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232 \ 7/8/54 <br />1.m- OF' THE I*mEiG OF THE EDIiJA I- E?Xd?J OF TtSKlXZT, THUBSDAY, JULY 8, <br />195.4, AT 7:>O P.M.,-hT T&3-VaGB HfiLL <br />He&t5ng was convened at 7:30 P.Tk, &th members Child, Danens, Bar,, anc <br />XrickLson present. <br />Clerk submitted Affidavits of Publication in Edina-Eorningside Courier June 24 <br />and July 1, and of posting on Official Bulletin Boards June 22, 1954,. the <br /><'bsessment NoLice,lr vhich affidavits were approved as to form and ordered <br />Qlaced on fiJee ~ <br />.Those wishing to be heard vith regard to their valuations were as follows: <br />Arcid Orrmll, 5709 Chor-ren Ave. - Re: No. iS.6 Ft. of Lot 14, and So. 57.4 Re <br />?%,men Melson,5900 Tingdale he. - No legal description given. <br />Bayor Erickson announcedtfirzt Assessorts Books of Valuation are not yet ready <br />for examination by the Board of Review. <br />Chad then noved ;that the July 8th Board of Review ZIeeting be adjourned to <br />Wednesday, July 20, 1954, at 7:30 P.fL <br />of. Lof; 15, hokline 1st Addn. <br />. <br />Uotion se <br />.-. .* ..- <br />Embers answering Ro3lcall were Bredesen, Child, Danens, Bank and Erickson. <br />IEnutes of the Regular Xeeting of June 28th vere approved as submitted, by motion <br />Child, seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />Pursuant to 't;-dvertisenents for Bids, <br />Julg 1 *and 8, 1954, Affidavits of Publication for which wera presented by Clerk, <br />approved as to form and ordered placed on file, the CouncSL accepted sealed bids <br />t I and Construction mzlletin <br />published in Edina-lbrningside Courier <br />On: *f .I <br />1. Dictating-Trm-scribing Ihchine 1- <br />2. Office Chairs. 3. Deep TTell Turbine Pump. <br />Bank's motion, that bids be referred to the Assis-tant Village Zngineer for public <br />ope- in the Engineer's Office,- and for report, this evening if possible. <br />seconded by Danens and carried. <br />IJotion <br />3hager 'frIitclaell presented tabulation of bids taken June 28, on a Dump Truck, being <br />as folloTrs: n <br />1. bt ernational Harvester Co . Base Bid 3, 253.13 <br />kss Trade In-Dia.T. 3150 00 <br />t <br />Net - 42,@8.13 <br />Net - $3,567.36 2. j3,jk.m Siotor Coz~pany (Dia. T.) Bslse Bid $3, 567.36 <br />3. Enar I-rotor Company (Ford FNO Base Bid $&,127.00 . <br />Less Trade k-Dia0T. * 250.00 <br />4-b Voodhead Conpany Base Bid $3,001.85 <br />I.ianager Etchell reported that Public ITorks Supt. Jonas recommends insttillation of <br />the Heil Hoist, which low bidder tiill furnish for an additional $93.00; and asked <br />for the following Wras: FA Heater and Defroster-$KL.Ol&; Directional Lights- <br />$XJ-.31; Air Fom Seii~t-$29.83; Auxiliary E'uel Tank;,20 Gal.-$22.80; Mension Type <br />Gear View IError-$4.75; Tire Chains-$29.24; 12 Volt Electrical System, 50 Amp &n.- <br />$29.42; I&d Flaps-tj2;215.00; DeFrosto 1.1irrors-$36.00. <br />to low bidder, with exbras listed above. <br />Danens and carried. . <br />I-hager 1-Etchell then reported on bids for improvement projects taken June 28, <br />Net - tj3,@Tl"i'OO <br />Bet - $3,001.85 <br />He recommended award of bid <br />Bank so moved. IJotion seconded by <br />2s BUIC€EOP SmVICE CO. ENlL A. SEJSLL CO.,TPJC* <br />St.Iouis Park, I.Knn. S%.buis Pwk, ~&m. <br />XiPZO~.IEE' 8-42-31acLcopping Voodcrest Drive in Slady Fines Addno $900.00 {jS64.00 <br />$7,153 50 <br />$3,017. 50