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1-83 5/24/54 <br />3- OF THE REGUWR liEEPING OF THE EDW VILUGE. <br />COUNCIL, HELD NXDAY,_-lfAY 24, 19%, A!C 7~30 Pol.., AT. <br />. - . _. .,THE EDINA TTIUGE HALL. <br />. ... -- .. lknbers answering Rollcall were Bredesen, -Child, Danens, hank and Erickson. <br />Minutes of Xeetings of Iby 10 and 17 were approved as subkthed, by motion Child, <br />second6d .by D-aens and carried. <br />Clerk read Affidavits of Publication for Advertjsements for Bids published in Edina- <br />Kornhgside Courier and Constmction Bulletin Hay 13 and 2-0, 1954,, which Affidavits <br />were apprpved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />bids received in response to said advertisements be referred to $he Assistant <br />Village Engineer for public opening in the Ehgineer!s Ofgice. Notion seconded by Child ad carried. 9 .1'F -1% * Later in the evening, Assistant Engineer Gilbert <br />returned vrith the opened bids., which were found to be as follows:: <br />Bredesenthen moved that the <br />? CURB AND GUTTER <br />S'!%EET ij!4PROW33. l$lXBEX IHPRO@L STm DPROVE. 'w~ ( $7,342085 <br />NO.Bd8 - a -c N0,%20. . NO.B& <br />Richmond Dr.-Circ), <br />*3,4@*00 L. J. NcNulty ,4,74!+* 50 .8,193.?5 <br />Victor Carlson & Sons 5,183.00 6,625075 3,5=@'.00 <br />G. A. Carlson <br />IJilliam V. Terry <br />Peter Lametti Const. Coo <br />Bart Carlone <br />Phelps Drake Coo <br />Lametti.& Son, Inc. <br />Orfei & Mariani.& Sons <br />Barbarossa & Son, kc. <br />3Jolff Const. Go, . <br />L.l-i*NcNulty, WC. <br />\ <br />Keys t.sell Drilling Coo <br />Crane Company <br />FairBanks, Norse & Go, <br />Fadden Pump Coo <br />Layne-IWn. Coo <br />6,422.72 <br />7,758.00 5,436 0 00 <br />Bredesen's motion that bids on Curb and Gutter and Watermain projects be referred <br />to Village Engineer for study and report at next meeting, was seconded by Child and <br />carried. L <br />Utilities Supt. Woehler requested immediate award on the Pump if possible; and +t <br />was noted that cqmpletion date on the Ileys bid is 15 days, whereas the'low bidder <br />will require 60 dws for completion, Because of the water pressure emergency and <br />the urgency of putting pump into operakion hediately, Bank moved that bid be <br />awarded to Keys ??ell Drilling Go. Motion seconded by Child and carried. <br />Continuation of May Loth Public Hearing on proposed Watermain In Brookview Avenue <br />between T.J.62nd and W.64th- Streets was had (this being a portion of the trunk line <br />connecting the Southdale well with the Village water system>* &. Child explained <br />'the Village Attorneyis opinion, and those persons present left the public meeting <br />to confer further with the Attorney concerning relative assessments and connection <br />charges. (See Ninutes of later in meeting, approving Improvement). <br />Clerk then read Affidavit of Publication for Wroposed Sbatermain Improvement,1t <br />published in Edina-Morningsidg Courier May l3,wd 20, 3954, which. Affidavit was approved as to form and ordered placed or) file. Manager Ifitchell. gave as his <br />Estimate of Cost for tkis main, $15,047.12, or $1.00 per front foot for Trunk <br />charge and $6.20 for Lateral--this being .a 12t1 Blain in IKlIiam Avenue between <br />tf.52nd and t.r.5lst Streets, and 6l* mains in YJ.5lst Street between William and <br />Hankerson Avenues. <br />written, and Child offered the following Rgsolution and moved its adoption: <br />~ RESOLUT10NJI"DING flEsOLUTION <br />- OBDEEUNG S~JATEEU~~N IfPRO%Ebm NO073 <br />BE IT aESOLvEtD by the Coqcil.of the VQlage of Edina, RLunesota, that tlis Council <br />heretofore- caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the follopd*g proposed <br />There were no objections to this hprovhent, efther oral or <br />improvement: <br />Constrqction of Village Watermain kbension and Appurtenances in William <br />Avenue between W.52nd and W.5lst Sts. and in V.flst St. between WiUiam -- . .. and Hankerson Ayes. __