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SCHOOL , . <br />Xembers anstrering Rollcall were Bredesen, Danens, Hawthorne and Erickson. <br />Nayor Bickson announced Public Hearing on Proposed Assessment Tor Storn Sevrer <br />Improvement No. 19. Affidavit of Publication for mlTotice of Hearing, r.rhich appeared <br />in Edina-IJorningside Courier on September k and ll, 1952. Affidavit tras approved as <br />to fom and ordered placed on file, Hanager IELtchell reported that the cost of this <br />project viill be 5.01525 per assessable Square Foot as against $.Oll7 estimate of <br />cost given at the public he&ing on the hpmvVenentD Attorney Philip Neville, <br />speaking as Secretary of Edina Holding Company, spoke in confAmation of the mitten <br />objection of the Holding Company, filed before the meeting, said objec$ion being on <br />the grounds that the i.j5,640069 assessment to the Edina Country Club property Itis not <br />spread accordbg to special benefits to each piFce or pard of land xithin the <br />districfi;!': &.* XexriUe mab$.ained that the cons:ruction of -homes along Golf Terrace has eliminated possibility of drainage from thc Golf Course across to kke Harvey, <br />It vas brought out in discussion, however, that the Golf Course still has a draLnage <br />easemcn'c in this area. <br />02 Lakeview Drive residents who object to this assessment 09 the grounds %hat it <br />dl1 be necessary, sonethe in -the future, to extend the present stoqn sewer and <br />that they have no guarantee of absence of further assessment. Ib. Homer R. IEnney, 5828 ITooddale Avenue, objected to the increase in actual costs over estimate, and <br />demanded total costs. Iir. 1.iilchel.l reported that tqtal assessable cogt is <br />%.58,152.03. Several persons in the audience asked for a breakdown of the figures, <br />and, since detailed figures were not available, requested that breakdovm bemade <br />public in the Edina-Komingside Cornier. 1.k. Frank J. Lynch, ,4507 Golf Terrace, <br />and his immediate neighbor, objected on the grounds that storm sewer does not <br />benefit them because the backs of their lots are below street grade and do not <br />drain.- They asked that stom sewer be extended to serve these propzsrties properly, <br />Raager $Etchell explained that such a storm sewer would have to be laid over private <br />property; that best solution is a dry well. Ik. A. G. Grimm, owner of properties in <br />Prestchester Knolls, objected to assessment on square foot basis. <br />that this is the generally approved and standard method for m&&ng storm sewer <br />assessmnts, on the premise that rain falls equally on all properties trithin the <br />drainage district. Kr. P.C. Dahlberg, 5620 Kellogg Place, objected on grounds that <br />his property drains out of the drainage disf;rict. Discussion and explanation took <br />more than two hours, and upon Kayor Ericksonls announcing that Hearing was closed, <br />Havhhorne' Xfered the following Resolution and moved its adoption, m&g also, <br />as an integrel part of this action, that the Village Clerk and Village Ilanager be <br />directed to make immediate investkgation of all claims and questions which have <br />been raised, or to be p?operty owners w5thin the drAinage district in the <br />fie& seven daj-s, and that a final answer be given by the Clerk and 'ITanager to the <br />Council at the I-Xeeting of October 13: <br />1 13. 3. I. Pi-btelkow, 4505 Lakevierr Drive, headed a delegation <br />- <br />He vas informed <br />BESOLUTION ADOPTING dfJD COXFIRIiUG ASSESSI-ENTS <br />STCBLi SEXfER IMPBOVEi*i.EXYJ! NO. 19 <br />BE IT EZSOLVED by the Village Council of the. Village of Edina, I.Iinnesota, as follows: <br />ment for Storm Sewer Improveaent No. 19 and each of them, have been properly calculated <br />in accordance with the provisions of Rinnesota Statutes Section k32,44l; that notice <br />has been duly published, as required by law, that this Council vould meet to hear and <br />pass upon all objections, if any, to amend said proposed assessments as might be <br />necessary, and to adopt the same by resolution; that said proposed assessments have <br />at all tines since their filing been open for pblic inspection, and 0ppor;tUnity has <br />been given to all interested persons to present their objections; and that each of <br />the lots, pieces and parcels of land enumerated in the respective assessments TEIS <br />and is specially benefited by the construction of the improvements for which such <br />assessment is levied in the amount set opposite the description of each such lot, <br />piece and parcel of land, respectively. <br />pieces and parcels of land described in said respective assessments, and said pro- <br />posed assessments are hereby adopted and confirmed as the proper special assessments <br />for said improvenents, respectively. <br />together with the interest accruing on the full amount Wereof from time to time <br />unpaid, at the rate of five percent per annum fromthe date of this resolution, shall <br />be a lien concurrent with general taxes upon the property described therein and all <br />thereof. The total amount of each such assessment shall be payable in equal annual <br />installments extend5ng over a period of Ten years, the first of said installments, <br />together tiith interest on the entire assessment from the date hereof to August 15, <br />1953, to be payable with general taxes for the year 1952, and one of the remining <br />installments, with one yearts interest on that and all subsequent installments, to <br />be payable with general taxes for the years 1953 through 1961, collectible in the . <br />respective ensuing years* <br />1. It is hereby found, determined and declared that the proposed assess- <br />I <br />2. The amounts so set out are hereby levied against the respective lots, <br />The assessment against each lot, tract or parcel, <br />*