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First zuatter on the agenda, as called by Mayor Erickson, was Public Hearhg on <br />Proposed Assessment for Street Improvement No. El-Paving, Curb and.&tter 5.n <br />France Avenue between W.49th Streek and North $'&Uag9 Wts, and between lfo51sf <br />and W.54th Streets. &fidad$ of Publication for "Notice of Assessment Hearing" <br />in the Edin@fomingside Courier w@s submitted by Clerk, approved as to fom, ~ <br />and ordered placed on file, mager Ei.tcheU*s iPm@ysis of Assessment was as <br />follows: Total Cos% of Curb Gd Gutter - $2,464,00, as against 3,OtM.Ol Assess- <br />able frpt. feet, _for $.@ per assessable front foot. 'sot&, Cost of Paving, @&7k0.30, Less- CoutZjSy Share, $12, 923r73--Tota3. Net Cost to -vilXage, -$58,$16,57. gost to ComWty_S.l;ore - @,5,81 per hsessable Front Foot; Cost to <br />Tesidentia prope3$ies, $5.27 per Assessable Foot, with the Village Gpera3. <br />Fund beming 2/3 of the l;ota2 cost-of paving for Qeneral Fund to pay $lo.!%, and residenkial properby owners to be assessed $5.27 <br />per asdessable front, foot, 3k0 Harry Davis, 4&2 France Avenue, objected tq the assessment, on the grounds %-&at assessment should be spread against propertr <br />owners not abutting the street, inasmuch as this is a through artery for Sit1 <br />Ediaa traffic. Xt wks explained thak the Village '9s no% authorized to operate <br />under the 3SlweU.Law; a!nd that the CoUncil_has attenpted to 'eqpalize the assess- <br />ment fos abutthg,property owners bJr permitting the General. Fund to assume most <br />of the cost. Mr. C.33, hderson, 4709 pleadow Road, objected on grounds that his <br />properby backs-up to-Franee Avenue and, therefore, should not be assessed for <br />this hprovement. He-was told thak assessment has been made in accordance wjth <br />the usual assessment procedure in this Village, Audience was also informed tha% <br />the Zssessment they are now bearing for-a paved street is little more than that <br />now being assessed most property owners for There were my <br />bq-&zies as to actual mount of assessment ger lot, but no. further objections, <br />and Hayor Erickson announced that Public Hearing was closed. (See KinUtes of <br />hqor Brickson then caled Public HearG on Proposed'-bsessment for Sanitasy Sewer fmprovement No. 53==Richfield-EdSna htsrceptorsr Clerk Bank sgbmitted <br />Ufidavit of Publication for llNotice,of Assessment Hearing,tf which had appeared <br />in the Edina-Morningside CourAer. <br />placed on filg. 14auager leEtchell exglabed in detail the method of assessment, <br />this being as follows: $L,OO per fqnt ?oot on Platted Propert;y,,/tdth.$l50 maximum _. , except <br />on those platted parcels over two-acres % area and fronting upon two streets- <br />in which case said lots will be assessed for full front footage onboth streets. <br />$35.00 per-acre on unplatted property, with deduction, on acreage basis, <br />for lakes,and ponds shown as such on VUage half-section plats. <br />Credit for Assessnent made for Outlet to Trunk isewer No, &lo <br />E&, IEtchel3. explain@ that the area proposed to be assessed for this Bichfield- <br />j3din-a Xnterceptor Sewer-includes @& loLS and tracts of land not being-_assessed <br />for the original outlet into Mjnneaplis; and that a one andlone-half mU.l con- <br />struction levy is being made against the entire Village to assufne part ofthe <br />cost, in order that those who have already paid @r their original outlet may <br />assume some portion of the cost of the present outlet and thus be assured an <br />outlet in case the preseot contra& with Rhneapolis Is not renewed. <br />There were many objections from the audience, to the method of assessment;cmost <br />of them being from the owners of unplatted properties; who stated that they are <br />farmers, do not intend to plat their properties, and thus feel that the assess- <br />ment As excessive, especially as they do not expect to obtab any use of the sewer <br />for a nunber of years. <br />last year, saying that it cannot-._be determined by the Council, in advance, as <br />Lo just what unplatted properties will soon be platted. <br />&k. Bobert Short, 5205 Mirror Lake Drive, hqpired as to whether Council had give% cormideration 'co those areas in which it would be inpracticdl to ever <br />a apeas in the Villagq can be. connected, Amp, shordg 6entative plans for <br />Trunk Sewers throughout the Village, was shoy and explaj-ned. . &, Shor* inquired as to the.-legaJity of the assessment and was informed by <br />pk, John ITindhorst that in his opinion the Councf3 has the legal right to levy <br />the sssesgment as computed. <br />The utter of the proposed Assessment for 3outhdale 1-Q reviewed, with counciJ, <br />"usage" basis, paying 13.9% of the total assessable COst-whiCh is Wnsiderably <br />gore tm they t.Jould be asked to pay On <br />. <br />- <br />I <br />I <br />Later in Evening, for further r action by Council). -.. -. <br /><-6 <br />This yas approved as to $om and ordered <br />and Preliminary Plats <br />Lo <br />2, <br />3. <br />Wager %Etchell cited the my plat$ filed just this, <br />" <br />- connect to the sewer, Manager Nitchell sta'ced, in reply, that in his opj-@on <br />' <br />the auaence that.-the Southda3.e PrOPeZ'tieS are being a <br />acreage-fnnt fOo*age <br />r