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$ENUTB OF THE RZGULUZ XEEX'ING OF THE 1 <br />EDIXA V- CWNCIL, HEX5 XONDAY,. <br />OcTOB3R.27, 1952, ATJ:30 P*I-So, .AT THE <br />EDINAV- HA&L <br />I -- <br />l?unbers answering Roll"call were Bredesk, Child, Danens, Otis, and Eri~kson. <br />Because there-was a large &d interested dhegation present, Nayor kickson <br />announced that the first matter of business would be the review of bids for <br />Street hpmvqnent No. C-32, the Grading and Gravelling of Brookview Avenue <br />between.T.T.62nd and IL64th Streets. Nanager IKtchell presented a tabulation of e <br />bids shomg Ashwor$h & $on to be low, vrith $9,O36.5O0 He recommended that bid <br />be rejected, and that Council re-advertise for bids to be taken in Ifarch, 1953. <br />DelegatZon objected to cost of project as set forth in Ashmrth*s bid, and also <br />objected to delaying the project for another six months,' for the reason that <br />they must have street graded before they cian get gas main installation.' They <br />filed a petition requesting that specifications for project be changed, to include <br />no stabilization except to mix clay with gravel on the surface of the grade. &. <br />Etchell's opinion was that there is not sufficient graveLnow in the street to <br />effect a..satisfactory jobL Child's motion, that bids be rejected; that Engineels <br />be directefl to make' a re-study, of .specifications, and that Coun~Ll take bids on <br />pro jecg withc specificatiops agreeing @sofar as possible with suggestions set <br />forth in petit,ion, with bids to be taken Novgmber 10, was seconded by Danens and <br />carried, <br />Pub13 Hearing was ne& called on Petition tp Vacate the North-South Al$ey in <br />Block 12, Eendelssohn, Affidavit of Publication for Notice of Hearing in Edina- <br />Morningside Courier October 2 and 9, 1952, was read, approved as, to form,1 and <br />ordered placed on file, as was Affidavit of Posting,,datFd Septexiber 29, 1952. <br />Eanager, Nitchell recommended vacation of the-a&leyo There were no obj ections, <br />and Bredes6n offered the follotfing Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />t <br />* <br />I- <br />L i <br />R;EsOLuTIm VACATING ALLEY <br />l3U BIX)CK 12, .T*iEXDElSSOHN <br />TjHEZEAS, lyigg-in Block 12, Neqdelssohnr Addition, VQlage of Edina, Hennepin Cpunty, Mime- <br />sota, have petitione for the vacation of -said alley; and . <br />IlHFEEW, one week's published notice and post& notice of a hearing to be had on <br />said petition on October 27, 1952, at 7:30 Po119,, has been given and made, and a <br />hearing has been had there& by the Vil&age_Council: <br />NGI,. Td, EX 1T RESOLVED-by the Village, Counck of the Village of Edina, <br />Heqnepin County-, Ibbe sot a - that - <br />"That certaip &ley running a northerly and southerly direction and <br />lying ia Block l2,,HendelssohnY as the same is recorded in the office <br />of the Register of Deeds-of Hennepin County, Kbnesota, is hersby <br />vacated; provided that said Dillage excepts from this vacation pro- <br />ceedings and reserves unto itself and its assigns an easement for, all <br />public utility purposes, including, without lim$ting the general <br />nata- of said reservation, an easement for electric, gas, sewer, <br />water, and telephone eqyipment on, over and under the center ten feet in width of the alley hereby vacatedOt1 <br />fnaj<rity pf the, owners,of. the land .abuttixg on the NorthSouth Allpy <br />I <br />I <br />Erickson called Public Hearing on petition to face dtdling on Lot 1, Block 7, <br />&ran's Edina Hanor, on France Avenue (rather than on lf05t3th Street as platted). <br /> copy of Notice of Heving mailed to affected property 0l.nez-s on Octctber 23, which notice was approved. as to form and ordered placed on file. Hr, R. E. <br />Paul, next door neighbor, objected to garage's facing ll05&h Street* Ehilding <br />kspector Woehler stated he believes the garage is intended to be on the North side <br />of the house. <br />providing house is to be located as per sketch- attached and providing garage is on <br />South side of house, was seconded by Danens and carried. . . <br />Public Hearing was had on petition of Superior Seaparator Company for permission to <br />ye Lots 2,3,4,23,2&,25, Block 7, Vest EWneapolis Heights for Pasking Lot purposes. <br />A delegation of some twenty or.xlers.-of neighboring properties were present in response <br />to a Notice of Hearing mailed October 23, which notice was read, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Delegation was unanhous in its opposition to this use <br />of the property, and Child moved that petition be denied. Xotion seconded by <br />Bredesen and carried. <br />Child's motion, that Builhing Inspector be instmcted to issue permit