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1/1/53 <br />Pursuant to "Eotice of Eo&d of Review Keeting, published in Edina-Eorntngside <br />Courier and posted on Official FAiLletin Boards Sin accordance 15th State Statu&?, <br />the Wna Tillage Council me% Tuesday, July 7, 2.953 at 7:3O P.11., at the Village <br />HrtJl $or *he ,purpose of -revieuing Village Assessor Creightonts. Books of VaLuation <br />for the .Year 1953. CouncU mabers acting as Board 02 Review were Bredesen, , Damns, 3adc and Zrickson. <br />Assessor Crei&ton explailed <br />for revietr, un-hil Vne latter <br />to July 28. <br />- r- <br />to the hard that his valuations v15.U not be rea* <br />part of July, and asked for a continuance of Xeeting <br />1.2. Prmcis, o:mr of Lot 18, Block 2, Brookside Heights Addition, pras the onlr <br />tapapr present; and he conplained that taxes are too hi.@ on this lot, 'ilsseszor Creighton eWained that he had not filed a homestead exemption ce&Wcate on <br />this p~operty, <br />Bredesents motion, thst Eoard of Review Iketing be continued to Tuesday, Jay 28, <br />at 7:SO POCO, was seconded by Bank and carriedo <br />c c- <br />Clerk <br />IE'HTXES OF THE SE3CIKL 1*mDIG!OF THE <br />EDE~L VILL4GZ OOmJCsL, HEID TUBDAY, <br />JULY 7, 1953 AT 8:3O.-P.Ii. AT TIiZ ED1tJ.A VUGE IIZL <br />Pursuant to due call and notice, 'the Edina Village Council, convened in Special <br />%ssion at the Village Hall at 8:3O Pol~io, Tuesday, July 7, 1953, intmediately after <br />ad joument of Bard of Eevietr Ueeting, Ikmbers answering ftollcall were Brcdesen, <br />Danens, Bad: ad Eickson. <br />Chairnan of Fublic ?:orlcs ComnLttee Danens advocating award of bid to b'cermtfonal <br />Harvester Co~ipany at their bid price 02 $3,921,54 plus l,$173e'70 for Special Equik- <br />nent; this zrmrd to be mde in the interests of stan4adizing-Village notorized <br />equiprtent and thus cut-iA~g I;lain'cenance costs. Bank's motion, that Council accept <br />the rem-menda'cion or" the Public TTorks CommitLee for award of bid on truck to <br />International Harvester Compmy even thouzh this is not lopr bid, in thec interests <br />of standardization ol" notorized equipment; and that &he. office be autliofized to <br />purchase a Full Cab Siield and Special Bo* (Heil) for said truck provifing -hh6 <br />extra cost for both i%em is not nore than &?5,00, vas seconded by Dmem and <br />carried, <br />Assis'can-b Engineer Zikm eqiLained Xi?. COG, Thernellts request for _pernit to change <br />the grade of Beard and Choxen Lvmues edended, by mkhg a fill, of sone sL.&een <br />feet; tlds to ymit lots dong the s.l;reets'-to be served by Sanitaq Sexare <br />Zihn infomed the Council that this tmuld change plans alreadx drafted, for -the <br />propsed Storn Serrer-X.63th Seroet ;Ll?ea; and for Sdtary Sever and :fate& <br />inprovu;lents. 5"rcdescn's notion, thzh 1.k. Thernell be notified that %he Council <br />rill consider the pmpsed change proViCiing he eipesses tkllingess to <br />p~iy for additiond. encheering costs made necessary by such change, rias seconded <br />by B?anlr and carried. <br />Public Safe-hy Co,dttee Chairman Bank reviewed recorrrilendations of the bornnittee, <br />With regard to Police Departnent request for rehbursaaent for tine spen% in <br />i.IUnicip& Court. Banl: then moved that Council accept recomendations of 'public <br />Safety ComQttee adth~t Police Officers rho appear in Court be pzid d,OO per Court Session or one and one-half hours as conpensatory tiiie off, Xotion seconded <br />by Bredesen ad carrfieda <br />Bd then moved -t'nat Council. accept recoxendations of Public Safety Coimi*bee <br />and zw?fiori.ze the Court, -to securz medical advice in certain cases as nw.dedo <br />Xo'cion seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />Discussion T.~S had as to proposed method of assessing for the 2Sxhfield-2-a <br />-mkerceptor Sewer . <br />'Bids taken Jane 22 Tor a Dump Truck trere reviewed at considerable lengbh, with <br />1' m0 <br />I <br />There being no further business to ame <br />moved for adj~u-~en-i;, ;;&ion seconded by <br />at 1O:QO P.1:. <br />4 Village Clerk <br />I