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1, 12/15/52 13 "\!$ <br />s.8 i <br />I/' 1 ' 'I*Xmm OF THE SPECLZ 1-EZTDJG OF Tf@ - ) I=T)BJA VILL2.X COUIJCIL, HEID i~:OIJDAY, <br />DZC3.m 15, 1952, AT 7~30 P.L AT THE <br />EIXiXA-IIORNINGSIDE HTGH SCHOOL. <br />:: <br />IZembers answering RoU_caU were Bredesen, Child, Danens, Otis and Erickson. <br />Ihyor Eickson announced Public Hearing on Proposed Sanitary i3ewer Outlets. Otis read Affidavit of Publication for "Notice of Hearing on Proposed Saitary Se1,rer <br />Outletsi' appearbg in-Zdin~-~.romingsidelCourier IJovember 26 and Decenber 4, 1952, <br />which affidav5t was approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />Ilayor Erickson eqlained to the audience of about 100, that a speciaL Committee - <br />appointed by the Council md consisting of I-iessrs. Child and Danens of the Council, <br />Village Attorney TTindhorst, Village IIanager-Engineer Et chell, and 1.11.. iwthur Grim <br />of the Edina Taxpayers Association Sewage Committee, had been working for some months <br />with a like Committee from Richfield, investigating $he merits of the proposed <br />Richfield-Zdina outlet. He introduced Chairman Child of the Special Committee, rho <br />is also Chairman of the Xdina Council Public Tlorks Committee. <br />142. Child-reviewed for the audience the work by the joint Richfield-Zdina Special <br />Committee, stating that in the opinion of the Committee the Richfield-Edina <br />Outlet is expedient both economically and &!om a service standpoint; that Richfield <br />proceed with construction regardless of Xdina's action; that if Edina wishes <br />to be included now,action must be taken at once. <br />Uineer PXtchell for *explanation of the proposed plan. <br />Zir, I-Etchell prefaced-his eqlanation with a review of the growth or" Edina in the <br />Isst half century, quoting census figures. <br />show3hg an increase from I242 connections in 1948 to 2825 In 1952. Review vas made <br />of the present sewage contract with the City of Nhneaplis for a sewage outlet with <br />a maximum capacity of .four cubic feet; r.rhich outlet VU be overloaded very soon at <br />the present rate of population growth, and which outlet IIinneapolis is privileged <br />to close azter eq&ration of 30-year contract if Lts orvn sewers are filled. I4k. <br />I-Etchell then stated that the Special Committee from Bdina has studied five Sfferent <br />plans to remedy Edinats sewage problems, together with their comparative costs, as <br />f OllOtTS t <br />Clerk <br />I <br />He called on Village 1-knager- <br />*. --t <br />He quoted Itsewer connectionlt figures <br />Plan 1. To erect a sewage treatment plant-oncthe I.liinnesota River. Cost behg <br />Plan 2. To construct a force main from Edina to Oakland and 1.linnehaha Parhqy <br />Cost of main being estimated at approximately <br />estimated at, approximately $3,000,000 and being thought prohibitive. <br />al5ngIlimehaha Creek. <br />$l,324,ZOO, "and plan necessiā‚¬ating a lift, station at a maintenance <br />cost of about :.).40,000 a year, <br />Cost of main being estimated at &lOO,OOO. <br />and 53rd Street, Cost estimated at- ';;1,100,000. <br />ceptor sewer to serve both Villages, at an estimated total cost to * <br />both Villages of 31,833,960, of which Edina's share would be $307,000, <br />Plan 3. To construct a gravity line along IEnnehaha Creek to OakLand Avenue. <br />Plan 4. To construct a separate sewer through,XLchfield-to 29th Avenue South <br />Plan 5. To participate vdth Richfield, =,-in the construction of an inter- <br />or l&$ of total, (These being two hterceptors, to East Edina 2,ini.t~). -* sir. I.Litchell explained that Plan 5 is being endorsed by the Special Committee <br />because of its comparatively low cost and because Plans 2, 3 and 4 I.rould involve <br />securing permission from I.linneapolis and Eichfield for use of their streets, .r.ri?ich <br />permission would be questionable, especially if -construction is delayed until after <br />Richfiela has made her permanent 5mprovementsS <br />Zdina taxpayers some &OO,OOO, but that to participate in it, Edina must take <br />action immediately. I He stated that Plan 5 t.ri31 save <br />1- I&&. IEtchell presented a map showing that portion of the Village which has sever <br />facilities, eiiplaining that the Council has considered the folloxdng method of <br />paying for the proposed intercepCor servers: <br />1. <br />2, <br />30 <br />An ad vdorem 'tax Ievy of approximately 102 mills per year on && taxable <br />property in the Village, to cover 25% of the cos t. <br />140 spocid asggssment levy on that area which'has alrsady pzid an assess- <br />ment for connection to tha IZinneapolis outlet. A specid assesmen$ of $1.10 per front foot on platted property; $65.00 <br />per acre on unplatted properby, for all property which has not paid an assesment for connection to the IEnneapolis outlet. IZr. IZitcheU emphasized <br />that these are estimated assessments only; that it is impossible to give <br />complete figures at this tihe. <br />hrbg his report, I-ir. ZXtcheU also emphasized that the proposal being considered <br />Lonight is for the interceptor sewers 0rd.z; that when trunk, sewers in Zdina, and lateral sevrers are prated they must be petitioned for and mea extra costs. <br />He shopEd a plan Tor future trunk mdns to serve the entire Village.