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11/8/54 <br />. *i- - ..*--- - --- Iknbers answering Eollcall were Zredesen, Child, Damns, Bank and Zrickson, <br />Clei-k Bank: presented h*fidmits of Fublication, in Zdina-::orningside Courier, <br />md Construction Zulletin, October 3,8 md Bovenber 4, 1954, for zl&hn&&saents <br />for ZLds--Radzr EfgiFaent ; Renodeling-Library; Xater iieters ; T.;%ter Pumping <br />Stations; Grading arid Graveling; xri?ich.,Bffidavits weye approyqd as !GO fom and <br />ordered placed on Pile. <br />Tillzge &@neer* s OCfice. I4oLion secollcled by Dznens and c+.rried. <br />2kXor Zrickson announced thzt, pursuant to 'tilotice of Hearings-STatcmain: <br />3lacWopping ZnproveenJGs, published in Ed&na-Korningside Courier October 28 <br />and IJovmber 4, 195rP, Puulic Hearings would now. be held on Eroposed Tatemin <br />in Valley View Boad betmen Parnell Avenue and State Huy. IJoa 100; aqd on <br />3lackbopping of- XO5l+th St,- b&ween S?oodda3e itveye and ihneh&a Creek, <br />Bmk presented i$Zidavit of FUblicaSion for above Gotice, vhich was approved <br />as to form and ordered placed on file. Yublic Heaings were. then conduc'ced, <br />and actlon taken as recorded below: <br />1. PIXIC ~EG o;: PCOFEED TU!!~J~~E V-i m~ BOim ma-i PXG~ <br />. ~1 LO bL&b,KJI. BO. 100. I .--Xaqager EtcheQt s-.Zsf&y+e of COS;; .was, <br />5;9A€?j'9.84, _for -&$2 per Assessable Fi*ol?t xoot f or,.a31 properties v5.thi.n the <br />area set forth in the iJotiice of Ecaring, plus $3.67 Lateral Charge €or those <br />properties abutting Vjlle;. View Eoad beheen ParnelL- Avenue and State Hvp, <br />Iio. 100, mk5ng a total of C4.29-per Assessable Foot for the propefiies <br />abuttjllg Valley Vierr Eoad. , Question was asked as to benefit received by those <br />properties abuttbg streets other thm Valley Viev Boad; and iissistant Engr. <br />Zikm told sudience -thst these properties -would be benefited by increased <br />pressure because of this large main; that main tdl.1 be ready for connection at <br />such time as they zrant lateral service. <br />uhy -LMs mea cannot defer its assessIiIent.+in %he mqer phrmed Tor i&er <br />users in &oofnrier.r Lvenue between 15.62nd and liSm64th Streets; and he vas advised <br />that in the 7hstance of Brookview !\venue, the- ,heavy taxpaym+-namelr, Southdale, <br />have agreed to accept a &orb term assessment to make such an arrangerae9t Fossible; <br />that, fwther such arrangements are not conteaplated. There were no objections -to <br />the hprovenent froa the floor, and no mitten objections had been filed prior to <br />-the Public Hearing, <br />B.3 E 7R&OLlED by the Council zf_thg lJillagp-,of .Zdina, >Zhaeso-l;a, thst this Council <br />here%o$ore- cased notice of hearing to be duly published on the follow5ng proposed <br />improvement : <br />ad at the hearing held st the -time and place specified in said notice the Council <br />has duly considered the views 02 d.1 persons interested, ad being fd1F advised of <br />the pertinent facts does hereby determine Bo proceed with the construction of said <br />hprovement; that said improvement is hereby desifnated and shall be referred to in <br />dl subsecpnt proceedings as follows: <br />Ikmk then moved, directing hblic Opening of bids in <br />--- <br />Clerk <br />~~-3-w- r, -rn ni <br />ib. Berxl T.Mte then inquired ibs to <br />Bank offered the following Zesolution and moved its adoption: <br />€ti% OLUTIOIJ Uii!DZXlXG Ji 2itO~*EIdT ?IArn.rnIT Z*EZO~G~?r EO, ,81 . <br />*Constqction 02 Village Xatemain "dension in Valley View Road from <br />Farnell kvsnue -to Jtate iJo. 100 <br />Construction of Village f:'atemaiq Extension in Valley View 2oad from <br />Panen Avenue to State 3rrjf. 100 - TiATaZD4 IUPdOVXiGWJ! iJQ, 81 <br />and the area to be specidly assessed thercfp_sl?all-be .as r"ollor;.s: <br />"The 3A/2 of Lots 1 to 5, incl., Block 1, and a11 02 Blocks 223,4 and 5, <br />~~olmasldale..=dditlon; iots 3 to 7, incl., Block 1, and Lots. 1 to 6, incl, Block 2, <br />Oa3nrieT.r Addition; Lots 1 to 6, incl, Ettner1s and lling!s klddition; The Son%h 3.49 p. of the Xorth 509.76 Ft. of the SKL/4 of,the 3p14 of Seco 19,T.28,B.Z4,Z@g <br />3, of Valley View Road on the TTest side of Eyn l"ive.; the 3,680 FL. of-$he i1.1045 p. of the S?ZL/& of the Rn/4 p,T Sec. l9,T.ZS,R.&, lying S. of Valley View Road <br />on the East-side of Hi-g-&&OO; ad Lot 5, Jonas--liddition; and all lots facing <br />'Falle3 Vie-ir Road betr:een Parnell kWm ad .Hvw. 1OO"m <br />-- 1-Lotion 'Zor &option of the Resolxiion was s <br />were five ayes and no nays,-%as follows: Br <br />ickson, aye; and the Reso .. <br />Village Clerk. . <br />- lher in'the evening, 1ks ETitcheU. asked for award of the bid taken October 25, <br />for tlixis project--Vatcrwig in Valley View 3oad between Pamiell irvenue and State <br />Htq.30.' lOO--~~l~~ that he- believes tMs is the best bid the Village could <br />hope Lo receive, for the reason that the bidder already has a contract for sever <br />1in this street. i2. I)&nens recommended khat, if contract is armcded to bicider, <br />&& Carlone, he be given to uncierstand that he must rspair the street after con- <br />struction. <br />$8,61~,20, vas seconded b37 Bank and carried, <br />Clfldts notion, for award of bid Lo Bart Czrlolze, at bid price of <br />t .-- .