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254. \ <br />IZembers answering EoIlca33 w6re Child, Danens, Hawthorne," and SricGon, with <br />Bredesen coming later, as recorded belovr, <br />I-Enutes of the Regular Ueeting of Septembgr 22, 1952, were approved - as dbmitted, by mtyon Child, seconded by Danens and carried; <br />c <br />Attorn& DeForest Spencer 0% Borsey, Colman,Barker,Scott -and &ber -submitted draft <br />of IlRevised Ordinances of the Village of E.di*na, IG.nnesota,~* ex$laining*at length <br />the-procedure for adoption of new ordinances, and reviewing for Council the purpose <br />of this codikcation and the rork which has made it possible. <br />was complimented by the Council for 'his own efforts in the preparation of the <br />codification. <br />I 110. 1 <br />Attorney Spencer <br />Hawthorne offered the follotring .Ordinance and moved its adoption: <br />JiJ Cl?.DIIi&J~ REPEALING THE EXISTITJG ORDIWJCES <br />OF THE ViIJXGZ OF EDINA, A.D@TING THE IiEVISW <br />i_ QW~T~QJCES- OF THE VIUm OF EDUJA, PIEOVIDIMG EO2 THEIR -mIbN AND p%EtIODIJ: REVISION, <br />&TD SPECIFYmG Pl$NALTIF;S FOB WIR VIOMl!ION. , I . -. C. .- ' <br />The Village Council of the'village of Edina, I.&esota, ordains: <br />"C <br />Section.Tt, :ZXISTIISG OB,JlIN&JcEs WlUIED. AU ordinances of the Village now <br />efisting, are heTeby repealed, as of October 30, 1952, <br />1 Section 2. *REVISED OPDIBUIGES ADOPTED. There is hereby adopted as and for the <br />ordinances of the Village of Edina, 'fh'qesota, that certain revision and codification <br />of its ordinances contained in a printed volume entitled IIRevised Ordinances of the <br />Village of 2kEna2 I.rinnesota," as the same has been presented to tb5s Council at a <br />regularly called *meeting held on the date hereof. <br />ordered to be filed with and as a part of the official records of the Village in the <br />office of the Village Clerk. <br />October 30, 1952, and from and after said date shall be all the ordinances of Edina, <br />except as they may frorp time to time be repealed, amended or added to by ordinances <br />duly adopted by the council on or after the date of adoption of this'ordinance, <br />which is October 13, 1952, <br />cause of action, obligation, right or liability hitherto created by, or instituted <br />pr f5ng hder the temps and prpxlsions pf any of. %be prdinmces repeaed bereby <br />sm by siu$ repeaj. Be abp35sfiea, mi&Led, altered or amended-, but such action, <br />suit, proceeding, cause of action, obligation, right or liability shdl continue in <br />full force and effect without regard to the terms and provisions of this ordinance, <br />subject to further action by the Village in accordance with law. <br />Said printed volume is herewith <br />S&d Revised Ordinances shall become effective as of <br />I <br />Section 3. €!ZOIXEDTCTGS ur?JDER PRETIOUS OIzDDI&JCEs. 110 action, suit, proceeding, <br />Section 4, &.ZsDI.maS izrsD NE;f.I ORDICJANGES; PERIODIC RJ3VISION.. Amendnents to <br />said Revised Ordinances and new or-@.nances shall, become effective upon their <br />addption in accordance with the laws of the State of IEnnesota. <br />shall. annually, or at such other interval of time as it may determine, cause said <br />Revised Ordinances to be periodically revised to include amendments thereto, and <br />new ordinances <br />The Village Council <br />, <br />I Section 5. BIsTRI?3mIaJ TO THE PUBLIC. The Village Clerk is hereby authorized <br />and directed to prepare a sufficient .cpantity of said Revised Ordinances for general <br />distribu6ion'to the public, and to publish in the official newspaper for at least <br />two successive weeks a notice that copies of said Revised Ordinances are available <br />at his office. <br />printed such portion or portions of sqid Revised Ordinances as may be convenient <br />and desirable, and to keep them available for distribution in his office to <br />interested persons. He shall cause to be printed and distributed from time to time <br />such menbents to ordinances and new ordinances as the Village Council nay direct, <br />'in accordance with Section 4 hereof, <br />He is further authorized and directed to cause to be separately <br />Section 60 DEFDJITIONS. In all ordinances contained in said Revised Ordinances - <br />or hereafter. adopted, ~mrds+.shal.l have the following meanings, unl6ss otherwise <br />stated: <br />Wlerklf means the Valage Clerk of the Village of Edina. <br />Wouncil1~ means the Village Council of the Village of Edina. <br />9fayorIt means the IZayor of the TTillage of Edina, <br />!!Person" means any natural person, partnership, firm, trust, extate, __ association, or caporation, vherever permitted by the context, and <br />"Treasurer11 means the Village Treasurer of the Village of Edina. <br />the singular includes also the plural.