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43 <br />%! <br />Food <br />Cigarette <br />Of f-Sale Beer '* <br />Food <br />Cigarette <br />Boding Alley (16) <br />Pinball (1) <br />3/24/52 <br />Geroge L. Trisler dba Trisler's Grocery,5405 France Ave, <br />Martin D. Zipoy dba Zipoy's Grocery <br />John Dorek dba Edina Bowling Center <br />Food \ <br />I Cigarette <br />Off-sale Beer <br />On-Sue Beer <br />Taxicab (16) Verlin BaClfanz dba Edina Taxi Coo <br />The following Plumber's Lic&ises, for period April 1, 1952 to April 1, 1953, vrere <br />approved subject to approval by Building Inspector. Motion granting approval was <br />by Hawthorne. seconded by Child and carried. <br />I <br />c <br />Virgil k. Beck, 31OL7th Ave, No., Hopkins <br />Standard Plbg. & Htg. Go., 412 W, Lake St, <br />Arnold Bing, 4945 Upton Ave, So. <br />Blaylock Plumbing Go., 7731-4th Ave. So, <br />Robert J. Carlson, 5627 NicoUet Ave. <br />Statewide Plbg. & Heating Co., 2200~1~66th St. <br />Fox Plbg. & Heating Co., 4755-4th Ave. So. <br />Klugman Plbg. Coo, la7 Washington Ave. I%, <br />O.F, Kohl Coo, 1088 Marquette kve, <br />Minneapolis Plbg. Co,; l420 Nicollet Ave.- <br />Norblom Plbg. & Htg. CO., 3742 Chicago Ave. <br />Clare Nordwall, 1715 Ghicago kve. <br />Northside Plbg. & Htg, Coo, 1715 Plymouth-Ave. No, <br />A.14. Olson Plbg. CO., 604S Pillsbvy Ave, <br />Edward D. Paulson, 4555 Grand he. So. <br />H. O.*Soderlin, 3731 Chicago Ave. - <br />E. S. Stiles & Son, 6@9 Girard Ave. So, <br />H.B. Stone, 2101 W.67th St. <br />Bermrd P. Nooney, Mooney's Plbg. & Htg. Co., 2816 S. Harriet <br />Castle Plbg. Go., uc;! E, 38th St. <br />Sam Brown, 323 E. Lake St. <br />Johnson Bros. Plbg., 4510 Excelsior Blvd. <br />Tom Notzko, 4l60 Vernon &e. <br />- <br />, <br />C <br />Gage-Reeves, 3867 Uehaha Ave, (I?etr) - <br />At-this time Mayor Erickson was called away from the Xeeting, and Child moved <br />for adjournment to 7:30 P.M., Friday, March 28,at the Village Hall. Motion <br />Xeeti . seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />VU-lage Glerk <br />,Ifembers answering Rollc&l were Bredesen; Child, <br />I <br />? Rinutes of the Regular IGeting of Yfrch 2&, 1952 <br />motion Child, seconded by 'I'lavhhoraeand ~ carried. <br />Xavor Xrickson called Public Bearing on petition <br />Danens, Hawthorne and Erickson. <br />were approved as submitted, by <br />to vacate a portion of Summit <br />ikenue, ia accordance hith NotiGe 02 Hearing publzshed in Edina-Horninguide <br />Courier Ihrch 27, 1952, and posted on official bulletin boards; <br />recommended %hat street be Yacated inraccordance- with petition. <br />objections from- the floor, - and: Clerk had received no wristen objections przor <br />to the Hearing.. Child offered,the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Itanager D3,tchell <br />There were no <br />RZSQLUTION VAC&TII$G Sm <br />(PWT OF SuLKLT Adm) <br />.TiXEEE%S, pktition of a majority of the owners of real property fronting <br />on the-line of Swnmit Avenue, between-the South plot Lines of Lot 15, Block 3 and <br />Lot 20, Block 4, in Grandview Heights Addition and the I\Tort& L6t Lines of Lot 19, <br />Block 3 and Lot 16, Block 4 in Grandview Heights Lddition as platted, has been <br />duly filed wLth the Billage Council; and said Council kias met at the tirne and <br />place specified in a notice duly published and posted and has heard all interested <br />persons, and it appears in the interest of the public that said portion of said <br />street be vacated, now therefore,