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45 u/9/53 <br />0- i 'I.-, the Village Cduncil of the Village of Edina, has, by Resolution <br />August 9, 194€$ levied a special ad valorem tax for the payment of principa3. and <br />interest of its Permment hprovement Tievolving Fund Bond &sue of l9&S; said ad <br />valorem tax in the mmnt of $17,EIOOaO~ brting collectible with and as a part of <br />the general property taxes in.said Village forthe-year 1953; and <br />I-, the Village Council. of the VQlage of Edina has, by Resolution <br />adopted June 27, 1949, levied a special ad valorem tax for the payment of prin- <br />cipal and interest of its Permanent Improvement Zevolving Fund Bond Issue of.1949, <br />said ad valorem tax in the- arnount of .$$7,100,00 being collectible with and as a <br />part of other general property taxes in said Village for the year 1953; and <br />%-AS, Ninnesota Statutes, Section 475.26, permits the cancellation of <br />said levies-providing moneys are on hand for payment of principal. and interest <br />for said bond issues; and*it has been detemningd by-this Council that the re- <br />NOIJ2 TEEFEFOE+E, EB I!i' RESOLJIBD by the Village Council of the Village of <br />Edina that. those" ad valorem_t+c. levies made by Resolutions of this Village <br />Council adopted November 6, 1947, August 9, 19@, and June 27, 1949, in the <br />a;moun+s of $23,100a00, $l?,8OOe0O, and $&"71100a00, respectively, and collect- <br />bile with and as a part.of other genera& property taxes in said village for the <br />year 1953, be and hereby are cancelled, <br />sota,. be. authorized. -and- directed to cancel %he above described ad valorem tax <br />levies and to delete said levies from taxes to be spread for the year 1953, <br />* quired moneys are on hand for the payment of said principal and interest, . <br />E3E TT F'URTHBR RBOLVZD that the County Audit& of Hennepin County, Mjnne- <br />r Uotion for adoption of the Resolution was seconded by Bank, and on RollcaU. <br />there were five ayes and no-*nays, as <br />Danem, aye; Bank, aye; and Erickson, <br />Nayor <br />Bredesen 'then moved for adjournment. <br />Neeting adjourned at 10:50 Pa% <br />._ . <br />c <br />f .. .I I ... . ** . . -?- ' Pursuant to &e call and notice by the gayor, the ?!&ding was convened at the <br />Auditorium of the Fdina-Morningside High School, at 7:30 Pa?&, to consider: <br />la <br />2a <br />Petition by EQa Commercial Club, for Munic+pal-Parking Lot at 50th and France Ecusiness District, <br />Petition of 'S;und-Ykuse, Inca, for permit to const&&, fouk double dwellings on-the !Worth 535 Fta-of phe Vest 40 Fta of Lot 36, and <br />North 135 Ft, of Qt 37, an-in Aud5tort.s Subdi~s5.0~ Nom l72". <br />Pegition of First-Edina State Be, for .rezoning from Open Develop <br />men% District to Co?prnmi$yp S$ore Districe the Wouth 92 Ft. .of Vest <br />40 Fta of In% 36, and South 92 Ft, of East 70 Fta of Lot-37, Audit0 r * s Subdivision No a 172. ~ <br />Other mjscellaqpus matters as,re&rhed below, <br />3a <br />- . <br />4a <br />Nwor Eriikson opened the meeting by announcing to the audience--estimated at <br />some 250 persons-that those v&sh;ing to be heard on the question of the 14unicLpal <br />Parking Lot would be heard immediately; that each side would be given 50 minutes <br />to state-its case and ten &Utes $n* rebuttal; that, inasmuch as the proponents <br />had been heard first at the Hearing of October 26, the opponents would be given <br />first chance to speak at this,present HeZPinga <br />Aktorney Kaxxl Ha Covell., in lxis opening address in opposition to the project, <br />stated that there is a grave chanps that the Village as a wllole WOUM be obligated <br />for part of the cost of the project (even though the proponents do not wish this) <br />because - 1, - <br />raised by a juqa <br />by Court, if it is de.ternjned that properties are not benefited to dent of <br />assessment a <br />Wa E.B.RouZier, 4904 Naple Road, stated, "There is no parking nor traffic <br />problem vrhich this project will tend to solve^? 'He was supported bjr DPa Pjelstad, <br />vrho reported his visit to the parking lots on Saturday last, finding thm.only <br />sparsely occupied, and by Mr. Peter Thompson, who explained that the new lot <br />behind National Tea Store had been used very little on that daya <br />rmove property- from %he tax rolls;-*and loss in tax. revenue vdll then be spread <br />over dl of the taxpayers of the Village. <br />- <br />Cost of property condemnatkon as estimated by proponents my be <br />2. Assessments against commercial properties my be reduced <br />m. James La Pause,4835 Naple Road, told the group that, !'This project 1611