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7/2/52 151 <br />There being no further business to come before this Meeting, Danens moved for <br />adjoumenk. Motion seconded by Bredesen <br />9:30 PeM, . <br />.- <br />.I .. - .. I . Gouncil Members Bredesen, Danens and Hai.rtho&e were present to 'act as Boaed <br />of Review, <br />Village Assessor Creightod appeared before the Board to request additional . <br />time in which to complete his books 02 valuations, explaining that because <br />of new property divisions he will.. not have completed his work until about I+- the last of July. <br />Hawthornets motion, that when Meeting is adjourned this evening it be - <br />so adjourned to Vednesday, July 30, at 7:30 P.M., at Edina Tillage Hal, <br />was seconded by Bredesen' and carriedr <br />Attorney Stanley D. Cane, representing Edina Theatre Corporation, and <br />Messrs. Ben Friedman and John Hurley of Edina Theatre, were present to <br />'request a %ubstantial reduction'* in the theatre valuation. They were asked to return on July 30. <br />' <br />- <br />Nr. Henrx Bachman,5601 York, requested decrease in valuation in his <br />property, stating that the grade established since he built has placed his <br />lot helow grade Level, and that he has been informed that he will be unable <br />to connect to'the Sanitary Sewer. Assessor Creighton made appointment to <br />see PIIr. Bachman this ne& week. <br />There being no further business to colzze'before this Neeting, Bredesen mbved <br />for adjournment in accordance with Hawthorne's earlier motion, Motion seconded by Danens and carried. <br />c <br />t <br />P <br />4 Fiembers answerink Rollcall were Bredesen, DGens , Hawthorne, and Erickson. <br />Knutes of Pleetings of-June 23 and 30 and July 2,1952, were approved as <br />submitted, by motion Hawthorne, seconded by Danens and carried, <br />Nayor Erickson annoinced Public Hearings, to be held -on the petitions for <br />property from Open Develope& DistrXct to Commercial. District; and thaV <br />of Iuk. H.R. Burton for the. rezoning of Lot 10,. Block 4, Grandview Heights <br />from Open Development District to Community Store District; <br />Publication and Posting of Notice of Hearing were read by Clerk, approved as <br />to foq and ordered placed on file'. ' Planning Commission Recommendations <br />for the rezoning of these two poperties were read. <br />from the floor'to the rezoning of the Christ krson property, and no objections <br />hzd- been received by the Clerk prior to the Hearing* John Anderson, 5109 <br />Bedford objected to r&oning of the Burton property, and asked to be allowed <br />to come before the Planning Commission before Council took action on this <br />project. <br />Continuations of Public Hearings on petitions of V.E. tzijTman and of Peder <br />Nickelsen to rezone to Comnunity Store District were had; with no objections to the proposed 3Jyman rezoning, and with I&. John Anderson, 5109 Bedford <br />Avenue asking that Council delay Nickelsen Bezoning until he has had <br />opport~ity to consult with Planning Co&ssion. <br />, <br />- reu>n$ng--that of Mr. A.Christ Larson,for the rezoning of his unplatted <br />f <br />1 .. <br />xffidavi~s of <br />' <br />There were no objections <br />- <br />s