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Final Plat of 'TJdnut X.dgefl IWS subnitted for qprod; xith Ifaager 22tchell <br />ezplaining Vnat plat is in order except for signature reijpirments, <br />aotion apph~g Final Plat of fkdnut Fhdge, subject to the meeting of sirnature <br />reqy5remen%s, was seconded by Danens and carried, <br />2.2. XndhorsL*s opinion, -that VUege nust take bids for repzirs on Firs-Z; Lid <br />Panel Truck, inasnuch as es-Lkat,ed cost rrill be more than $go, ins redelred, <br />B&'s notion, -khat bids be taken on %his work on August 10, was seconded by <br />Child and carried. <br />Deputy Clerk Llden reported t2na-L overthe will be necessary for CO~Q~L~''' =aon of the various specid. assesment, roUs now in progresso <br />Clerk be authorized -to put in overtine as required and to hire exbqa bel$ as <br />needed, was seconded b;t. CiTild and carriedc <br />Childrs <br />,) I <br />q <br />1 <br />Bdds mbtion, that Deputy <br />1 <br />C <br />There being no Zurther business to come before the Council, Danens noved for <br />adjournment, IJotion seconded b3r Child and carried, XeetZng adjourned ta% .11:25 <br />P.IaIo, Kondzy, July 20, <br />t <br />-- I 1 <br />Kembers answering Ro2.hall were Bredesen, Child, Danens, Er-tnk and Erickson, <br />IGnutes of Gouncil Ceethgs of June 8 and 22, and July 13, 1953, were approved as <br />sub~tted, by notion Child, seconded by Bredesen and carried, <br />c