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" bTembers answer3ng RoUca3.l were Bredesen, Danens,' Child, and Erickson. Deputy Clerk <br />Gretchen Alden- acted as Clerk, <br />Enutes of lIee%ing of July ul., 1952, were approved a"s submitted, by motion Bredesen, <br />betition date; July 15, 1952, signed by James Go Clarke and others, for the lovering <br />seconded by Danens and carried. <br />3 of the Brookvikt.r Avenue grade at last three feet adjacent to 6224 Brookview (and <br />il withdrawing their nanzs from original grzding petition if this grade is not established) 1' vas filed. 1-s. James Clarke supported his petition, 1.2. Tz. B. Pauly opsosed it, <br />filing petition, signed by hiself and two other property oTm.ers, requesting grade ".\ be established as per Council*s resolution of July ul. (at l8It). Ik. Pauly stated ' i that the lor;.e<ing of the grade three feet will damage his property considerably, ' It vas establfshed that petition filed by I&. Clarke carries signatures of otmers \ of nore than 35 of property abutting Broohievr Avenue betveen 11.62nd -and V,64th Sts, <br />Bredesen moved that Petition for Grading and Gravelling of 13rookvier.T Avenue, filed <br />some months ago, b-2 !richdrawn becase of difference in opinionc Kotion seconded by <br />bids to be taken this evening for Grading and Gravelling of Bro0lrvier.s Lve-rrue between <br />1 Child and carried, Bredesen's notion, that Coun& return to bidders, unopened, the <br />I ~r.62nd and TL64th Streets, was seconded by Cud and carried. <br />petition fij-ed by Jaes Clarkesand others be accepted, ad that Wilic Heaing on <br />sane be set for I;ondaJ., August 25, 1952, at 7:30 POX., Kotion seconded by Banens <br />and carried, <br />dffidavits for Publications in Ed5.m-Korningside Courier md Construction Billetin <br />on the dates Iisted below, for projecis as hereinafter named, were read, approved <br />as to $oxxi, and ord-ered placed on file; and sealed bids for these projects were <br />pub7icly opened and read, as follows: <br />P <br />Child mved that I <br />'\ 1 <br />( <br />1 <br />ST.I;;PS.ITOS. SAI!.SEZR- X*YI'Z ;2iilJ <br />ST*I;i?*Z-l SToaP*E-l3 A-22 Q jl-43 ItPo IT0.46 IiiPJKI. 59 <br />F.iViIG - CRB.&CUrjl.TSR BIJ,CZTOPPI1IG TI. 54th St Bmokvie~r, <br />E'IXJKZ ;IVz. 5601. Beard Zestbrook, b Balifzx to 5Sth to <br />TI. 46~V. 54 Avenue Edinbrook France 59th St, <br />AdVo Adv, ?.dv. ;idV. Jdv. <br />7/10 Ec 7/17 7/17 & 7/& 7/10 a 7/17 7/17 c"t, 7/24. 7/17 &; 2.4 <br />83, 29s. 64 Fielding C: Shkpley Li%,9578h2 hderson IC: So& <br />:Idter D. Giehsen 73,4@0 . 00 <br />STictor Carlson C Sons s5,2h10s3 <br />CleEent F. Scdly Const.@,470.&3 <br />Eernes-IbiattiCon, kc. 99,899.88. Ij - 795.40 <br />Lshmrth & §on Go. <br />Sa% Carlone <br />Terry Bcca&kn_r Co. 6~32.90 - -5,U2.31 <br />* <br />{j 5,S37.20 <br />+") r. 5,602.GO S 5,536879 <br />Harrr J, Ikech 4,939 . 94 5, u2.90 <br />Orfei & IIari&i 5,139 55 5,192, 95 <br />Child-ts notidn, referring Street hprovment 110. 3-1 bids to TTiLl,age Xngineer for <br />tabulation &d report at ne25 regular meeting, ~~33 seconded by Danens and carried, <br />Ci.lilca*s notiin, rejecting bid for Street kprovaents Tbs. 11-22 and A-43, ad * <br />ordering Coqcil to re-advertise for bids -bo be taken IJondq, hpst ll, VBS seconded <br />by Bredesen spd carried. <br />Sredesen's nqtion, aT;larding bid for Street Inprovment No. €3-13 to Barnes-TTattison, <br />Inc,, at $795.40, ims seconded by Child and carried. <br />Child's noti& that bids for Sanitary Sewer Improvement Tfo, &6 and 'I;Tatemain <br />hprovement No. 50 be referred to Vill.zge Engineer for tabulation and repox$ at <br />next, neeting, was seconded by Danens and carriedo <br />L <br />Cui-C'iL*s- ne:& zction TELS to take bids on Fire Equipment and .on Tree Trimdng and <br />Bemoval, in accordance 76th Adxe%tisements for Bids appe2rjng'in <br />Courier znd Constru!ction Xlletin on July 17 and 24, 1952, kffidadts of Public~tion <br />for xhich vere'read, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Bids were <br />publicly opzned <br />D. J. YOU <br />read, as <br />* <br />f OllO~rS : <br />Eelley Sales Go. 365.00 <br />A. a, 11miams 580.00 365.00 630.00 363.00 I.Iinn, Fire Equip. Go. <br />Sillrs Tree Seraice <br />7 ~m. *. Fire &A. Co, $ 630.00 370.00 <br />$ 1293.00 <br />Rolts Bursery 2120 0 00