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34 wz/53 <br />Hanager T43tcheU. reported that there are several. peat fires burning novr, started <br />byethe large grass fire of some two veeks ago, <br />large s~mp areas, far I"r0m water; that it is practicaJ-ly an impossibility to <br />.extinguish them, 3knager PEtcheU was instructed to have warning signs put up in the area, to prevent accidents insofar as possible. <br />&, Bredesen suggested that a program of winter tree-trimming be bitiated, with <br />costs to 'be assessed against owners of benefited properties. <br />cussion as to method of bidding, assessing, etc., lJlBnager Uitchell was directed <br />to antact tree trimming firms for expert advtce as to how. to handle this proposed <br />improveaent. <br />3fanager %Etchell reported that Council 5s not receiving bids on grading and <br />gravelling-that no bids were received O~tob~r,~26;;,orr either the Garpison he <br />or the Josephine Avenue Grading and Grayelling-pm jects; and that the <br />received September 28, for Xerxes between TJ.66th and 1?,6gt;h Sts. is much too <br />fiigh, Child! s motion, that sponsors of Gavison &me. -and Josephine Avenue <br />improvqents,be notified that no bids have been received and that Council. <br />believes it impractical. to re-advertise for bids before spring, vas seconded <br />by Danens and carried, <br />Bredesanls motion, that Council reject the bid received September 2S, for the <br />Gradingand Gravelling of Xerxes Avenue between 91.66th and IT,6&ih Streets, was <br />seconded by Batik and carried. <br />f.fanager BiitcheU asked that Council take action on bids received October 26 for <br />Storm Sewer in 60th and Chowen area. Bredesen moved for rejection of bids, <br />trotion seconded by Bank and carried, . <br />He explained that these are <br />.- <br />After much dis- <br />.. <br />.. Fjredesen then mved for adjournment. Notion seconded by Child and carried. <br />Eieeting adjourned at 10 : 55 P.14, - .. <br />*. <br />r. <br />C <br />I <br />- <br />3mS OF THE FifEXUR l-WING OF TiiE <br />EDIHA pI_IwIGE. COUNCILa q. NONDAY,,. <br />XOW&BER-9, -19539 .AT-7:3Q-J?J-I., .JJT TdE C . I- . . . ..- m11a v'sT;TJLGI;: iyLLe- , .. .....__ .*I_( <br />Henhers answering Bollcall were chili, Danens, Bank and Erickson; trith 3radesen <br />coming later, as recorded, <br />First matter on the agenda insethe taking of bids. <br />affidavits of Publication in Edina-Nornfiigside Courier and Construction Bulletin, <br />' October 29 and, Novaiber 5, for '?Advertisement for Bids,!' €or the following; which <br />affidavits were approved as to fom and ordered placed on file, <br />Pa,rk hard; Traffic Lights for Southvj-ew Lane; Grader and Gravel, Concord Avenue, <br />Trustee Bredesen entered the meeting at this tiaie. <br />Clerk Bredesen presented <br />- Truck forr <br />'I <br />Bank moved that" bids received this evening be referred to the Assistant Village <br />Engineer for public opening in the Village Engineerrs Office. -3fotion seconded <br />S&*s notion, for approval of the Ilinutes of the Nee-bings of Septe;abw 21 and 28, <br />October 5, 12 and 26, ,and November 2, 1953, was seconded by Child and carried. <br />At this time &yor j3ridkson amohced the Continuation of %he October 12th Public <br />Hearing on the proposed Ifatemain Smprovement in the Nelody Knolls area and, <br />South +hereof <br />ties iyr the area. xas filed, as was a petition, signed by R.C.SonnerQberg and <br />Hmry C, Hansen,' r.rithdrawing Ifelody Lane and Relody Lake Drive properties from orighal pet$ki.on for watermain improvement, Child*s motion, that Public <br />Nezring on proposed ITatemain Improvement for NelodF Knolls area be. continued <br />inder"initely, with the understaqfing that Council v&ll notify affected property <br />ovrners of the date to be set €or continued-hearing, vas seconded by Danens and <br />carried, <br />* by_Child &d carried. .. <br />5 <br />'.. <br />Petition,. protesting improvement, signed by owners 02 39 proper- <br />Public Hearing was then called on proposed change of street name for St, Johns Avenue in Stocke E3C Hansonts Concord Terrace, Clerk Bank presented copy of <br />'_'Notice of HearingI~ mailed to affected property ovmps, which Notice was <br />approved and ordered placed on file, dation €or change to 1*FairfaX" Avenue was' reviewed. There were no mj.tten <br />objections, and no objections-were filed from the floor. <br />follovning Ord-ce and moved its adoption, with second reading to be mived: <br />Building aspector Woehler's recornen- . <br />ChiLd offered the