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6/8/53 149 <br />-- ,- <br />I ;' Il$anbers answering roll were Bredesen, Child, Danens, Bank and Erickson. <br />Bredesenrs motion, approving Enutss of Meeting of Nay 25, 1953, was seconded by <br />Child and carried. <br />'K <br />- <br />Nayor Erickson announced Council would take sealed bids on insurance, pursuant <br />to "Advertisement for Bids-ksuran ce published in 3dina-No;Cningside Courier Hay 28 <br />and June 4, 1953. Clerk presented Affidavit of Publication for advertisement, <br />,which was approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />presented. Bank moved for refwal of bids to Assistant Village Engineer Zikan <br />for public opening and tabulation in Bngineer's office. Notion seconded by <br />Bredesen and carried. <br />Three sealed bids were <br />Later in the evening, opened bids were returned to Council <br />and were found to be as-follows: cmms 11. raJyuA& GjmERAL <br />DAVID AGENCY SEXTON CO. AGENCY <br />lGIinneapolis - Ninn eapolis Ninneapolis <br />(P r emium) (Premium) (Premium) BUIXDEXU RISK I"CE - NEH <br />VILUCa U - completed value form r.rith..&j$ Co-Insurance I - I <br />fat.) with 100% Go-Insurance - Yr, $33 8.&k ci39ii.40 $321.60 ' <br />Not e: This coverage includes : <br />Fire,Ex%ended Coverage,Vandalism <br />& Nalicious Nischief -$240,000 <br />s <br />"JDSTOBdI l3JSURANCE - HEN WLTEX TANK <br />-.I <br />I $75,000 - vdtklOO$ co-insurance . c $108.00-1 Yr. 270.00-3 Yrs. - <br />432.00-5 Yrs. =t - <br />(Alt) - FIR3 AND EXT- COYEXAGE - <br />IW~l~ATlB TANK n with 100% co--insurance 180.00-1 Yr. 192.00 <br />.. 450.00-3 Yrs .499.20 <br />720,00-5 Yrs. 806.40 <br />Bank's motion referring bids to Village Nanager for report at next meeting was <br />seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />Nayor Erickson announced Public Hearings on Proposed Tmprovements, pursuant to <br />1INotice of Hearings on Proposed 3jnprOvements11 published in Edina-Korningside <br />Courier Nay 28 and June 4, 1953. Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication <br />covering these turo notices; and the affidavits were approved as to form and --- ,o.rdered placed on file, <br />The first Hearing held pursuant to said notices uas on the proposed <br />GRADIBTG AZVD GRAVELLING OF OXFORD Am BETlilEEN 31. 5LsT AND 171. 52ND STFEETS. <br />I4anager Nitchell' presented one *estimate, including Vater- Sabilization, Ln the <br />amount of $3,748.73 as against 1,204.60 assessable feet, for $3.U per assessable <br />foot, per assessable foot. >fro Etchell recommended Oil Stabilization, and skated that <br />a, temporary turn-around must be proveded at If. 52nd.Stree-b. <br />following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />u_ <br />His alternate estimate, with Oil Stabilization, was 5%,469.29, or ,$3.71 <br />Child offered the <br />€ESOLUTION ORDEBING lX€"i€'WmT <br />i STRBET. DP~~~BW NO. E.45 <br />B;F, IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina, Nbnesota, that this <br />Council heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published, in accordance <br />with provisions of Chapter 398, Einnesota Laws 1953, on the proposed-improve- <br />merit consisting of Grading and Gravelling of Oxford Avenue between W,5lst and <br />W.52nd Streets; and at the hearing held at the Lime and place specified in said <br />notice the Council, has duly considered the views of all persons interested, and <br />~ behg fully advised of the pdrbinent facts does hereby detemnrLne to proceed with <br />the colfisbruction of said jmprovenent, including, Grading, Gravelling and Oil <br />' Stabilized Base; that said improvement is hereby designated and shall be referred <br />to,,in all subsequent proceedings as Street linprovement No. C-45, and the area to <br />be specially ass'essed therefor shall include all lots and tracts of land abutting <br />* and fronting upon the streets in which said improvement is to be constructed. <br />Rotion for adoption of Resolution was seconded by Bredesen, and on Rollcall there <br />, <br />Chad, aye; Danens, aye;