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2/22/54 <br />I!ieiibers answering Rollcall were Child, Danens and %rickson; with Clerk Bank enter- <br />ing the meeting shortly thereafter, as zecorded below. <br />Hinutes 09 the Regular Iteeting of February 8, 1954, were approved, by motion <br />ChiYd, seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Deputy Clerk read !!Advertisement for Bids; Zoad Katerials, 11 published in Zdina- <br />Uorningside Courier ad Construction Bulletin February 11 and 18; an ifidavit of <br />publication for s.rilich was approved and ordered placed on file. <br />that all bids received pursuant to this advertisement be referred to Assistant <br />Zngineer Zikan for public opening in the Enginearts office, <br />Danens and carried. (See l.riYutes, later in Neeting). <br />Clerk Bank entered meeting at this tiiie. <br />1 <br />t <br />Child then moved <br />Uotion seconded. by <br />t &fidavits of Publication in Edin&Iorningside Courier Febw..ary 11 and 18, 1954, <br />and of posting on or"ficia1 bulletin boards February 11, were produced, approyed, <br />and ordered placed on file, for tlMotice of Hearings on Petitions to*Rezone; and <br />~IJIXU~~~ to said Notice,. Nayor Xrickson called, first, Public Becaring on petition <br />of Lir. V.H. Jhdams for the Ttezoning from Open Development District to Comnity <br />Store Districk, the '!East 96 Ft. of Lot 1, Block I, Stevens First Addno--fl, being <br />located at 4101 I?. 50th Street. <br />of February 3rd vas read. <br />read a pe%ition in protest to this rezoning, signed by o>mers of some 22 neighbor- <br />hg properties, listing six reasons for their objections. Plans for Shell Oil <br />Company's expansion program were reviewed by thl: audience and Coumcil; and the <br />Shell representative, and owner V.H. lidams both reminded the Council that taxes <br />heve been paid on this proprLy at. *!comrciiil*t rate for a number of years; that <br />the unimproved property is too small for construction of a dwelling, and that <br />Council should d.101~ some use -Lo be made of it. Letter of protest; from l$rs, <br />ClayLon Anderson, 5Ou& Halifax Avenue, was filed, and. summarized by Rayor Erickson. <br />Dur5ng discussion Er. Thompson stated that petitioaers had not contacted neighbor- <br />ing properby owners, as stated in Plannihg Commission minutes of Febyuary 3; that" <br />neighbors had learned of t'nis petition only by accident.. Bank moved for postpone: <br />nent of Council's decision on this matter at least until ne:& meeting, for further <br />discussion with .Planning Commission. <br />The- Planning Commission! s favorable recomendztion <br />1.f-r. P.H. Thompson, 50U Halifax ihreinue, presehted and <br />Uotion seconded by Dmens ad carried. I <br />Ne>* Public Hearing, pursuant to above named Wotice of Hearing:' was that on 'ihe <br />petition of Ee; C.A. Samuelson for the Remniag to Community Stare District of <br />Lots 5,6 and 7, Block 8, Tingdale Broyners Brookside. <br />Planning Commission1 s recent favorable recommendation. There were no objections <br />filed at tne Hpeing, apd no,,trritten objections had been received prior thereto. <br />At %his tine it was pointed out that Lots 1 and 2 of this block were rezoned <br />some time ago; that Lots 3 and 4 are omed by lk. Samuelson; and that he undoubted- <br />ly wishes them rezoned also. <br />the situation by letter, and thzt the matter be taken up again after hearing <br />from him, was seconded by Bank and carried.. <br />' <br />&,Ynager IWcchell read <br />Child's motion, that I&=. Samuelson be advised of <br />TJriYien recommendztions from the office were reviewed by the Council, ~ci-Vi? regard <br />to insurance bids taken at the last meeting. <br />Bank, moved that Workmen's Compensation Insurance be witien with Hardware 1.lU.tud.s <br />of Stevcns Point, Wisconsin, f:5otion seconded by Danens and carried. <br />E&t s motion, that Comprehensive, Fire and Theft policy be written with Hardware <br />IJutuals of Stevens Point, T'iisconsin, in accordance with terms of their February 8th <br />bid, was seconded by Dmens and carried. <br />At the request of Nr. and 3bs. Selmar HaZla, the Council again reviewed Lhsir <br />request for permit to build facing Eden Avenue, building to be combination storage <br />garage a-nd "garden shop?I. Council asked that location of proposed buildislg be <br />staked, %o make sure that it VKU. provide sufficient for IJoimzndale and provide <br />setback from Eden irvenue. Planning Cohssion member Todd's objections to the <br />Hala plan were reviewed in detail; xnd, because they pose .a legal problem, HI?. U.tchel1 was asked to secure opinion from Atiomey %Iindhorst. Child's motion, <br />.%hat final decision be postponed to ne& meeting, for further study an possibility <br />of rezoning that portion 02 the Hdla property to be used for garden shop, was <br />seconded by Danens and carried, <br />I