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I 5/5/52 <br />1.- OF THE ADJOURt3ED F0E;TION OF THE I <br />J APEIL 28TH I*mTa$G OF THE EDIUA VILLAGE <br />CO-UNKCL, HEID ItONDAY, I.'wY 5; 1952, AT 7:30-P.M., dT THE XDIi?A VIL1L23GE HALL, <br />r <br />Hembers answering Rollcall were Child, Danens, and Erickson, with the other members <br />coning later, as recorded below. I. <br />Ike Ralph Wormsbecker requested franchise for construction of water main on France <br />Avenue, <br />of Council irill be present. <br />Trustee Bredesen arrived at-this time, <br />lek. and 1.k~. Harveyhdresen, 1822-llth Avenue South, petitioned for permit to move <br />the old Stow home from 5540-Normandale Road to 5313 West 60th Street. <br />written approval of several-of the neighbors, -Child*s motion, that petition be <br />referred to Builag Inspector for his report at the next meeting,-and that Public <br />Hearing on petition be held-at that time, was seconded by Danens and carried. <br />ltrs, Roy Landstrom, 5633 Izoodda3.e Avenue led a-delegation pleading for relief from <br />dust on Vooddale Avenue, stating that the dust condition, besides being decidedly <br />inconvenient, comprises a definite health hazard to those in the neighborhood <br />suffering from allergies. Delegation informed work wuld be done at once. <br />Atdelegatih from Tloodland %ad requested that Council oil the street to lay dust <br />until such time as street can be prepared for blacktopping by regzading for drainage. <br />Clerk Hawthorne arrived while Ilke -Nevquist of Harrison Avenue was requesting the <br />oiling of his street not later than tomorrow, to relieve his neighborhood of bad <br />dust conditions , <br />A petition, signed by 9873 of the property owners on Richmond Drive between Highway <br />lo. 100 and Richmond Circle, was presented by a gentleman who requested that <br />emergency action be taken to oil the street sothat property owners could remove <br />their * storm windows e <br />After hearing the above pleas for oil and W, ZtitcheU's report d the especially <br />dusty condition throughout the Village, considerable discussion was had and Hawthorne <br />offered the followhg Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />He was asked to wa5t until later in the meeting when a full representation <br />I <br />They presented <br />1. <br />c <br />- 1 <br />f c <br />-- <br />- - -* "CC <br />I <br />-r - EESOLUTION. FOR Z*mmCY OILING .J <br />have been filed for-either Oiling or Blacktopping, the Village Hanager and Zngineer <br />be and hereby is authorized to proceed immediately with application of oil; said <br />work to be done in advance of Public Heeings for bprovements providing said <br />Nanager-deems it expedient-and in the interest of public health and safety so to <br />BE IT FURTHIB RXSOLVED that this measure is taken by this Council as an <br />emergency measure only, to dlleviat~xtn unhealthful and hazardous dust condition,' <br />Xotion for adoption of Resolution was seconded by Child, and on Rollcall there were <br />five-ayes and no nays, as follows: Bredesen,. aye; aye; Hawthorne, <br />aye; and Erickson, aye; and the Besolution was a <br />ATTEST- <br />aE IT XE3ClLKEXI by this Village Council that in a31 cases where proper petitions <br />Q. - do e <br />- *I <br />yy @---9 +. <br />7 <br />c I. Villagg Clerk' <br />Hathhorne's motion, that the Village Nanager and Engineer be authorized to make <br />emergency dust coat applications of oil as rapidly as possible, and,trithout assess- <br />ments, on blacktopped streets which have broken up, was seconded, by Danens and <br />unanimously carried. - <br />Hanager 1iitcheI.l advocated the scarifying of broken-up blackLopped streets, in order that pelcinanent, ratler than temporary, repair be effected, <br />directing Village lhnager to arrange demonstration of a pulverizer, was seconded by <br />Bredesen and carried. <br />The matter of blacktopped streets in Valley View Heights and Countryside additions cane again before the Council for consideration, Hawkhornets motion, that Council <br />advertise for bids forthe reconstruction of streets in Val1eyVier.r Heights and <br />Countryside Additions, with said bids to be taken Xonday, June 23, vas seconded by <br />Child and carried, <br />-* <br />HarSnorne's notion,. <br />Petition was presented for the Blackbopping of York Avenue between W,58th and TI, <br />59thStreets. <br />be set for Honday, Iky 26, at 7:30 P.I.I., was seconded by Hawthorne and carried, <br />Childrs notion, that petition be accepted, and that Public Hearing