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5/11/53 3.31 Bank reported that Public Safety Committee recommends installation of green <br />'*Right-hand Turn" signals against the red light at Halifax Avenue, for turns <br />both<North and South, and moved for installation of.sai@ signals. Notion seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />The matter of stop sign at Tyler and EMLoney,Avepes was discussed, with Nr. <br />Bank,reporting that Public Safety Committee recommends installation of Stop , Sign on Tyler Avenue. where it enters Maloney Avenue from the North, and also <br />a ~fSlow-Chil&en*~ sign in the,middle of the block on Tyler. He moved for said sign hstallations, and Bredesen seconded motion, <br />The matter of Assessment for Storm Sewer hprovement No. 21 cane before Coupcil - for discussion, with Nanager Mitchell requesting that Assessment Hearing be <br />laid over until the meeting of June 22, which will mean a postponment from <br />June 8. <br />be heard June 22 rather than June 8, was seconded by Bank and carried. <br />T$e hour being very late, with considerable business still. before the C&ncrill <br />for consideration, Qredesen moved for ad joument until Nonday, May 18, 1953, <br />at 7:30 Pol$, Notion seconded by Bank and carried. Neeting adjourned at <br />-1 .c <br />C <br />Notion carried. <br />Bredesenfs.motion, that Assessment for Stoxm Sewer Improvement No. 21 <br />E:3O A.M.3 Tuesdq, May 12. <br />Village Clerk <br />ImS OF T€IE ADJOURNED PORTION OF THE <br />YAY 11, 1953 MEBTING OF .T€@ EDINA VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, MAY 18, 1953, AT 7~30 P.N., A,T THE-EDTNA V1LJ;AC;E HALL. <br />I ... - I I - *- c <br />Neribers answering Rollcall were BTedesen, Child, Danens,' Bank and Erickson, <br />Mayor Erickson read a letter from St. Stephens Church, offering to contribute <br />$500 toward the salary of a Wommunity Youth Leader, <br />youth activities supervision-and administration. Bredesen's motion, that the <br />offer of3t.Stephens Church be aocepted with thaulks, acceptance of #!3lO to be <br />dependant upon possibility of securing other funds for this purpose, Motion <br />Mayor Erickson presented, for Council confirmation, the following appointments <br />* for an "Edina Youth Commission,fi this -body to serve as advisory to the Council <br />and for-the purpose of coordinating various youth activities within the Village: <br />Discussion was had as to <br />seconded by Child and carried. e - - <br />Mr. Nervin C. Dillner, 56U Concord he, - Chairman <br />&s; Chrles C, Hoyt, 4615 Browndale'A-ve, <br />' Mrs. Arthur A. Sehlin, 6209 Crest &ne c <br />I&. Fred V. Eogers, 5623 Concord Ave, <br />P$r. George 31, Posselt, 6709 Nomandale Road c t <br />192, V,A. (Babe) LeVoir, 54QZ Rikhmond Lane c <br />Eks. 'Lawrence A. tTilsonj 6301 IQildred he. <br />IJ~. Ray E. Norman,. 6424 Rolf Ave. - I&, Floyd K.?Nye, 5805 York Ave, Ivir. Austin D. Norton, 5032 Juanita be. (Or other maber appointed by <br />Nk. Robert Ljndbery, - 3% Norroe he. <br />Appointments confirmed by common consent ofcCouncil, without formal action. - <br />Trustee Child siiggested that-the School assume a leading roll. in these proposed: <br />ybuth activities, cooperating with Village Park Board and the other agencies <br />especially dth regard to its facilities for entertainment. <br />Ivhyor Erickson reported Park Board Chairman Strachauer's request that Councif. <br />gb on record as favoring a proposed St\rirmning Pool in the Village. <br />discussion was ha6 on this matter; and Bank offered the follothg Resolution <br />Oz Black, 5124 Halifax Ave. <br />- <br />r, <br />r Isaac TTdton. League) <br />IC <br />' <br />Considerable <br />and moved its adoption: <br />. lXi3SOLUTJON FOR STUDY OF r. <br />REWTMNAL FACILITIX <br />study of needed recr6ationa.l facilities in Edina, by Dr, G.B. Fitzgerald and <br />his University of IGinnesota group, at no expense to this Village. ' BE I'J! FURTHER RBSOLVED, that this Council go on record as favo&.ng a <br />reappraisal of this. question in conjunction with the Park Board when %he afore- <br />mentioned group has made its study--especially with respect to acquisition of <br />property for proposed recreational facilities, <br />IT RESOLVED, 'that the Edina Village Council go on record as -favoTiag a <br />*c <br />Hotion for adoption was <br />ayp and no nays, as <br />and Erickson, we; and the Resolution