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I' <br />43 <br />'First matter on the agenda VJGS the taking Gf bids. <br />of Publication in Edina-1lornin.side Cornier and Constructbn Bulletin Sepimbsr 36 and <br />October 7, 195L:., for IIAdvertisement for Bids," Grading & Gravellink: <br />ttDrunkometer,ll and for Water Pumping Stations1'. <br />form; and Bank moved tha& sealed bids .be referred to Assistant Village Zngineer for <br />Public Opening in Zngineer' s Office. <br />(See I:hutes of later in meeting for action t&en). <br />14ayor Ejdckson then announced Public Hearings on hprovements, in' ac6ordance dth <br />"Notice of Hearings on lkproveInents--Sanitary Sewer: Grading "and Gravelling: Black- <br />topping,1t published in Gdina-Eorningside Courier Sep'c'ember 30 and October 7, 195& <br />Clerk Bank presented Affidavits of Publication of Notice, which were approved as Lo <br />form znd ordered placed on file. <br />taken as hereinafter qecorded: <br />Clerk Bank submitted Affidavits <br />Affidavits liere apprIoved as to <br />24otion seconded- by 3redesen and carried. <br />Public Hearings were then conducted, and action <br />1. PUBLIC HZARIIIG ON CONST~;-~UCTION OF SANITARY smm AND W?PmyajHTcEs riv <br />JOSEPHINE AYE, BETVXEN. EBhEON A..- &ID W.60TH .ST., AND iI\r t.r.60~~ ST. <br />EEZI~X STAm HIG€&@,Y NO.* 100 C3DE &!$. Hyager I4itchell~s Estimate * <br />of Cost rfas given at $12,307.l&, ,as against 2,453 Assessable Beet, for <br />*$5.00 per Assessable Foot, <br />spoke in favor of a fifteen-year assessmen-b, inasmuch as this pasticula? <br />sewer is mainly a comection to the Diagonal Trunk Sewer and trill be of no <br />Lmediate benefit to the abutting properties affected, <br />objections to the improvement from the audience, and no mitten objection <br />had been received prior to the Hearing. <br />LABE .AND N" AlXQJB. &ager J.iitchell presented two separate ?sthates <br />of Cost on this project, the first being $3,294,00 as against ll05 Assemable <br />Feet, for $2.98 per Assessable Foot,, based on 3O-foo.l; wide street; and the <br />second being $1802,35, for $1.63 per Assessable Foot, for a 24-foot wide <br />street . Mr. Ifitchell explained that a 30-foot street would mean tha-b some <br />of the old trees would have to be removed. &l those present, including <br />the owners at 307 and 309 Jefferson, cited t'(relr preference for a 24-foot <br />street. <br />(See Resolution Approving) . <br />3. PUBLIC HMRii\TG ON BLACKTOPFIIG OF VIRGpJIA WnTE BE?WBNVIE1Gmlll. k~RB &4D <br />' COIKORD. AVE~UUE.. Xanager _Nitchell explained-that this Hewing. is, in effect, <br />a-continuation of the Public Hearhg held September 27 on the Blacktopping of <br />Virginia Avenue between Valley View Road and W.62nd St., and W.62nd St. between <br />Parnell Ave. and Virginia kve,; -that.-the total cost OF all stlleets to be <br />blacktopped is $8,078.40, for $3.20 per assessable foot. <br />objections to the improvement,. either oral or written. <br />Ch&man Child of the Public Utilities *Codttee <br />There were no <br />(See Resolution &?proving). <br />2. PUBLIC HEXRING ON GPLRDIiG &JD GRAWLLD3IG OF J%~~SOIJ AYEIiRJE BEiWZZN 'EELXOB <br />There were no objections to the improvenent, either oral or ~.rritten. <br />There were no <br />(See Resolution <br />Sm BZi?EZI$.YQ@C k"rJD <br />of .Cost. was giver1_at-$972~0Q, _for .$1,76 per Assessable Foot. <br />this is an 5nexpensiv-e job compared tdth original plans; that it includes <br />building up road so that there will be a valley gutter, continuing water down <br />to Pork Avenue; that road will be barricaded at alley, and then picked up <br />again east of alley; that there %.rill be a blachkop ditch on the North side of <br />driveway (z.6 Ft . wide) . <br />Xerxes complained that he believes such a plan will dived water onto his <br />property. <br />Resolution Approving) . <br />A3GXLJBS,-~.IIanager 3iitchell's revised Estimate . <br />He eqlained that <br />One ownel: at the-Southwest corner of 1$.56th and <br />(See There were no other objections, either oral or written. <br />Child offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />* RBSOLUTION QRDBBJG DPEOv.ZXEIF2S <br />SmEmY SEMZR. 3T@R~jI!2~~i!j'l! NO.. €IO; G€?.KDING hJD G?&.GUDJG <br />RJJ?EO~.T&TS.. NOS . . G-6Q .&LED C-61; BILIGIZQPPIHG. DiP33' ZZdZllT <br />NO, A-70 <br />BZ IT I&23OLW'X& bhk &unci1 of the Village of Edina, ~l~E&eso-Ga, that ' thfs Council <br />hereto&re.caused notices of hearing to be duly pbWished on the follothg proposed <br />improvements : <br />Construction of Sanitary Sewer and Appurtenances in Josephine kve., <br />between Benton Aye. and 1~60th St.,. ad in 3~60th S-t. between <br />State Highway No. LOO and Code Ave, <br />Grading and Gravelling of Jefferson Ave., Bebore lane to Nelson he. <br />Blacktopping of Virginia Ave., Valley View Road to-i.le62i1d St.; lT.62nd <br />St., Parnell he, to Virginia kve., and Virginia W.e from Virginia Ave. <br />&me $0 Concord Ave. Blaclttopping~~~~~57~~~~~ betweon Pork and Xerires Ave, <br />- 1. <br />2. <br />3. <br />4. -