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7/20/53 195 <br />Iill'?UMS OF THE ADJOUMTED PGII.,TI0j7 OF THE <br />-113GULtiR I- r'T -UIG OF T!Ei VILLA M] COT;TCTL OF <br />JULY 13, 1953,' MID NUDID , JULY 20, 1953 <br />AT 7:30 P -X., AT THE EDINA VIMIG IALL: <br />Nembers answering RolIcalI were Bredesen, Child; Danens, Bank and Erickson: <br />The first matter on the agenda vras the Continuation of July 13th Public Hearing <br />on proposed Storm Sewer to serve the IT.60th Street area. Manager_I- atchell <br />e: plained change in plan, elindnatin the line in Chowen :avenue from 61:st to <br />62nd-and substituting a shorter line; which would bring cost to }92,3C0.00 <br />as against 2,872,20G square feet, for 0-0322 per square foot. air. Baldvrl.ri <br />Halloway, representing Catherine Cornelius, objected to running the proposed <br />sewer across the Cornelius property because, he said, this would raise the <br />water level in the Cornelius swemp. Tyr. John Mooty., 6013 Evring Avenue, <br />presenting two petitions in opposition to the sewer because it is "a grossly <br />excessive e:%penditure of funds widen considered in relation to the possible <br />benefits that may be derived," supported the petitions from the floor, asking <br />that Council defeat the proposal; that property owners cannot afford to carry <br />this additional tax burden; I-Ianager I itchell e��rolained that 13.L60th Street <br />must be drained; that a good road cannot be had unless a storm sevrer is <br />constructed to drain it. Bredesen moved that project be postponed until <br />further study is made, and that no further action 'be taken by Council until <br />after another published Public Hearing has been held. Motion seconded by <br />Child and carried. <br />Pursuant to "Notice of Hearings on Special Assessments,It published June 18 and <br />25s 1953, in the Edina Morningside Courier, affidavit of which publication was <br />read by Clerk and approved as to form, - iayor Erickson announced that Public <br />Hearings -would be held, in the order set forth in said Notice. Said Hearings <br />vrere held, and action taken, as recorded below: <br />1. a11MC IL I S72,'ER LT'ROVZUI3I1T Nor. ki - In Tovmes Road, from W.[s9th Street <br />to 280 Feet North. •ianager Kitchell read,Total Lssessable Cost to be ",y1,463.00; <br />Total Assessable Feet, 600; Cost per Assessable Foot, 52.3. There were no <br />objections from the audience, and no written objections had been piled prior <br />to the Hearing. (See Pages 196 -197 for aesolution approving). <br />2. 510.iT.W SZ.T6R tIP1.OV.Li.-.0 iIT NO. L2 - In 1,16oddale Lvenue from W. 60th St. <br />to W.61st Street, and in Fairfax Avenue from.l- T.60th St. to 582 Ft. South, <br />Iianager 11i.tchell read Total Assessable Cost to be X6,076.76; Total Assessable <br />Feet, 1,197.24; Cost per Assessable Foot for Lateral., X2.54- -plus 6;,2:65 ^pear, <br />Assessable Foot on 1,188.69 Assessable Feet, for Trunk Sewer <br />District No. B-1 -- making total assessable cost for trunk -and lateral %,)5.19 per <br />assessable foot. There were no objections from the audience, and no Smitten <br />objections had been filed prior to the Hearing (See Pages 196 -197 for Resolution <br />approving) . <br />3. S 11ITtT,2' SMM :a2IL0V.utIEIU KO. ' 44 - In Chowen avenue from I•T.60th Street <br />to 980 Feet North. Manager Mitchell read Total Assessable Cost to be 31,685.41; <br />Total a ssessable Feet, 1,979.2; Cost per Assessable Foot, =;;12.36. There were no <br />objections from the audience, and no vreitten objections had been filed prior to <br />the Hearing (See Pages 196 -197 for Resolution, approving) . <br />4. S;,NI1 ; ,RY 3Z.M ELZ'ROV��i_,gT N0.17 - In Zenith avenue -from -I- 58th Street <br />to 615 Feet South, ,and in 1:.59th Street between Abbott and Zenith .avenues. <br />1.1anager Mitchell read Total Assessable Cost to be '4,037.00; Total. Assessable <br />Feet, 11,7.00; Cost_per assessable Foot for Lateral, x2.66; Cost.per Assessable <br />Foot for Connection to Joint Sevier District_ No. 1, :',1.00- -total ;3.66. There <br />were no objections to the assessment from the audience, and no vrritten objections <br />had,been filed prior to Hearing. (See Pages 196 - 197 -for Resolution approving). <br />Hovrever, 11r.:11phus Krause, 5800 Zenith, camplained that sewage backs up in <br />his basement because, of a poor connecting of tare mains at W.58th Street. He <br />asked that this matter be remedied, and r•Ir. 11itchell advised that Village would <br />do whatever could be done, as a matter of maintenance. <br />_5. ii:PcZVZ.IaTI' ITO. 41 - In Brookview Avenue between If.5kth and <br />;,.55th Streets. lianager Mitchell read Total assessable Cost to be 11 ,119.80, <br />Total- assessable Feet, 1,020.30; Cost per Assessable Foot, ;4.03. There were <br />no objections from the floor, and no written objections had-been filed prior <br />to Hearing. Deputy Clerk idden reported two objections filed,verbally just <br />before the, to the effect that assessment has not been levied in <br />accordance statements made by Council at Public Hearing on Improvement. <br />Child moved for Continuance of .Assessment Hearing on l-Tatertaain Improvement No. 41 <br />until ilonday, august 10. Motion seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />6. , q. c , dit M EJ RQ1T.%t MIT NO. 42 - In Windsor livenue from Code to Hansen Rd, <br />,Manager Mitchell read Total Assessable Cost to be '1l ,026.64; Total Assessable <br />Feet, including Lot iO, Block 2, Richmond Hills 2nd Lddn., 2,456.34, for Cost <br />per Lasessable Foot to all lots having 137.5 front feet and less, J4.08 per <br />assessable foot; and cost per 1ssessab1e Foot to all lots having more than 137.5 <br />assessable feet, s?'3,5h., Tliere were no objections from the audience, and no <br />written objections had been filed prior to Hearing) (See Pages 196 -197 for <br />Resolution approving). <br />