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264 - r 6. That 1-k. JOMS be given authofity to proceed with the Blacktopping of <br />Schaeffer .Avenue from Parkmod hc?d South, using present road as a base, <br />scarifying it, pzlveri-ging it, rolline; it and tacking it before placing <br />a blacktop mat over the entire street. <br />. <br />l..r .* <br />.* The rewest for a pressure tank for the Southdale Development vas citscussed, but <br />since $he Yolff Construction Company is constructing a watermain to connect the <br />existing s-tem qith the Southdale Development it was felt that no a'ction 'could <br />be taken on this matter. ~ <br />b <br />Bredesen Wved for adjournment. Motion seconded by Child and carried. <br />" <br />Q . ., D <br />kIXWTE3 OF THE REGuwlll HEEI'ING OF THE: EDINA <br />YILU@ CQUNCZI;. .€EXQ~$!l_THE Vl&LAG.E-H111s;, ~ <br />e "DAY, aupxij~.9,. igf;b., . AT. pp-p, N.. -. .. limbers anmring RoU.&l*were Brddesen, Child; Damns and Erickson. Deputy <br />Clerk Alden acted-+= Clerk. <br />Hinutes ofI.feetings of July 26 and 28, 1954, *re approved as submitted, by motion <br />Bredesen, seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Affidavit of Publication was read for Publication in Edina-Norningside Courier <br />and Construction wrlletin, July 29 and-August 5, 1954, of "Advertisement for Bids- <br />Sanitary Sewer; tlateriuain; Grading and Gravelling; Curb and-Gutter; Blacktopping,ll <br />and, purqan% to**said Affidavit, which rms approved as to form and ordered placed, <br />on file, sealed bids were received. <br />the Assistant Engineer for public opening in the VUlage Engineer's Office, was seconded' by Child and carried. * 44- Later in the evening, when the bids had <br />been tabulated, they were presented to the Council, being as foUows: <br />c <br />Bredesen's motion, that bids be referred to <br />-Tmm' O'BRIiiW <br />CONST. Bk <br />CUd moved for award of bids on Sanitary Sewer hpovement No. 74 and Watermain <br />mrovenent No. 76 to low bidder,_li.Tolff Construction Company, at $2,967&, and <br />$7,688.40 respedively. Motion se-qnded-by Danens and carried. , <br />.. VIkOR C$RLSON &.SONS - 1;. J. 1.ICrnY <br />. .. t ..e-. -. CURB AND GUTTER FOR -- -+ <br />NO. $29 c <br />that Victor Carlson et Sons be awarded curb and gutter projects <br />of $16,6?8.20, vas seqnded by Danens and carried. <br />St. %o 5925 Drew' 1,259. 5 $16,67802 <br />Bredesent s &dt;ion, <br />at total.,bid price <br />+ TERRY pFE= JoAoDiLNENS <br />BROS. Coo CQNS'I!, GO, .& SON. <br />' .. ... I *, .. . -- . .e . .. NO. E57 --