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32 <br />Child moved for payment of Village Payroll, amount $7,423.25 and Liquor Store <br />Payroll, amount #1,192.&), for period March 1 to 15 inclusive and overtime for <br />cm, ~ras seconded by Danens and carried: <br />as posted in detail in Payroll Ledger, and for pqyment of the following <br />Cm NO, TO: Aliom Fum <br />6830 Davies & Davies, Agents 3Em3.00, r 6831 <br />6834 6836 <br />5738 <br />M32 <br />~856 <br />1~856 <br />Ll.858 <br />JJ.859 <br />Ll860 <br />Ll861 <br />I3862 <br />Ll.863 Ut364 <br />Alfred So Jones <br />Reinktkd Brosk <br />John R.Coan, Postmaster <br />Suburban Hem. Cy. Relief Board <br />First Natl. Bank <br />Arthur K. Petersen <br />* <br />Reinhard &os. . <br />Brookside Service Station <br />Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. <br />Xid-Vest Tibe Co., Inc. <br />Old Peoria Co., Inc. <br />Griggs, Coopr & Co. <br />Distillers Distributing Coo <br />Griggs, Cooper & Co. <br />Ed. Phillips & Sons Co. <br />'Famous Bra~d.~, I~c. r- <br />Griggs, Cooper tk Co. c- <br />t <br />l4.12. <br />18.22, <br />*. <br />LIQUOR mTND <br />$1,529.33- <br />Building Inspector lloehler presented survey and house plan for dwelling to be <br />constructed at Zot 9, Block 7, Westchester Knolls (at Hansen Road and %ndsQr <br />Avenue) wi%h request to face house on Hmsen Road. &. Uoehler explained that th; <br />present placing of the house on the lot is not in accordance with Zoning Ordinance, <br />but that in this case, because of the topography of surrounding land, it will not <br />matter. <br />' carried, <br />Hawthorne's motion, that permit be granted, was seconded by Danens and <br />Hr. Richard Go Palen presented a study for proposed rezoning. Yd. Pelen was referred <br />to Plarming Codssion for their recommendation. <br /> with the Council detailed reports -0; the work done by the Ggineering <br />Dr. Erickson reported the Taxpayers Bssociationts request for the Council IIeeting <br />Agendito appear in Edina-Morningside Courier the Thursdaybefore each meeting, <br />not as a legal publication, but as a news item. Request granted,by Council, with <br />stiyulation that Courier make it plainthat this is tentative agenda only. <br />There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was <br />adjourned, by motion Danens, seconded by, Child and carried. <br />Crews during February. No action taken, or <br />-T <br />1 <br />Neeting adjourned at <br />12225 AAy Tuesday, &I'd2 11. <br />I VLllage Clerk - <br />I.zcNuTEs OF THE REGIJLfiR-EEETING OF Tm - <br />FBXNA-VI&€.AGE COUNCILj HEID <br />?%ARCH 24.3 1952, AT 7230 P.N. -- <br />Xeeting PELS convened at 7:30 P.IL, at the Community Room of the Edina High School, <br />~5th Council 1-Imbers ClKLd, Havrthorne and Erickson present, and Planning Commission <br />Ekmbers Krafft and Zewis and* Planning Consultant-Law also attending. <br />Hayor Erickson announced- the Public Hearing- on the Proposed Rezoning of the several <br />tracts of land listed below,' and Clerk Hawthorne read the Affidavit of Publication <br />by Edina-IIoraingside Courier of Wotice of Hearing-Rezoning',l publhhed Harch 6 and <br />12, 1952, announcing hearing to ber held at-this- time and place on the proposed <br />rezoning to Cornunity Store District of the following tracts of land: <br />IN GWVDVEZJ HEIGIETS: Lots 1 to 8, indlusive, Block 1, and Lots 1 to 10, <br />inclusive, Block 2; Lots 'I ana Lots 15 to 24 inclusive, Block 3, and Lots 6 to 10 <br />inclusive and bts 16 to 20 %IclusLve, Block 4.- <br />l[N BROOKSIDE HEIG€ES: hts o to 20 inclusive, Block 1, and Lots 1 to 24, <br />inclusive, Block 9 <br />IN TINGRXCE EROS. BROUKSDlE: Lots 2 to 17 inclusive, Block 7, Lots 1 to 7, <br />inclusive, Block 8, <br />-r I -* <br />IhT EDEWDOR ADDITIoiJ: Lots 1, 2 and 3, Block 1,