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I 4/u/52 " C' <br />=e e <br />P If <br />34 ( <br />EE IT RES&ED by the Village Council of the Village of Edina that it is <br />deemed necessary and eqedient to make the Vater Hain linprovement heretofore <br />set forth, and that on the 12th day of Nay, 1952, at 7:30 o'clock P.E.,- this <br />Council will meet at the VLllage Hall in said Village and will at said time and <br />place hearthe parties interested therein in reference to such improvement, and <br />t.riu. decide whether or not -to undertake such improvement, in whole or in part. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the area proposed to be assessed for this <br />improvement includes all lots and tracts of land wi-bhin the following boundaries: <br />th. South along Wooddale Avenue to v.62nd Stneet extended East from Concord <br />Avenue; th, West to Highway No. 100;- th. North along Highway No. 100 to a point <br />430 feet aore or less South of the Northwest corner of the S3/2 of Sec. 19-28-24; <br />the East to Concord Avenue; th. South to Tf.6Oth Street; th. East to point or" <br />Womencing at the centerline of T1.6Oth Street and TJooddale Avenue; <br />beginning,#* .. <br />I <br />I- Eotion for: adqption of.the Resolution was seconded by Bredesen, and on Rollcall <br />there were five ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />horne, aye; and Efickson, aye; and th <br />= Child's motion, that Public Hearing be held Nonday, Hay 12, on petition for <br />Sanitary Sewer in Virginia Avenue Addition, was seconded by Ha.c.rthorne 'and carried. <br />Village Attorney TIindhorst reported request for volunteer registration aid in <br />registering voters in the business district, <br />moved that D.eputy Clerk give consideration to having Deputy Registrar, Hrs. <br />Newell, register voters as requested. <br />Discussion was had, and Hawthorne <br />Notion seconded by Child and carried. <br />Bredesen moved for adjoment of Ifeeting until EIonday, April 21, 1952, at 7:30 <br />FJf. at Gomunity Room of Edina High School. Motion seconded by. Hawthorne and <br />unanimouslx carried, I4eeting adjourned at <br />t <br />Nembers answering 33ollcal.l. were Bredesen, -CQild, Danps, Hawthorne and Erickson. <br />Hayor Erickson announced the Public Hearing on proposed Paving and Curb and Gutter <br />in the Edina side of France Avenuzbetween the North Village Limits and TI.49th <br />Streets and between PLTlst Street and a point 214 feet more' or less South of 13; <br />54th Street. Affidavit of Publication of Wotide of Heqing'l as it appeared in <br />Edina-Xorningside Courier, Edina, on April-3 and 10, 1952,# was read, approved as <br />to form and ordered placed on file. Ihnager Ritchell presented'plans arid estimates <br />of cost, as follows: c <br />Curb Line to Vest Edge of Streetcar Ties. --Total Estimated Cost of Paving - <br />&5,&20.18, Less 2/3 of cost to be paid by Tillage - $30,281.20 equals $15,138.98 <br />Net Cost to property owners, to be paid by 3,693.22 assessable feet for a cost of $4.09 per assessable foot for Paving. <br />estimated for construction of 8" Curb and Gutter, to be paid in full by owners of <br />abutting properties, 3,075.35 assessable feet, .for total of $2.22 per assessable <br />foot. <br />foot, for Paving, Curb and Gutter. <br />. BTIKATE NO. 2 - Based ,on Paving of Edina Side of France Avenue from Vest <br />Curb Line of Centerline-of France Avenue. - Total Estimated Cost of Pavipgp <br />$73,8ll,82, Less 2/3 of cost to be paid by Village - $49,207.88 equals $24,603.94 <br />I?& Cost to property owners, to be paid by 3,693.22 assessable feet for a cost of 96.66 per assessable foot for Paving, <br />assessable foot for 8" Curb and gutter (as cited above), making total cost to <br />owners of abutting properties $8.88 per assessable foot, <br />Er. IEtchell explained that Estimate No. 2 is based on the premise that Rdn City <br />Rapid Transit Company is i&lling to remove its tracks, in accordaqce with recent <br />ConZmitment by Hr. Barnes of the Company. <br />BTDUm ?IOs 1 - Based on Paving of Edina Bide of France Avenue from Vest <br />In addition there would be $6,820.93 <br />This would make total. cost to abutting propefiy owners $6.31 pqr assessable <br />I <br />Invaddition there would be the 52.22 per