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MDIU'EB OF THE REGULAR PBETING OF Tm <br />OITOWB.12, 1953, AT..7:30.P.I-i,, .AT THE <br />Members answering Rollcall were ChLLd, Danens and Wickson; with members Bank <br />and Bredesen coming 'later; as recorded below, <br />The first matter on the agenda was $he Taking of Bids. A.ffidav5.t of Fublication for "Advertisement for Bids" for Grading and Gravelling of Josephine Avenue <br />between 'W3,65th and FJ.66fih S%reets; and for f%dvertisement for Bids" for Storn <br />Sewer k.*60-l;h and Chowen area; both advertisements having been published .October <br />X and 8, 1953, presented, approved as to.fom and ordered placed on file. There were no bids 'presented for the projects, and E-faxmger &€itchell recommended that Council <br />re-advertise for same, with bids to be taken October 26. Child so moved; motion seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Nanager EEtcheIl reported that the orily bid received for the Grading and <br />Gravelling of Garrison Lane ,.and Wooddale Avenue, that of ELG, Astleford, is <br />considerably higher as to unit prLce than 'chose bids being currently received <br />fo; other projects. 1954 inasmuch as this is not an emergency project. <br />rejected, and the Council re-adyertise for bids to be taken October 26. Notion <br />seconded by Danens .and carried. <br />mm VIWAGE: COUNCIL3. HEfiD.IlOrnAY, <br />a -7 EDINAVLIJ;AGEm. .* -. - *--. -.. <br />Zdina-Momingside Courier and Construction Bulletin, was <br />C e <br />He recommended that bids be delayed until the sprhg of <br />Child moved that bids be <br />Manager Elitch$l recommended award of bid taken September, 28, on Watermain No. 66-h Concord Terrace and St. Johns Avcmue--to Peter Wetti Construction Company, <br />low bidder, at $5,346.50, Child's motion for award of bid to-Peter hetti <br />Construction Company was seconded by Danens and carried. <br />hsuant to lf$otice of-Hearing on Proposed Stom Sewer1! published in Edina- <br />Morningside Courier October 1 and 9, 1953, affidayit of which publication was <br />presented, appmved as to form. and ordered placed on file, Pfayor Erickson <br />annpunced F'ublic Hearing on that storm sewer to serve the 60th StreeWhowem <br />Avenue area. Manager Mitchell read an amended Estimated 09 Cos$ in amount of <br />$9,925.28 as against 2r530,000 assessabl? square feet, for $.02 per sware foot. <br />He eqlained that several lateral mains have been eliminated.frdm his former plan, <br />in order that cost yight be more in line. At this time several petitions, carry- <br />ing the names of some ninety-Tour propeAy owners in the dlstrict and opposing <br />the project &n the grounds that cost exceeds benefik, were filed; accgbed, and <br />ordered placed on file for consideration. Tu addihion, there were several verbal <br />objections. The CoFelius interests maintainedthat the proPosed drainage ditch . <br />West of France Avenue, whgch will carry the water from the entire water shed to <br />the Greek, will-raise the zvater level in their swamp property. Several in the <br />area-stated that they are now burdened &th assessments for other hprovements <br />and cannot take additional ass&ssments at this time. One gentleman stated that <br />this should be a General Fund obligation becase, he alleged, an error was made <br />some years ago in establishing the grade of W,6Oth Street; which error is the <br />cause of all the present difficulty. Several st&ed that they consider the cost <br />of fi.02 per square foot too high for such an improvement, E-, Child told the <br />audience that a vote of four of the Council. in fayor is necessary before the <br />project can be voted h; and Mhyor Zrickson momced the Hearing closed pending <br />the arriyal ofthe other members of the Council. At this time representatives - <br />of Thernell Construction Company announced their wiXLingness to sign a petition <br />h favor of the project, said petition covering 1% lots. * 4:- -3 Later in the <br />evening, with all members of the Council present, Cud moved for continuation <br />of the Hearing to Monday, October'_26. Motion seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />Clerk Bakk arrived at this-time, <br />Nayor Erickson then announced Public Hearing on the Proposed Oiling of Ashcroft <br />Avenue-between We 59th and W,60?;h Streets. <br />cation in Ed+a+forningside Courier of Notice of Hearing on-Proposed Street Improvement, said publication having appeared October 1 akd 8, 1953. Af€idadt <br />was approved as to fom and ordered placed on file. Manager Mitchellis estimate <br />of 15$ per front foot, for this work, was given. There was a delegation present <br />to urge the iaproveaent; but aU. asked for additional work on the newly completed grading project before oil is applied. <br />grade; one askedthat street be rolled aqd packed if this has not .been done; one asked for a specific time schedule for the oiling work. No one was present 'co <br />object to the Oiling, and no written objections had been received prior to the <br />Hemag. B.ank. off ere4 the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />I <br />f <br />Clerk presented Affidavit of Publi- <br />, <br />One gentleman complained about the present <br />RkEiOLUTION ORDERING OILING D@ROVE%ETaT <br />NO. 0=552. A@EOlING TUBS Amm SPEC& , c <br />'. FTC%TIONS TmFOR, .Ilnrr, 3;UTx-jORTZI% W0R.K ' .BY DAY LABOR .. c- I. <br />_(e . . <br />BE TT RESOLVED by the Council of the.Vfilage,of.,Edina, Minnesota, that this Council <br />heretofore-caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the proposed imPrOV'@- <br />ment consisting of the Oiling gf Ashcroft Avenue between W.59.t;h and W.6Oth streets,