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Pursuant to ffAdverkieaent for Bids-Sanitary Sewer; Wat emain; Grading and <br />Gravellhg; Blacktopping; Stom Sewer; Ornamental Street Lights, It published 2.n <br />Edina-Norningside Courier and Construction Bullet@ September l7,and 24, 1954, <br />the following sealed bids tJere--accepted for. considerakfon and referred, by motion <br />Bank, seconded by Danens and carried, to %he kissistant Village Xngineer for <br />public opening in the Village Engineer's Office. Action was t aken after Clerk <br />Bank read affidavit of publication for,Advertiseaent, which affidavit was approved <br />bids were returned by the &xistant Village Xngineer, presen'ced to the. Council, <br />and f bund to be as follows: <br />iiAT"r;tz;:L4II\T iJ0. 79 <br />' as to form and ordered placed on file. 5 'IC 35 >'- 4' 4s % Eater in the evening, said <br />S&f. Sam NO. 79 <br />Shemvood &e. Sherwood Ave., <br />I <br />I .. : -.~ - . . <br />. Circle Bernard Place <br />$10,230.00 $2,655.00 <br />*.* .-.. -.. <br />.d Assistant 3ngineer repoked that no bids had been receivkd on - Storm Sewer in <br />Brookview Heights and Hwy. 100; Grading and Gravelling of Alley between We56th and <br />W.57-kh Sts, and between Sork and Xerxes he.; and Gradkg and Gravelling .of Tower <br />Village Pianager recommended award (;f bids on Sanitary Sewer and Tlaternain Iinprovenenta <br />Nos. 79 to only bidder, Bart Carlone, inasmuch as his bid compares well wi$h es-bdte. <br />Child so moved. <br />\ . St . bettreen Wooddale and St. Johns -Aves. . <br />1 <br />Hotion seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />I.b.nager EihcheU recommended award of bids on Street linprovements Nos. A-69 and A-71 <br />oqedite work this xear. <br />seconded by Danens and carried, <br />Upon I&. 3fitchd.l' s recornendation that Lehn Xlectric Company be awarded contract <br />for Street hprovement Ho. I.-1, at bid price of $1,190.OO--said bidder being aware <br />of change in original speclficakions insofar as reloczbion of one Light is concerned, Child moved for '-award of bid to low bidder. Motion secornded by Bredesen and carried. <br />..- - to low bidder, Jay W. Craig Company, at &3,077.$0 and.$2,039.00 respectively, to <br />I Ba@ds motion $hat contracts, be awarded to low bidder PELS <br />Nayor Ericlcson announced Public Hearings on sever& Ihtprovement ?rejects as the <br />second mtter on the agenda. Clerk Bank read Affidavit of ?ublSc&ion for tWotice <br />of Hearings on Sanitaxy Sewer, -Matemain and Blacktopphg &provements, It published <br />in Edina-Nomingside Coqier September- 16 and. 23, 19%; which affidavit-was <br />approved as to forn aqd ordered placed on file. <br />Public Hearings were held, and action was taken as recorded below, <br />yere preceded by an edrplanation of improvement procedure by Nanager Mitchell, PmLIC H"&lXG OR S&K!3ARY SEinfER It( JOSXPHDIE AYE., BBiOIt AVE. TO <br />11,60TH ST.:. W.60TH-ST.,-.H[JY?. -100 .TO .CODg- AVX. ~ Manager.liEtcheXL1s <br />Estimate. of Cost was $l2,3O7.IAy for $4.85 per Assessable Foot for the <br />Lateral Sewer, plus $2.36 per Assessable foiot for Connection to Tmunk,; for a Total of @'7.2l,per Assessable Foot. There were no objections at <br />the Hearing, and no twitten objections had, been filed prior thereto; <br />and Child offered RE3OLU'TIOI? OIEDEREVG DEBmdEm and moved its adoption. <br />Hotion for adoptio2 of -Resolution .was seconded by Danens and unanimously <br />P. I. 91 #* x ,. 35 5;- Then, later in the evening, a delegation of three or <br />four objected to the.improvement on the grounds that they should not be obligated to pay for a,n improvement for developers. Sone discussion was <br />had, znd Child moved that Comcil reverse its previous- action; that <br />matter be-referred to Public Utilities Committee, and that Public Heming <br />be continued to Nonday, October 11. <br />carried, &th Bank voting pay, <br />- <br />In accordance with said Notice, Public Hearings <br />1. <br />- <br />Hotioz .was seconded by. Danens and