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3/8%54 <br />IITJUTES OF TEED RE z R i ING OF TIM, <br />i;DI1d1: ViLL10 COUItiC�Z, I-=- D 17-101ICAY, <br />MARCH 8, 1954, AT 7 :30 F -14, AT.T1-2 <br />D iTA, V.u.IAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Bredesen, Child, Bank and Erickson. <br />Danl.'s motion, that Minutes of lleating. of February 22, 1954, be approved as sub - <br />mihted, was seconded by Child and carded. <br />1Iayor Erickson announced the taking of bids on Cash Register for Liquor Store. <br />Clerk read y;ffidavi.t of Publication for "Ldvertisement for ;ids'r apppsaring in <br />Fd .na: ,ioinin,,side Courier and Construction Bulletin February 28_and I•iar ch 4. <br />Barilc then moved for referral of bids to Asst. Village Engineer for public opening <br />in Engineer's Office. Notion seconded by Child and carried. Later in <br />the evening.isst. Engineer Zilcan presented opened bids, as follows: <br />' TWI AL -I"S S T,tZ- .tZE -.IN 1152 <br />P AT19111 I, CASH MEGINER CO. - ?l, 520.. 00 5 25.00 '-'1.,495-00 <br />lbw O.To IM I•usCHIh1. CO. 1,102.05 .62.05 %?1,040.00 <br />DiscusAon zras had as to .trade -in value offered. Bank moved that award be made to <br />Uatio&l Cas'i! Register CoLzpa.ny at =,,',l.,520, zrithout trade -in. Ixotion seconded by. <br />Bredesen and carried. <br />1 °I-anager Mitchell :reported on Sand, Gravel end Rock bids taken February 22; state, <br />that utroot Commissioner Jonas wishes additional time for study, before recornmending <br />awards. hatter laid over to meeting of April 12. <br />d. <br />Hanager Mitchell recom wended award of Oil and Tarr bids ta.'_cen February 22, as <br />•c <br />follows: <br />{ Delivered to Loaded on ,Loaded in 11RE <br />and Point in Edina Ba�nt. Tank Ct r <br />2c E ,-e, at Plant Edina Team <br />Or Pit Track <br />TO 1C ms's 3 OIL OXINUIY: I <br />15,000 Galons IiC,`l. Oil .1025 0099 .0975 <br />10,000 Gallons 1' CT =2 .1025 .099 .0975 <br />55,000 Gallons %2C :3 .1025 .099 •0975 <br />5,000 Gallons SC "l .0925 .059 <br />TO f PUDTIIC 01203 'MU C011- 12,1Y: <br />10,000. C�:_I lons} RTA", to -d17 .1600 .1525 <br />TO :1':',s�Zl� :l.�'i 1�•!UL3` VLl'.2221, <br />10, 000 . GLI.lons RS#2 to $S# .1075 P,3 -2 .1025 RS -2 .1055 U.3-2 <br />.1126 ss -1 .1075 SS -1 .1117 SS -1 <br />TO BWX1 O SERVICE <br />500 Tons steady 122: Tar, 5.75 5.00 <br />r <br />500 Tons ready 5.60 4. S5 <br />Kr. Ki'cchell e::rol^ined that the above are low bidders, vrith esccelltian of Blt. clftop <br />,eryice Co:wpany; that .Earl Sewall is low bidder on ready 12Lc products, but that <br />Street Com:sioUoner Jonas believes the materials he furnishes are too course for <br />patching. - Bank's motion, that bids_, on road oil, tar and -ready mi_:. products be <br />auasrded in accordance with Kanager's recomrizendations, eras seconded by Child ward <br />cc r ri e . <br />1k3yor Erickson then announces cancellati,-n of ,proposed Public Hea-ring on petition 'Go <br />face house l.onC wadi of lot on Lot 25, l osendahIts Edina,- �iighlands, for reason that <br />petition has been irithdravrn. : <br />Lx, this tine Continuation of February 22nd Public * on petition of V.H.1.da:.ns <br />for rezoning to Community Store District of, the property used by Shell Oil Company <br />at 50th end Halifax was had. -Facts of petition were revi.evsad by audience, -and <br />I Thompson., naiohbor, once again objected. Ilr. Jaames Pause added his objections, <br />on the ground that so-(.ae members of the Council had co fitted themselves to a <br />policy of l:Lai1ujng Commzn.ity Store District at 50th and France to its present <br />boundaries. O:rraer-Jd*3ns started. that he has been paying tico_nra- ci�l" tastes on a�11 <br />J <br />the ;�roi rt or sr =gars, even though Shell Oil Company has leased only pat of it. <br />l ,yror Erickson stated that, because of informal cor.Tinitment made at time of <br />Pj•opzrty" rezoni_nZ, he feels obligated to vote against the project.- lb?. Child tool <br />issue, on grounds that Planning Comin; s lion has recor? . ?ended rezoning to "leg i lize" <br />operations. Clerk Lank suggested a compromise, if possible; out neighbors were . <br />adamnt ;against further encroachment of Cow- 7w -nity ;More District. Bredesen's <br />motion, that petition for Rezoning be denied, eras seconded by Bank and carried. <br />I1e1-,Iu Public Hearing conclucted was that on the petition of 1'Ii_ ui,. - apolis, Northfield <br />and Southern i = ilzaay for the Rezoning to Conultercial District of a tract of land - <br />ii�ru ediately Uest of their -ri ffat -of-way and North of State Hi l ua.y !To. 5. Plaivaing <br />Copwii.ssi.on's recor_imandati.on favoring rezoning was read, after Clerk had presented <br />`..ffidaviits .of Publication in Edina - orningside Courier rebrua.ry 28 and Ka:rch h <br />113 <br />