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8/13/52 - <br />-1 delegation fro&?,T.57th Street was in the audience to poteSt the bus on <br />57th Street, 51-edesen told them that he had discussed Yne situaticjn with <br />Ik. Peterson or" the Railway and Ifmehouse Commission and they agreed that <br />::.58th Street T;ou.ld be the logical route for the buso However, until repairs <br />are all in on V.56th Street the bus wtll have to be routed along V.57th Street. z <br />Bredesenls motion, that Bus be rer6ut6.d to 3.5Fn Street as sodn as this street <br />is ready to take the traffic, tms secdnded by Danens and carried. <br />Nr. 1.Ii.tchell reported that the work of Gibbish Company is improving, ad <br />stated that he had instructed the contractor to finish Tfooddale Lvenue before <br />beginning &y *other nrk. <br />The matter of the r&erhole at 60th Street and Abbott ilvenue was brou@t before <br />the Council, tLth Nanager Liitchell asking for authority to secure sufficient <br />equipment to'drain this spot. <br />Bredesen moved, Danens se&nded, motion 'chat I&. Pfitchell be given authority <br />to rent equipment to take care of water hole at 60th and Lbbott at 2, cost not <br />to exceed $500. Notion. <br />m. -I <br />He thought it could be done for about $500. -,. <br />c <br />%Imager NitcheU recommended purchase of a new police car to replace the older <br />of the two cars now in operation. <br />on Police Car as of.September 8,,1952, to replace the older squad car, was <br />seconded by Danens and carried. c + <br />There being no further business to come before this Special Neeting, Eredesen <br />moved for cldjournment, Eotion seconded? by Danms and carried. Ibfeeting <br />Haidhornets motion, tflat Council teXe bid.s <br />Fursusnt to due call and notice, the Council mnv ed in Special Sbssion at <br />the Village Hal1 on I.ilonday, ,4ugust 18, 1952, at 6 POX., for a Kecting with <br />the Eichfield Village Council regarding connection to proposed Tiichfield <br />interceptor sewer; and aaso for discussion as to France Avenue Paving project. <br />Xembers: present were Bredesen, Child, Danens and Eric1;son. Engineer Arndt Duvdl, <br />Toltz, King end Day, was also present, representing 3dina; <br />Richfield Csunc-il members present were Joph D. Shields, Fred C. Beller, Ootlo <br />Lindeberg, Tom '.Jalters; TKt'n I.Iessrs. alen, 2nd Trafton, znd 27.t'corneg LeFevere; <br />and H.Kayeron and Bobert Huston of-G,X. Or? Zhgineering Co~~pany also <br />IIessrs. ",ill.iam Crear, Jr. , and Hema Guttman represented Y3ou6hdaXe Center. - <br />* <br />+ <br />r epr es enking Bichfi eld 'C r <br />IIcnager %Et chell stated that Edina now has appro:cimately 2,000 connections to <br />the Sanitary Sewer which connects with. Xinneapolis sewer at 54th and. Xerxes, <br />and is using 1.25 cubic feet of the four cubic feet allotted to Edina by <br />lSinnea4polis; that present connection will Lake care of 3dina for some lY;tle <br />%&ne, but .that Edina *has been advised that sometime in the future capacity of <br />this connection will be reached, that cooperation uith Village of Richfield <br />is logical answer+'co Edinats future sewer problems; that this Neeting is for <br />the prupose of planning said connections, if possible. <br />Tlr. H. fiayeron of GJZ, Oqr Zngineering Com&ny, Richfieldt s sever consultants, <br />explained that plans forthe Bichfi@d interceptor are very nearly complete; <br />that Xdina must soon decide - 1. <br />sewer? 2. How much sewage xi11 they empty into tne interceptor sever? 3. Does <br />Xdina rrish to-divide its sewage between L'ne 65$h and 75th Street auklets, or <br />does it rrmt to empty all sewage into either one. <br />Considerable discussion was ha& as $0 emoun: of flow, -i;ith XcnaEer IE'cchell <br />recoa-i.zrding an estimate of 152- Cubjc Feet per second, bithout anticipated <br />flow from Southdde. <br />report to flow md place ofrconnection to the Richfield TJillage Covncll' <br />witkin the nexb week,,. .. <br />I <br />Does Xdina wish to connect to Ynis sanitary <br />c <br />fIessrs. IEtchel1 and Duval were rpquested to hsse &lie& <br />. <br />t