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. 5/19/52 89 Nanager Xitchell recommended that Public Hearings be held' on petitions for <br />Grading, Gi~avelling and Blackbopping all streets in Yirginia Avenue Addition, <br />Itotion by Hawthorne, soheduling these Hearings for Honday, July I&, 1952, at <br />Manager Ritcheil recomended re jec'cion of all bids taken. April L!+, 1952> for <br />Crushed Rock. <br />authorizing Village 3knager to advertise for bids to be' taken June 23 on Crushed <br />Pit Run Gravel, .was seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />Xanager ETitchellr s written re <br />Nower, was discussed at some cngth. Hawbhoikets motion, that action be 'cabled <br />for present, was seconded by Child and carried,. <br />Manager Nit chell reported to C&incii that eigh-by-seven improvement petitions <br />have been filed this year; necessitating mucp planning and preliminary IJork on <br />the part of the Engineering Department. He advocated the hiring of cngineering <br />consultant to work on special assessment projects qd thus decrease the work of <br />our own department. Hawthornets motion, authorizing Village Tknager to secure <br />the services of a repugable consulting engineering fim, for preliminary plans, <br />specifications and supervision on specig assessment projects, at a cost not <br />to exceed the ordinary Engineering Charges set up by the Village for these <br />projects (6% of contract price) was seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />"$0 P.N., yas seconded by Bredesen and carried. rL <br />He recommended advertising for bids for Crushed Pit Run Gravel, ' Hawthorne's motion, rejecting crushed rock bids taken April ut, 1952, and, <br />rt, recommending repairs to Graker, Tractor and <br />- - <br />Ekanager Eitchell recomended Aployment of illl ,Assist&t Engineer, in order that <br />he might be free to handle the managerial part of his position. <br />but no action taken. <br />"Job Classification Ordi-nance" was discussed, especially with. relation to <br />merit and chst-of-living increases. No action taken, <br />Ifattei- discussed, <br />L <br />There being no further business to come before t'his, Heeting, Bredesen moved for <br />adjouqment. Notion seconded by Child and unanimously carried. X'feeting adjourned <br />at 11:lO P&. <br />C <br />- Nembers answering Rollcall were Bredescn, Child and Danenso <br />presided until. arrival of Nayor Erickson later in the evening, an$ lleputy Clerk <br />Ninutes of the Regular >Ieetiiig of May 1252952 and Ld journed Portion of Bray 12th <br />Meeting held Ilay 19, were approved as submitted, by rnotion Bredesen, seconded by <br />Danens and carriedr <br />Acting Nayor Child announced that the Public efIearing on proposed Sanitary Sewer <br />for ti. 56th Street b etwe en Code Avenue and Hansen Road will not be had; that it <br />'is not necessary because this improvement has already been ordered in'on Council.'s <br />P.i.rar Child theq &nnounced public Hear<ng in the pe-bition of George L&dlllad to <br />rezone to Commnity Store Dist-rict certain properties a$ junction of State <br />Highway No. 169 and Eden ilvenue. <br />in Cdina-iriorningside Courier as of Ihy 8 and 15, 19.52, was read, approved as to <br />Uay 6, 1952. <br />on the fact that the Council has not yet honored his ovm petition for rezoningo <br />He stated that hi; objection will be withdrawn upon assurance that his own <br />property wifi be rezoned. Idianiger fEt chell rsported the Planning Colllznissionf s <br />re6omendations of April 9,1952, re-a_filirming _former recommendations for the <br />Fezoning of this and other &operties in this- vicinity. <br />following^ Ordinance, moving 'chat the Council dispense vrith second reading and <br />adopt Or'dina;ce a's read: <br />Tqustee Child <br />c F < '- +Lden acted as Clerk, e <br />own motion, after Pubkic Hearing held lapt fall.< - <br />t <br />'Affidavit of Publication $or llotice of Hearing <br />1-t~~ Chh &arson was the only objector, his objections being based <br />. form and ordered placed on file; and Dequty Clerk read Certificate of Posting <br />'I <br />Danens offered the <br />,liJ OPaaiJmCZ BQDi\JuXJG THAT CZBTAZt O?dmldCCE I~OPTZD <br />BQILDIRGS ,014 LOTS, ~~~ THS DEiBiTP .OF POPUUTIO?J IN <br />EAY c25, 1931, .AS Amrma, ~EGUUTXI~G THB LCICATBIN,SIZZ <br />AkD rrsE &VD I-BIGIQ OF BUDXJI~GS, THE AliX&:~~W OF <br />BEIlE23iV, IK TI! SAID VIUAGZ, AXD Fa3 SiD PW?IOS TO <br />c <br />*- THE 'iELL2-m OF XDDJA AND POB TEE PukpcrsE OF PmiOTmG - e <br />T€E W&Th, 3JIETi!Y, O.RD%, COl\mTmJCX, P;iO@ETY &$D <br />P < <br />SIVmZ 'ED VII.LIC2L3 ';SIT0 DISTXICT3