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mrst on the agenda was the Talikg of Bids. 2Sfida.riits-of Publicationof 1tAdyeri;h.e- <br />qents for--3idsn in Ediaa=l&mingsiqe Co~ier and Construction BulleZh, on-the &a€es <br />llsted below, were read br CKerk, approved as to' form, and'ordered placed on file ; ana, pursuant to saLd pubEda%ions,- sealed bZds qere zihd were referri5d to ~ <br />tlie BSs%€an% ViUagd En@neer for- public opning Ln the JZn@qeer*s Office, & motion <br />Cud, seconded by Barik and carried: I. <br />- .. _-. <br />Publication September 3 and 10, 1953. <br />it 11 n II n n. <br />ir -. -. Traffic I;ights - <br />S€ree€ linprovenenli No, A-28 '! Street wrovement NO; +A& -y <br />SCreet Jhprovement, No. C-33 - !! <br />Sgii5.e *Safer linprovenent 3~. 58 lfa%.emiaih wrovement No, 61: Q <br />Sanitary +wer in tT.4.$€iE Stl <br />Tomes Rd. to-Frarice <br />Saiiikary S&mr Bprovement NO. %5Trunk <br />ITaterrmbs-for Southdale ., <br />II <br />11 <br />lr <br />SMtary Lateral Sewers-Southdale . I1 <br />11 <br />(See llinutes of Later-in Ne.eting, for bids) <br />If tr-- ir-tt -tt <br />August 2cT ad 27,2953 '.- . .I <br />&gust 27 sand September 3,1953 <br />It I1 a ir II IC