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SAN.SB& NO. 63 <br />WoW~od&wd .Bdo ; + <br />D <br />. -.. -9 .. -. - .-- Members answering BOil.c&l were Child, -Danas, Bank and'Erickson. <br />St 0 I <br />r . . i <br />.- 'kTm IkPoN0.71 <br />Bemam$,€'la.ce; - . <br />Grove St.; <br />Code Ave. 1 TCrPAL BIDS <br />* _, _- - . <br />Bank's moiion that, bontracts for the above Sktary Sewkr and Wat&n Projects be <br />.awarded to Lametti & Sons, Inc,, subject to_confimtion of bid prices br Engineering <br />Department,, Notion seconded by Child and carried. <br />Child m,vsd for approval of Final Plat as per recogmendations by Village Engineer- <br />that all engipeering reqpirements be met before plat is signed. Motion seconded by <br />Bank and carried. <br />The matter of request by Shell OiL Company for the rezoning to Cdty Store of <br />that portion of the Adams-prope@y at 50th and Halifax on which-service station is <br />now located came before the Council, with Attorney Windhorst's opinion. Bankts <br />motion that Public, Hearing be scheduled fog May lO,.yas secwded by Child. and, <br />carried. -I <br />Utilities Supt. FToeh&er reported tha: petitioner for pedt $0 build house long way <br />of lot on &at 15& B1, 1, Seeleylp 1st Ad&, has decid6d to fqce house "on Xerxes 6 <br />Application by ,a. Grises; ,for .pen& 'to hag .rubbish, wgs discussed. Child' s <br />motion, that pe.&t be granted untfi such time as Ordinances and G&sI&ion, <br />Codttee drafts regulatory ordinance, and with pzyvision that truck shall be <br />covered at all'times, was seconded by Dancms and carried. <br />Carl Hansen was present for ippmval. of Final Plat of Parkwood Knolls 4th Addition, <br />.e <br />A <br />Avenue; that no further agbion by Council is necessEkYo -_ <br />1