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f <br />Iknbers wtiering Rollcall for this beeting, which was convened &mediately- after <br />close of Board of Review Iketing, uere Danens, Banlc and Erickson, <br />Clerk 3ank presented letter fron Father Formy of Our Lady of Grace Church, <br />rinquiring about acbion of Council with rsgard to traffic cond2tions on iTommSf.e <br />Road. Ihager iEtchell T~S instructed to prepare letter of eqlaation, contain- <br />ing review of ComcU- acbion to date, ?or circulation to interested p3rsonso <br />?&i%-ben report vas filed, concerning proposed assessment for Sznite Sever <br />Iinpmvaen-t Eo , 53--Eichfield-Zdina Int erceptoro Council agreed i.rSomn.fy, to <br />reduce proposed 350.00 p=r acre assessuent to :i35.00 per acre; and -bo reduce - <br />proposed $l.O& par 200% platted property assessaent to &OO per foot, Iinager <br />IZtci?ell TELS asked to Worn Southdale ormers .%?at their assessmni; rrould be <br />based on a usage basis--13,9$ of Lssessable Cost; and to secure fson Vilhge <br />At-Lorney 15ndhorst his rrritten opinion on legality of such assesment. <br />Irere mde to conducb Fublic Hosing on Assessrzent as of September 21, <br />ffritten report TSS filed on method of assessneat for France Avenue Paring, rAici.1 <br />Discussion vas hd on nethod of, assessrrent fir S<$ci.tary Sever hbrovenent Eo, 36-- <br />assessrent being riuch over ss'cipte, <br />matter TJ~S laid over to ne& re@.lar meetingof <br />Bank, then nowd for adjournen.. Xotion seconded by Danens and carried, i2eeting adjourn-ed at 9:50 POXe 1 <br />. <br />t* <br />I Plas <br />report vas approved by Council. ? - -1 -c <br />As full*repor-t had not been prepared, this <br />.* <br />,. I <br />/ AA4& <br />T Village Clerk <br />* Iiu'WB OF TTE PEXXJUS KGTIiTG OF !THE * <br />,i"GUST 10, 1953, AT 7:30 P,li,, El! THE <br />rnETL1 vm4m EAEl <br />z <br />XDLfA VTGL~ COWCIL, HELD ZXEJDAY, <br />The 2bst wbbr 02 business IWS the of bids. <br />for 1lAdvertishmt Tor 3rids-Repahs to First Lid Truck, publishccj. in Z5m- <br />.,orningside Courier hti Cons-tiruction Bulletin Julyp30 ad August 6, 1953, TBS <br />presenked, ac?rov& as to Torn md ordered placed on Pile. <br />receivsd. <br />to be "calcen. .iug.~st 24, <br />lirc"s"idclvi% 02 RiIliLicztion <br />-.. <br />150 bids mre <br />Ikcger IZ-LcheXL reconmnded *bh& Council re-cdver%ise, xLth bids <br />Child so noved. Ifobion seconded by Dznens ad carried.