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9/13/54 <br />Blotion for adoption of Resolutiw was s <br />were fLve ayes and no nays, as follows: d on Rollcall there B nd &ickson, aye; and the qeso <br />-. <br />The hour being late, with considerable business still before the Council for <br />consideration, Child moved ,for adjournment until Wednesday, Sept ewer 15, 1954, <br />at 4:30 P.K. <br />A.L1 Tuesday, September l&. . <br />Motion seconded by Danens and Carrie et- adjourned at 12:40 <br />I' * <br />n. <br />i"l <br />lXlXLJTB OF THE P*EZDtG OF 'E33 ZDIHA CWMSn4G Eo%@, -@ID. e TE@.-'VIra-a €€&It, .Id@DIdESD&Ys. <br />Meeting was convened at 4:30, with the'viliage-Council acting as Canvassing Board <br />for the Spacial Village Election held Tuesday, September 14, 1954, Nembers . present yere Bredesen, Child, Bank and. Erickson. <br />The returns of Zlection Officials for the twelve election districts within the <br />Village were refiewed, being as follows: <br /> 151 3-9-54, .AT-&c~O y*Xm -. ~ . . . . . I LQ . __. -. m <br />L.3 <br />-- <br />2 <br />I Question: "S SHALL OFTIONAL PUN B, PROVDDTG <br />FOR THE- COUIlCI&-W~- FOP?. OF <br />G-OlQ3Q"Ei~ OF T@.VKLUGVB?~ . <br />m <br />GOrni~ENT, BE.. AD9rnrn*.Frn..Trn - <br />. - ,. .-*_ i 234 5 678 9 ioii12~0~~~ <br />NO1 48 22 34 40 81 68 44 31 407 54 29 39 530 <br />177 256 334 180 172 253 227 211 168 200 <br />121011 6161812 02 516 Ut3 .- . 307 209 301.380 277 258 309 265 258 227 28 245 3325 -3 BL4NK --- _Jr--n.-- 7 <br />Child-ts motion that election returns be approved was seconded by Bank and czrried; <br />C and C'anvassing Board certified said setmi&. <br />8 <br />There being no further business to come before <br />comon consent . <br />t <br />I <br />XINUTES OF Ti33 PBJOURNED POMXlN OF T?dZ m~u~ SEPTB-JBR .13T~ ~LQZTING- OF. THE mm yWGj$ COUHCIL, -.I-ETJf. IBDJESDAY, 2ZX'&E3;m I lpH ' 1 ...- AT 4:45,P,.31. . , .. e. <br />Council lfeeting was convened at 4:45 -i?.$fh. , mediately after Canvassing Board <br />NeeJcing,-with Bredesen, Child, Bqk apd Erickson present. <br />Judge D.S. Burris' letter with regard to the mtter of !!No Through Tmncklf signs <br />on Interlachen Boulevard was read and discussed. Bank's motion, that larger <br />sigs be erected at both ends of Interlachen Blvd,, that :Police Department be <br />instructed to enforce the rule of .%o through trmcks'f, ang that they be advised <br />to erect more siws if thought necessary, was seconded by Child'and carriedr <br />Building Supt, Ben Woehler reported E.C; Stow's request for a twenty-five foot <br />setback for d.1 lots in Block 7, Brookview Heights. <br />see nothing against this. plan inasmuch as it covered an entire block. Child's <br />motion, that on Kr. Xoehlerts recommendation the request be granted but that. <br />before permits are issued an approving letter from Stow Company be in the files, <br />was seconded by Bank and carried. <br />Nr. l?oehler' s report of continued disagreement with Lame-mesota concerning <br />further tests for sad was accepted, with Bank's motion that Village Attorney <br />and. I&. Voehler be authorized to write letter to Layne-IEmesota, with copy to <br />their bonding company, that the-Village Council expects -&,hem to proceed at once <br />to conclusion of their contract and to put well into operation in order that <br />it may be integrated into our waterworks system. Notion seconded by Child and <br />carried. . <br />I&. Yoehler stated he could <br />1