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22 2/18/52 <br />There being no further business to come before this Neeting, it was adjourned at ur45 <br />pa&, by motion Bredesen, seconded by <br />. <br />4 . 1.IINuTES OF THE %%XLAR HSETDJG OF <br />"€33 BDDTA-.VIIJAGE COTCIL, HELD ~ <br />I.IDI~AY, ~LJ~Y 25, 1952, AT- 7:30 P.N, <br />AT TIjE EDIXA m4GE H41J; _. . ._ . _- . 7.. Kembers answering $ollcall were Bredesen, Child, Hawthorne and Erickson, <br />IGnutes of the February llth Keetiqg and oP the Adjourned portion of the February llth <br />Neeting held February l&h, vere approved as submitted, by mot?on Hawthorne, seconded <br />by Bredesen md carried, <br />Tkyor Erickson called 'public Hearing on Proposed Sanitary Sever for Tovmes Road from <br />11, 49th Street to approximately SO feet. North thereofl. ASfiClavLt of Publicakion of Notice of Hearing appearing in Edina-Norningside Courier, February 7 and 14, 1952, <br />1;s read, Village Engineer 1.Etchell's Estimate of Cost was given as $2,027.70, or $3.38 per assessable foot, <br />Simpson advocated_ that sever be installed by Uay 7, if po5sible, Engineer DIitcheU. <br />advocatgd that Council approve project but delay advertising for bids until other <br />jobs can be advertised, in'order to ezfect lower costs for all concerned, <br />offered the following Reso-lution and moved fits adoption: <br />There vere po objections from the floor, and Ur. Benjanin <br />Child * <br />R&5OL~TION OlUBRING D~OlDK!&T <br />SANITBRY SlWEE .D*Pmm*XIIT NO. r;L <br />BZ IT ~EXILTfSD by the Council 03 the_ViJJ+ge of Edina, Ennesota, that this Council <br />heretofore-caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the proposed imyovement <br />consisting of Construction of Sanitary Lateral Sewer and Appurtenances in Townes Road <br />froBW,4%h Street to a point approxi&tely 280 feet North thereof, and at the hearing <br />held at -tihe time and place spcified in said iiotice the'C0unci.l has duly considered <br />the view of all parsons interested, and being filly aduised"of the pertinent facts <br />does hereby determine to poceed with the construction of said iqrovenent; that said <br />improvenent is heseby desQnated and shall be referred to in alL subsequent proceedings <br />as Sanitary Sewer Improvement Ro+ &L, and the arca to be specially assessed therefor <br />shall include all lots and tracts of land'abutting and froriting upon the streets in <br />which said inyorovzEent is to be constructed. <br />I.Sotion for adoption of the Resolution was duly seconded by HaThhorne, afid SA €Lollcall <br />*I <br />there were. four ayes and no nays, as follms: <br />-aye; and Erickson, aye; and the Resolutior, V~S <br />/ &apr * <br />Villa&eTlerk . <br />1 I <br />TbG OFtBIDS-Ii~SW12CE: Pursuant to 2dvertfsement for Bids-Insurance, r.;hich <br />appeared-in Edina-I.Iorningside Courier February IL, an8 21, 1952 as confirwd by <br />Xf5davit of Publication read by Clerk, lbyor caSled"for bids on Comprehensive, <br />110rkmEKirs Compensation and Group Accident coverages accordkg to specifications <br />prepared far and appmved by the Council, Sealed bids were receive&from the' <br />following, ana were publicly opened and read: <br />Shelby T+@tua3. Casualty Company of Shelby, Ohio - Office, St .Paul, agent Betty Doolittle <br />Anderson agency, Yhe aplis <br />Rydeen Agency, 1iLinneapoIi.s - on Workments Comp&nsation only <br />Hardwae Eutuals of Stevens pt., lJis^conson - Agent R, K. Stensrud <br />Because of the detaU of the bids, Child nioved that bidsbe referred to ViDge Nanager <br />for tabulat5on znd report at another meeting to be arranged later, <br />Hawthorne and carried, <br />The County Auditors s notifieaiion that Lot 1, Block 3, Sunnyslope Section is .now <br />classified as tax forfeited land, vas reviewed. EIatter-referred to Eoard of Park <br />Gomissioners for their,recmendation as to possible use for park and plagpound <br />purposes1 <br />.c <br />David Agency, $rime apolis - <br />Xarsh & NcLerJnan, Nimeapolis - r -- <br />4 -I <br />Kotion seconded by <br />1 <br />14 $.Ira Lerne, mmer of 5901 OaUavrn Avenue, requested prmit to rent out his tldouble <br />dwellinglt. <br />to house-two fdies. <br />ments for two-fdy dT.relling. <br />He explained that house has been rented for years, that it vas constructed <br />Council was informed that property does not meet zoning reqpire- <br />Attorney tJindhorst ruled that present use of property