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21 <br />with the construction 09 Sanitary Sewer Iinprovement No. 53; that-$ai; SaGtary <br />Sewer Improvement No. 53 represents a joint undertaking under cooperative <br />agreements with the VilIage of Richfield andrthe City of Ninneapolis; that a <br />proposed form of agreement between the Villages of Xichfield and Edina has been <br />submitted to this Council, -a copy of' said agreement, marked Exhibit A, being <br />attached hereto and herebymade a part hereof; that the Village or Richfield <br />has heretofore entered into an agreement. wit% G.K Orr Engineering Company, <br />a Xi.nnesota corpora%ion, a -copy of which, marked &hibit B, is attached <br />hereto; that the Hayor and CXerk of-this Village be, and they hereby are, <br />authorized and directed to execute the contract set forth as Exhibit A hereto <br />on behalf of the Village of Edina and to enter into an agreement in sub- <br />stantially the form of Ekhibit B with G,% Orr Engineering Company insofar as <br />the VilIage of Edina assumes responsibility for a portion of the costs of said <br />Sanitary Sewer hprovement No, 53; and that said G,X, Orr Engineering,Company <br />is hereby authorized and directed to prepare plans and specifications, bidding <br />forms and other contract e documents necessam in connection with said Sanitar,v <br />Sewer Improvement No, 53, dl in accordance with the agreement set forth in <br />said Exhibit €3. <br />Notion for adoption of the Resolution was seconded by Danens,- and on Rollcall <br />there wer6 five ayes and no nays, as-foTlows: <br />Danens, aye; Otis, aye; andLErickson, aye; an.?*? w~ adopted, <br />BTTIBT: <br />Ekede e-ye; Child, aye; <br />pu!/.'-Flrt <br />Mkyor <br />I/- - <br />There being no further busihess to come before this meeting, Danens moved for <br />adjournment, Notion seconded by Bredesen and carried, Ileeting adjourned at <br />I- .. .-- ~ -_ . <br />Pursuant <br />Village Hall at $:3O P.M., )Ionday, Decmber 29, 1952, with the following manbers <br />answering RolLcaI.1: Bredesen, Child, Danens and Erickson. Deputy Clerk Alden <br />acted as Clerk. . <br />Proposed +Garbage Collection contract was discussed at some length, without <br />agreement by Council, and was referred to Meeting of January 12, 1952, with <br />advertisement for bids to be after that time and bids-to be opened itl. February, <br />rather than on January 26 as previously planned, <br />due ci and notice'by the Nayor,*the Neeting was convened at the <br />-* <br />.-- <br />Assistant Engineer Zikan presented a letter, drafted by Village of Bichfield and <br />for signatures of engineers of both Richfield and Edina, requesting that the <br />City of W.nneapolis furnish Estimates of Cost and construct in 1953 that lhe- <br />apolis sewer connection from E. 62nd Street and 26th Ave. So, to E.53rd Street <br />and 29th he, So. <br />Bredesenis motion, that Council approve. letter for transmittal to City of <br />Blinneapolis, was seconded by Danens and carried, <br />Child's motion, approving December 22nd exchange of Collateral pledged by First <br />Edina .State Bank-release of $L+OO,OOO U.S.Tr$asury Bonds, 2&%, dated 1/8/52 and <br />due 9/15/56; ~jlO0,OOO U,S, _Treasury Bonds, 228, dated 2/26/48 and due 3/15/58; <br />$75,000 U.S. Treasury Bonds, 2$$, dated 9/30/48 and due 3/15/58, -for $300,000 <br />U.S. Treasury C/I 1-7/8$, Gue 2/15/53; $200,000 U.S, Treasury Bills due 2/19/53 <br />and ;~lOO,OOO U,S, Treasury -Bills, Tax Anticipation, "due p6/19/53--was seconded by <br />Danens and carried, <br />The mattar of Business kterruption Insurance for the-Edina Municipal Liquor Store <br />was discussed, <br />this type of insurance for-the Liquar Store providing premium does not exceed <br />iJl00 per year, and with Undemvriter approved by Auditors, was seconded by Child <br />and carried. <br />Office reported Mr, Windhorst's telephoned approval of letter, <br />I_ <br />I' <br />Bredesent s motion, that 'Village Itanager be authorized to purchase <br />I .-