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4/26/54 8c 5/3/5k <br />There being no fbrther business to come before the Council at this time; <br />Child moved for adjournment. Notion s <br />Neetirig adjourned at ll:15 P.M. <br />e?. . .- <br />r <br />.. <br />ElLNuTEs OF THE SpECIdt MEETING OF THE . EDIPAJILWLGE ~CogNCa, .qo~fl,. . I <br />t 3,--19-%, AT .!7:%-PoMo, .AT_Tm 1 <br />.- mINA,.VII@lG.E--H&L _. . ~ I <br />. -- ..- - .. ."- Pursuant to due caJ.1 and notics by the Mayor, the Eeetingwas convened at 7:30 <br />PO&, in the auditorium of the New Village Hall, @embers present were Bredesen, <br />Chiad, Danens, Bank and Erickson. <br />Clerk Bank read kfidav3.t of Publication in Edina-Morningside Courier and <br />Construction Bul&etin April $-and 15, 1954, for *fAdvertisenent -for Bids-Watermai6 <br />Improvement,'?. and, purpant to said advertisement, bids were taken on the <br />Construction of Village Watermain qd Appurtenances from W.69th St. and <br />France Ave.; th,N. on Fr.+ce Ave. to t.J,66th St.; tho W. on ~~66th St, to <br />Valley View Rd. Wbnded; tho -"ly on--TaUey-View Rd.--Exbended to a pt. <br />4-00 Ft., more or less, South of-J$.64th St.; tho angling Nfny to Brookview -Ave, .and W.64th St.; th, to Taller View-Rd. &tended; th.-pn Valley View <br />Rd, Bxtended and_Vallley View- -Rd. to- _St Johns >Ave. <br />Baqk moved that bids be referred to Asst. .Engineer for public opening in Village <br />Engineer's Office, and motion was se_conded_by Bredesen and carried. 9 15. '%-:% <br />Later in+the evening the bids were returned and were founc to be as follows: <br />__ <br />follorKing: - <br />* <br />- OtBrien Const. Go. ?$69917O.17 <br />$$.Pal Dredging Coo .83,m7*30 <br />I@I.~. Terry Exc. Coo 69,362 0 OO <br />I. Phelps-Drake Go. - 63,092000 <br />Barbarossa & Son 71,1;70.20 <br />Nolf Const. Go. 62 336. 40 <br />Peter -Lametti Const. Go. 62, @ 5 0 20 <br />F. Norettini, kc, 6 62,592.80 <br />Lametti& Son . 66,7@3,00 I <br />and Child moved that bids be referred to Village Engineer for re6omndation at the next regular meeting. Pllotion seconded by Danens and carried. <br />wor Erickson then called Pubiic Hearing on llT& and Lateral Sewer," this <br />Hearing being conducted on gt proposed dittgonal,Tnmk Sewr beg-g at W.69th <br />St. and Valley View Rd. extended, thence in a generally Northwesterly direction <br />across the Village to,the alley between Harrison and Tyler Avenues and the <br />North corporate lwts of the Village; and bteral Sewers 3.q West Nhneapolfs. Heights Addition. Clerk Bank presented affidavit of PublicatAon for "Notice of <br />Hearing-Trunk and Lateral.. Sanitary Sewer," published $n <br />Courier April 22 and 29, 12%, which was approved as to form and ordered placed <br />on file.- A large map, showing the route' of the proposed trunk sewer, and the <br />proposed assessment district, was shown to the audience; and Wger NttcheU. <br />presented Vu-Graph Slides, as follows, explaining them in detail: <br />Tot-d. Estimated.Cost o$ Trunk Sewer from <br />69th and France to North.Village Limits <br />W-GRAPH CHART NO. 1: - <br />between Harrison and Tyler -, $ 523,955.OO <br />District is composed of: <br />Council to decide on method of,assessment. . <br />1,050 Acres (Unplatted) and <br />l93,OOO Uneal-Feet (Platted) <br />NEW TRUNK ONLY <br />Assessment per Acre Assessment per Front Foot <br />. ... . 4 2.44 - <br />Proposed Trunk Sewer - <br />Connection to Sanitary <br />$ 2.17 <br />$ 2.00 p 1.88 $3 1.625 <br />TOTAL TRUNK CHARGES , Per Acre Per Front Foot $.loo 8 2.17 . -1 - Sewer #65 . 16 + OS9 <br />1.00 <br />Total Trunk Charge - 35" 9 l44c -&- Now Paying for -&chfield Interc&tor - <br />Cost'-Per Year over 20 Year Pe@.od'-,. $ '7.25 per Acre/Year <br />Front.-Foot Cost - Assume 70' Lot <br />. - <br />9ll.76 per &o%/Year <br />3'EPlus 58 Intarest <br />.. .