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252 <br />_- *- - . **- . .. <br />Nember's answering Roll.'&l were Bredesen, Ghild and Ericlrson, with Ekwthorne <br />coming later, as recorded below, <br />Ximtes of Regular Xeeiting of Xonday, September 24, mre approved as submitted, <br />by Xotion Bredesen, se"conded by Child qd carried, <br />First matter of business on Agenda was the taking of bids for various construction <br />projects. Kayor Erickkon announced that bids would be taken on proposed Stom <br />Sewer No, 19, and proposed Grading and Gravelling of illley betveen Bedford and <br />Oxford and between rJrt'erlachen Blvd, and W.5lst Street; subject bo outcome of <br />Public Heasings to be "neld later this eve@& <br />Affidavi% of Publ'icaI5on of ttAdvertisement for Bids for St-orin Sewer Improve- <br />ment No. 19;" as pubXshed jn Suburban Press, Hopkins, and Construction Bulletin, <br />I-finn~Sp~liIs on Septenb'sr 27 and October*3,199, <br />fomn and ordered placed on file. <br />bids were publicly op9md and read; <br />*+ <br />i <br />were submitted, approved as to <br />Pursuant to said Advertisements, the folloxrhg <br />Orfei & Ilariani; St,Paul. - $120,83&+30 STOmi SEZR IXPBOVElE3IJT HO, 19 <br />ITestern Undergroad Const* Go*, Nplse . .I $U, 589.77 I . <br />Phelps Drake Co., kc., T.lpzs, a x13,14S,06 Lamethi Et kett$, St, Paul c 124,321d6 <br />Child-moved tkt bids 'be referred to ViUge Engineer for tabulation and report .. later this evening. Hotion seconded by Bredesen and carried, <br />Pursuant to Advertisemen% for Bids for Grading+& Gravelling, Uey appearing in <br />Suburban Press, Hopkhls and Construction *BulleCin, I.linneapolis, Septenber 13 and <br />20,199, Affidavits of Publication for which were subinitted, zpprofred as to Tom <br />and placed on file, the- folloxdng sealed bid vas publicly opened and read, being <br />the only bid received$ <br />.r <br />I <br />' <br />WDiG eC GMmTm3G OF ALLEY <br />EiZTXBDT BEDROBD ,IED OxFOFiil AXT-ES SC mm xmac:m! 9LXD,O 11. g23! ST. Pfei€fer Construction CO.3 Edina .. * $r -l,OOS,75 <br />Child nroved that bid ire referred to Village &gineer for 'recomendation later in <br />evening, <br />/ * , <br />MficIav.5.t of Publicahion for 1IAdvertisement for Bids-Street kprovenent C-1'7,'' <br />in Suburban Press, Hophs and Construction Bulletin, I:Enneapolis, on Septenber 27 <br />and October 3,1951, rrere submitted, approved as to form and placed on files <br />The folloving sealed bid was then opened and read, being the only bid received: <br />Kotion seconded by Bredesen and carriedr <br />F Sm 33PlXlVB.E~ XO. G17 , - Terry Bros., InCi I * *- $ 2,835.00 <br />Ckiild'moved that bid be rzferred to Village Engineer for recommendation later in <br />evening. Eotion seconded by Bredesen-and carried* <br />9 Public Rearing was ne& had on FBOPOSD STORH SE%B ItiPPO'VEI-ma NO. 19. Haidhome <br />entered the Xeeting at this time+ Affidavit of mblication of Votice of Hearing!' <br />in Suburban Press, Hoplrins, September 13 and 20,1951, was submitted, approved as - <br />to form and ordered placed on file, Reques.l; of Reuben L, Anderson, Chaiman of <br />Lake Harvey hprovaent 2ssoci&ion, for postponement of Public Hearhg, was <br />1, Golf Terrace Heights, was reviewed, ,the file of written requests for <br />hprovment, by L,T,Gartner,7 Voodland Road; Howard L, ape, 5612 St*hdrets; <br />1.larcus Ifeffelfinger, 5615 St,Andrevm; Edmund V*Lienke, 5611 Unity he. j Robert C1 <br />Tood, 27 Woocllurd Road; G,F .I{atZn, 56D St . <br />of Cost, in total mount of $113,333,7& as against 9,715,600 Sqa Fk., was read; <br />being Ga0117*per aqure foot. *A pztition, signed by owners of sixty-five affected <br />properties, opposing improvaent for following reasons was presented; <br />I __ <br />-. pubLicly readc, The mitten ob'je'cgion of '6'IIC.Schneider,omT;ner of Lots 1 and 2,Block <br />trillage Engineer s Zstima.rce <br />l.-That the cost thereof at the present tjme r.;i1ll. be excessive* <br />2*-That the present and prospective burden of taxation should not be <br />increased at this time, <br />3,-That said hprovaent is not so vitally hportant that it mst be <br />carried out at present, <br />Ilks H, JpCharXes,474S Ikkeuicur Drive, and 1.3. Kerle S. XX,se,4625 Lexington Avenue <br />were SFokesnen for the delegation opposing project; _De= Br Tripp, 5613 Stdndrmrs; <br />Eomrd L. Bqne, 5%2 3-b.hdrer.s; Andrew3,5603 St~,hdreus; ad Brmdall,l;blL, We- <br />view Drive, being spokesinen for thz smaller delegation in 2avor of the hprownent+ <br />Corxiiderab2.e discussion TSS had, with Bginegr Olsso e4xpl.i.nnn&.&he $posepVoute <br />of the Storm Sewer, and presenting the ;mq~@&&&~ <br />€iawthorne offered the folloving Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />an &t%& &E%!$ <br />%