for Robert Obemeyer, 2nd to $1.50 per hour <br />*for the other two,. Considerable discussion was had as to advisability of <br />granting raises in the middle of year, with some members advocating no raises <br />until&muary 1, 1952, and with Mr. Danens recommending requested raises as <br />an expediency, inasmch as at'least one man has another position in view+ <br />Hawthorne reqyested a recommendation 'from NP. Olsson. ?Ira Olsson suggested <br />that r;Council recognize requests and grant wage _increases to $1.60 per hour <br />for ~obelica <br />Ner edith / <br />and grant said raises td be in effec$ from October 1, 173 toJanuary 1, 1952, <br />was seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />€iatrl;horne's motion, that Village Manager arid Deputy Viilage Clerk be directed to <br />submit proposed Job Classification and Sa3ary.Schedule at the October 26th <br />Cquncil Meeting. . Notion seconded by Child and. carried. <br />Budget for Year 1952 was drafted and discussed at considerable length. It <br />pias decided to postpone adoption &til Dieeting of October 8, <br />' Hawthorne' ; motion, that the Village Attorney, Village lhager and <br />Ordinances and Legislation Committee be directed t6 prepare information so that \ <br />*r <br />1; I <br />* There being no further business to come- before the-lketing, Child moSed for <br />adjournen%, Hotion seconded by Bredesen and carried. 14eeting adjourned at <br />c <br />v uiage <br />EllWl!ZS OF THE REGULAR XEE?ING OF THE * mINn VILL!!GE CQIJNGIZ, I%EZD IIOJIDAY, + <br />hL <br />~ SZ@TB.!lBER 24, 1951r .AT 7:30 P.M~..~T I* <br />C <br />. THE DINAYV~~ H&X '> c <br />* Itembers an&ering Rollc~ll were *BGedesen, Child, -Danens and Erickson. <br />Rinutes 09 the Regular Heeting of September 10, and the adjourned portion of <br />thf: Septenber lOth*&?eting* held September 2%, 1951, were approved as submitted; <br />by I4otion Child, seconded by Danens and c&ried. <br />- Hawthorn? arriye$ immediately after approval of the Minutes and before any <br />other matter of businFssa , <br />Fgrst matter of busiGess wassthe taking of bids for several construction projects. <br />4ffidavits of Publication for Advertisements for Bids in Suburban Press, HopUhs, <br />form, and placed on file, said.advertisements covering the projects named below, <br />Bids on projects were then publicly opened and read, as follows: <br />SAN.SEXLE3 <br />? <br />+T 'i* r ff <br />* <br />' * and Construction Bulletin, IYZnneapolis, we$e submitted by-clerlc, approved as to <br />~ <br />SftN,~~ SAN.Sm?;llER S4.",SBm SAJJ.SE'tBf3 SAN.SEtR DRB? &: EVJXG