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5/5/52 <br />I-Ianager Ifitchell reported Nr, COIL Hansents request for pekmit to build for <br />Cedric fidams on a metes-and-bounds description within the territory .r.r'nich .r.rill <br />eventually be platted as part of the ~~Parkrmod Knollstr subdivisions, but for <br />r.rhich no preliminary plat has as yet been presented, <br />granted vas seconded by Child and carried, <br />3redesen moved for adjouhment, &lotion seconded by Danens and carried, <br />Neeting adjourned at 12:15 A.?L , Tuesday, <br />Ik. Nitchell conveyed ' Building Inspector's report approving, Hawthorne's motion that request be <br />? <br />F . Vfllage Clerk .* <br />- <br />\ <br />lrembers answering Bollcall were Bredesen, Child, Danens, Hathhorne and Ericlcson, <br />IEnutes of Regular Ueeting of April 28 and Adjourned Portion of April 28 Iketing <br />held Ronday, 1%~ 5, were approved as iBnbmitted, by motion Hawtholme seconded by <br />Cnild and carried, <br />I-hyor Zrickson announced Public Hearing on proposed 'iIater 1kin Extension to serve <br />Virginia Avenue Addition and a district of some area surrounding it, Affidavit <br />of Publication of Wotice of Hearihg on Proposed Water Hain improvement,^^ as it <br />appeared in Zdina-Xorningside Courier April 2k and Nay 1, 3-952, JJas read, approved . <br />as to form and ordered placed on file, Engineer Hitchell explained that to serve <br />areas outside- of Virginia Avenue Addition it will be necessary to construct 1211 <br />and 10" trunk. mains from the Southview Lane Fumphouse south on Concord Avenue <br />to 1~60th Street; on Concrd from W.60th St. to V.62nd St.; on Vooddale from T7. <br />61st St. to Valley View Road; and on Valley View Rd, from Wooddale Ave, to Highway <br />No, 100; plus the necessary 61' mains within Virginia Avenue Additipn itself, <br />This construction would mean an estimated Trunk assessment of &34 per front <br />foot for all properties within-the district set forth in Notice of Hearing, and $4,67 per front foot for all properties within said district r&ich can be directly <br />connected to sewer; the total estimated assessment for,trunk line being $j33,=7.09, <br />and for the lateral, 868,281,65; As an alternate, with 611 mains to serye Vjxginia <br />Avenue Addition only, (which would preclude connections by any other properties <br />unless larger mains are constructed at a later date) the cost r.rould be approxi- <br />mately $50,027.22, or a total of $14.07 per assessable foot for those properties <br />within Virginia Avenue Addition. Nr. Olson of Virginia Avenue Addition spoke in <br />favor of'the large project, stating that developers are anxious to have water <br />but do not feel that they should pay for future service to others. &, IId+Iahon, <br />interested as a house builder, spoke in fav&, <br />Harry Jonas,4833 Valley View Road, and K.G,Sundquist, 5944 Concord Avenue, all <br />objected, on grounds that trunk construction is premature in view of present <br />undeveloped state of most propefties within district; that cost will, be pro- <br />hibitive to those owners T.z'no have undeveloped properties, Some discussion was had <br />with regakd to the possibility of Virginia Avenue developers obtaining a franchise <br />for trunk mains; and Child Tdoved that project be referred back to Public Utilities <br />Committee for study as to franchise plan for wter improvanent, <br />by Hawthorne and carried. <br />XTexb matter of business was the proposed kezonbg to Commercial District of Lots. <br />1 to 10, inclusive, Block 2, Grandview Heights Addition. Affidavit of Publication <br />for "Notice of Hearing on Petition to Rezone,*t as it appeared in Edina-Horningside <br />Courier April 24, 1952, was read, approved as to form and placed on file. <br />VBS also made that Posted Notice of Hearing has been made, as of April 21, 1952, <br />on three Village bulleth boards. <br />rezoning v.ns reported to Council by Nanager NitcheU,. <br />the Hearing, and the Clerk had received no written objections prior to the Hearing. <br />Hawthorne offered the followhg Ordinance, moving that Council dispense with second <br />reading thereof, and adopt Ordinance as read: <br />, <br />Nessrs. ,J.H. Otis,61U Iqomandale, <br />Notion seconded <br />I Rote <br />The Planning Commission's recpmendstion for t <br />There were no objections at <br />I-