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8/24153 227 <br />IM�UUS OF TIM II: Gi G U M H 1, TIG OF TiM <br />U, )14A VII!diGB CCUICIL, MLD ''014DI,IYI <br />AUGUST 24., 1953, AT 7:30 P. U., <br />EDINJA VULMB ILUILL- <br />1.1ambers answering "Rollcall were Bredesen., Child., Danens, 13ank and Erickson: <br />ks6n' <br />Childs I s motion for approval of 11inutes of Neeting of July 27, 1953, was seconded <br />by Danens and carried. <br />First natter on the agenda was the taking of- bids on several improvement projects. <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication in Edina--Norningside Courier-and Con- <br />struction Bulletin August 13 and 20., 1953, iihich were approved as to form and <br />ordered placed on file. Danens then moved f or referral of -bids to the Assistmt <br />Village Engineer for public opening in the Engineer's Office. Seconded by Child <br />and carried. Later in the evening, bids were presented acrd found to be as follows: <br />S111, MARY NATZIU:011 S T K' MI T STME-111T STIRIM111. <br />SL M - ,159 kq63 - L,:,P. ��'0-33 UY. M-Y-Ok-l".2 <br />;,Lshcroft- Val ley V. Ifooddale & Halifax Wo od c r e st <br />Wiew-62nd Slope Garr'isonl. Lane 55-55 i St. <br />Peter Lametti 4;1, =L. 6 5 7., 009 i, S& <br />Phelps-DraIlce Co. .1,993-00 8.,067-35 <br />Bart Carlone 2,275-50 7,618.00 <br />7'i'm. V. Terry 2.,372.60 8.,497-50 <br />DeGraff-Uolff 2,440-75 8.,972-75 <br />F. Illorettini 2.,579-50 8, 84.0 - 7 5 <br />Lmetti & Sons 2,823-70 8,446-70 <br />Pfeiffer Const, Co. I `4,336-70 <br />Danens then moved for referral of all bids received to Village Engineer for tabul- <br />ation., comparison with estimate, and report at the next regular meeting. 1:26tion <br />seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />Pursuant to 111"Avert-isement for Bids-=,,Iell for Sanitary Sewer and ".1ateimain IMP?ove- <br />ment No. 65.," - publishedin Edina-1.1orningside Courier and Construction Bulletin <br />:august 13 &nd 20., 1953, ,'Ufida­vits of Publication for which were submitted Eby Clerk, <br />approved as to f orm., and placed on file., -se;fl ed bids were received f or scid well and <br />-Jere, by motion DEnens, seconded by Child; ref erred to the '&ssistaa t Village <br />.Engineer for public opening in'the engineer's offices Later in the evening said <br />bids were reviewed and found to be as follows.- <br />Layne -11imaesota Company :;61970-00 <br />Bergerson-Caswell, Inc. 9,160.00 <br />Keys :fell Drilling Company ompany 10.,320.00 <br />McCarthy 7.7ell. Company 10.,360.00 <br />Child moved for referral of bids to Village Engineer for tabiLilation aad report at <br />ne�ct regular meeting. 11btion seconded, by Bank qnd,carried. <br />Clark Bait -i2-z then submitted to Council II'M davits of Publication in EJdina_i.­brn:h-igzide <br />Courier _Ad Construction Bulletin August 13 and 20., for "Advertisei-aent for Bids- <br />Fence if,Id- <br />eh affidavits here approved as to f orm ,a4d•,ordered pla ced on f ile & Da-1 c <br />then moved referring aids to "*qs's,,tt;�_4j 1 r,. - <br />,t4eagq Engixieer Jor public opening in the <br />Village Zngineerts Office.O'Mg- _,c d iere reveieg,-d and found to <br />be as follows: <br />' <br />Cyclone Fence Division, Amn. Steel 1', ire <br />U. S. Steel ,1.,000.00 <br />Croun Iron ;Yorks <br />L.,nn. Fence C. Iron 17orks <br />3ole <br />3 ;,y Iron "'Torks <br />-0:00-urlay Pei-ice Co. <br />DEl .-Uelas Bros* <br />CI'-dld i.,-iovad for referral of b. <br />no;-,'G rej-_Iar meeting. 'X.'Lotion <br />1,$079-00 <br />Inc. <br />1,200.00 <br />11263-00 <br />1,264.00 <br />ds to Village EngLaeer 1' or tabuldtion <br />seconded by Bank and carried- - <br />c nd report at <br />of Public,.Aion in Edina_- ornhagside Courier., for I'AdvertiselaeWb f or <br />, e�, )&ir� to First ""'Id I rack," published "ug V st 13 Mad 20, 1953, w s. 0 U At ted by <br />Clerk -egfor <br />approved es to fort. &I'd ordered placed on file. Daneas raov <br />U-1 and <br />ncLe s�IUj,:LIjjL_ <br />"eco ha <br />Of bids to �Issistu M-t Village, 31ngi1jear for public Opening in Magineer e* <br />c �a <br />rater in the evening 12r. Zikan informed Council that only one bid had been racefiva <br />Charles Olson � 03ons 825-00 , <br />Plus- Met'ra Mc. 4.50 Per TILL <br />laterisl - Cost Plus 25j <br />2i I <br />fonens then novad for referral of b " id to Village ngIne0j: ' - "or coi-xparison with <br />estimate and rsco-aLue-adation at jje:�_,u- regular rrjeeting. 1.otion seconded by Bm-k cAd <br />carried. <br />