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276 . <br />E <br />Trustee Danens moved that Council advertise for bids to be taken November U,l95L, <br />for one Duirtp Truck, tjfh alternate bid for exbra heavy rear end and rear axle, yith <br />bidder to submit Trade& Allowance on @IC Dump Truck; and for one one-way snow plow <br />for tmck,, I-Xotion sewnded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />Bredesen's motion for adjoument vas seconded br Child and carried. <br />* Cf + BIeeting adjourned <br />. <br />.. VUage' Clerk <br />'.i - <br />HIIil OF' TfiE SPECIAL 35BTING OF THE EDINL a <br />AT- 7~30 P&, .H T@ ,EDgiA*VILL&E: Ktll;G <br />- <br />CQUNC&L,-Hm;D, NONDAY, @XYElE8 29, lY'!jl,* <br />#.I . <br />* <br />,.a ** _** . .--. I.. <br />'wasE convened ubon due call and notice by the Nayor. Xembers present were <br />Erickson, Damns and Eawthorne. <br />$Ira V. J, Schweiger, 5109 11, 56th Street, hppeked eo compzain about trees which <br />PearsonT.Brothers had pushed across his pro2ehy from a neighboring lot, pushing <br />$hem onto Village property, with some of them remafig on his property. <br />stateCPerson had informed him that Village lknager Olsson had given him permission <br />to place trees on Village property. Hawthobe ikoved-to direct Village Attorney to . <br />notify EP. Pearsoato remove trees rui.f;hin ten days and that if Pearson will not <br />remove them. the Tillage do so at Pearsonts expense. Notion seconded by Danens and <br />cc~rriei3. - <br />The appi.aisa dated October 24, l9.%, on property proposedto be acquired for <br />T'illage-HaIl purposes, was revLeiTed, Discussion was had on the matter of, purchasing. <br />property. immediately West of the present Village Hall property. Havrthome moved to <br />authoriie proper Villa,gs officials to purchase property at a cbst. not to exceed <br />$2,000, this being a one-acre tract. <br />HaWlorne moved, direc€ing Village Attjmey to re-Apply for authorikation for metals <br />for new water tank. 3tion seconded by Danens 5nd carried. <br />There being no further'business to come before the Beeting, ik was adjourned at <br />* I *A+ +- <br />. <br />He <br />' <br />Hotion seconded by Danens and cwrieda <br />I <br />w c <br />8:50 P*X* i + <br />-r - + <br />* + ' Village Clerk <br />_i .. -1 .. .. . _..- Eerobers answering RoX&,U. irere'Bredesen, C&d,s*Il&ens, -Har.rf;horne and Erickson. . .* <br />BinUtes of Regular -3feeting of October 22, &d Special Neeting of October 29,19fn, <br />were approvgd as surntted, by Hotion Danens, seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />3Iayor Erickson 2,nnowlced Public Hearing on Proposed SkaLtary Sewer Improvenent <br />%os 37, being held pursuant to "Notice of, Hearing;# qpearing in Suburban Press, <br />Eopkins, Einnesota, on October 18 and 25. . AffLdaUit of Publication was read by <br />Clerk, appmved as to 9orn and ordered plzced on file, It was explained to the <br />audience that this is a.supplementay public Rearing on this project,. to ccnsider <br />the possibility or" addhg Yvome Terrace to the previously ordered Sznitary Sewer <br />lmprovement no, 37; that Yvonne Terrace has petitioned for Sanitary Sewer because <br />of serious cesspool trouble; that this street cmot be served for sone years <br />unless it becomes a part af Itrlprovement No. 37. Engineer Olsson explained that, <br />in order to serve Yvonne Terrace as a part of hprovement PITO, 37 it will. be necessq <br />to do one of two things: 1, Lower the cut of the Trunls Sewer, at a cost of <br />approxbatelr 820,0003, or, 2.-Constmct a Xft Station in Yvonne Terrace, at an <br />estimated cost, of $7,668.00. Cr>nstruction.. of Qft Station, if assessed against <br />Yvonne Terrace residents oply, will cost them an estimated $3.90 per front foot. <br />whereas, if cost is assessFd against entire Sanitzzy Sewer Improvement No. 37 <br />assessable area, the cost of %he trunk plus the, lift station will. total an estimated <br />,$l.lO per assessable $Dot as against $693 for the trunk sewer only; this last <br />estimate being based on a assessable,area af 35,138 feet (including Yvonne Terrace) <br />as against a total estimated Trunk4if.t; Shtion cost af $38,454.00. At this. time <br />ZIessr,. d.F,Cooney, 5033 Kent &e.; James "E. Lytle, 3.12 Ifindsor Avenue; E,lT. Nylund, <br />5005 PT, 56th gt. ; V.J. Eawitzer, 5037 .IT. ~6tti SL ; and Daed Seltzer, 501'7 lladsor Avenue, <br />all entered their-objections to pamg for a part of .a E@ ststion which F~U. <br />serve Yvonne Terrace only* <br />/* 4 *.( <br />I.