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90 <br />T.ianager l.TitcheL reported that he is now in need of sone time ofl, inasmuch as <br />lis only tine off this yaar was +qxm-L at Reserve cmp; that, if 'it is agreeable <br />with the Council, he rrill be atehome, and..available Por meetings and conferences, <br />but will take time away from the office betwecn ON and the nex% regular meeting. <br />Bdts motion that in view of the overtime IJr. Hitchell has given,his request <br />be granted, vas seconded by Child and carried. <br />There being no further business -to come before the Council at this time, Bredesen <br />moved for .zdjoment. Kotion seconded by Child and carried. <br />.. I <br />6ffiee repoded ViJ-lage Attorney Ifindhorst s verbal memorandm concerning <br />difficulties i:rith the proposed ney Zonfng Ordinance Amendment requiring addi- <br />tionzl parking facilities in CommurQty Store Districts. Childts motion, ,that <br />Cowncil. rescind its action of the ULtn, *scheduling Public Bearing on this pro- <br />posed new Ordinance for Janusry ll; and that further action be delayed until <br />Attorney I;iindhorstts witten openion is received, was seconded by Danens and <br />carriede __ <br />Iknorandum was had fron Attorney l-findhorst coiicerning drainage problems and <br />netrly developed areas. I-ktter laid aver to first meeting in January, 195k0 <br />It vas noted that the Auditorst vork is made easier if all receipts fron; the <br />County Treasurer's office ars in our hands by the end of the year; and Bank <br />moved directing Tillage Treasurer to 'secure balance of November tax settlemnt <br />before January 1. Eotion seconded by Danas dnd carried, <br />The matter of temporary financing for general fund operations and New Village <br />Hall construction was discussed; and Ihyor Erickson, with consent of those <br />present, appointed as a standing mmmittee of the Council., 1.lessrs. Bank, Child <br />and Erickson--comittee to be called Committee on Finances. <br />Bank then moved, authorizing contribution of $75,000 from Equor Dispensary Fund <br />$0 &nerd Fund for construction of PTew Village Hall. %lotion seconded by Danem <br />I and carried. <br />Bank's motion, authorizing payment of the following claims, including transf ers <br />of funds, TELS seconded by-Danens and carriid: <br />CMIII NO, TO" klmm - <br />VQlage of Zdina-Construction E'dd $542-52 . 10215 * It I1 11 28I&&o = - 10207 - <br />io216 NIT Koulding 8 Picture-Frame Co, 10 73 <br />10217 !&.&I City Testing 8: Ehgr. Coo 196.50 <br />10539 '10228 <br />2023% !! ITorSng Czpi.tal. Fund - 26025.57 <br />10200 Village ol" %dim - P.1.R. Fund 20228.@4 <br />10226 !! Genera Fund 16178.52 <br />I! General Fund 3609.00 <br />10231 1' General Fund ll812.51 10230 <br />10232 !! 1951 Imp. 2nd Series Fund 438.38 <br />FKCO <br />Vmage of Edina Construction Fund 2206 . 12 <br />11 ll If ill 292e59 f2sx!x& 'IrcJrJD <br />&2,088.43 <br />1 - <br />10225 tr TTorking Capital Fund 179.25 <br />!! 1952 linpmvement Fund 2896.05 cal3TBu~TmlJ EUI*TD <br />10235 . I! ' T&ciag Capital Fund 2648.50 8573991Q05 . 10233 , -. . <br />3.0204 <br />10237 <br />10206 <br />10218 <br />10222 <br />10223 <br />Village of Edina-General Fund 906 97 SEZR €XJT& <br />If - ITorking Capital Fund 100 Qoo $ 1,006.97.-